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The O.M.E.G.A. League, which stands for Overpowered Mega Extreme Group of Awesomeheroes is one of the best teams. It is broken up into different squads, each with their own pet.


Titanium TeamEdit

  • Life-Bringer: The leader who can bring things to life.
  • Mindlady: The co-leader who has psychic powers.
  • Magic Man: A male that depends on his magic gadgets to save the day. He can also grant wishes, and say rhymes that do things.
  • Chamanleon: Half man, half chameleon, all shapeshifting hero.
  • Liquidatizer: She's made out of liquid, and can manipulate it, too.
  • Slicarp: A male member that can slice through anything.
  • Brain Bringer: The brains of the team, and can combine things into traps.

Secondary SquadEdit

Equipment, Weapons, and VehiclesEdit

  • Power Increaser: Increases the powers of any hero. Or villain.
  • Zombie Glove: A glove that allows the user to turn zombie-like and use constricting body parts, as well as regeneration.
  • Dragwheeler: A vehicle that is good for climbing. Two arms pull it across or up and surface.
  • Book of Rhymes: Magic Man's preferred equipment. Any rhyme that he discovers, it gets stored here.
  • Multiformer: A jetpack that can also become a battle suit, a skateboard, and a submarine.


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