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Odysseus in Africa
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Human
Faction UN
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Status Spartan
Current Location Greece

Odysseus-0053, or Spartan No.53, was the most famous and skillfull Spartan. As the rest of these Superheroes, he was serving the United Nations, an organisation that was fighting for the restoration of peace and democracy all over the world.

Odysseus took place in countless battles against many different enemies from the beginning of the Great War until its last battles. When the Superhero, aka "Spartan", program was developed, he became the leader of two teams, the Cyan and the Black team. In the ending years of the war, he achieved the rank of the leading position of Commander. The last time he was seen was in the Savannas in Africa in one of the most important missions he was ever given. After the war, he was pronounced as MIA and later KIA. However, his body was never found. The legacy he left to the world is priceless.


Early yearsEdit

Odysseus was born in 2033, in the first stages of the Great Human War from an unknown couple in the democratic state of Greece. During these years, the western part of Greece was under the protection of the UN, when the rest of it was under the Coalition of Red Nations. He grew in a quiet suburb in Greece, where he spent his first years.


Before reaching the age of eighteen, Odysseus became soldier of the UN-held city and capital of Greece, Athens. He was trained like any other soldier, passing the basic training. He later joined the training camp of Special Operations branch which had an inadequate number of soldiers at this time. Due to his great skills in battle, he was conscripted in the Superhero program of the UN that was codenamed as the "Spartan Program". The trained didn't last long but it was painful. In the end of the training period he, along with the rest of the conscripts were codenamed. Odysseus code name was Spartan-53.

Invasion of AthensEdit

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The fisrt battle for Odysseus was in his country, Greece. He was one of the first that responded in the emergency call on Athens that was calling the soldiers to fight against an upcoming invasion from the Coalition.

Fisrt hitEdit

While the soldiers were placed all over the coast, and the coastal guns were been activated, Odysseus was sent in a special sabotage mission. He, along with another superhero, Paul-0073 and other ten SpecOps marines took the mission to infiltrate to one of the Red Destroyers, the toughest naval units of the Coalition that were sent to destroy the coastal guns and clear the area for the other ships, and destroy it using explosives. In order to approach the ship, the team got inside a UN's Submarine, specifically designed for this kind of missions.

The submarine hit with a missile the Red Destroyer, making a hole. All the marines got out of it and entered inside the ship from it's hole. Odysseus quickly moved to the ship's core with Paul when the marines fought the personnel of the ship. He covered him while he was planting the explosives. After activating the bomb, he escaped from the ship with the other marines. Luckily for them, the submarine was fast enough to avoid the large explosive and the fallout of the destroyed missiles of the ship. The whole explosion did not only destroyed the ship but also slowed down the ships that were nearby.

Second hitEdit

After the successful hit, the team received new orders. Odysseus was needed to the city as a large number of ground forces, including soldiers and tanks was moving in it, threatening the safety of the citizens. The city was already invaded by paratroopers that killed all the personnel in the control centers of the AA cannons and many citizens.

Very soon, Odysseus moved in the Eastern part of Athens, in the place where the invaders were supposed to appear. The part of the city was immediately evacuated to avoid further casualties. In this phase, Odysseus had to fight alone an extremely large number of communist paratroopers while attemting to activate the three disabled AA cannons. He finally entered to the first control center, where he found it was abandoned. Everyone was killed there and the panels were almost destroyed. However, Odysseus activated the weapon, ensuring the safety of thousands of citizens. He continued by activating the rest of the weapons and then returned to the coast with light injuries. The coast was cleared from enemy ships and Odysseus, with the rest of the Spartans received aid from the medics that were there.

The battle continued with aerial invasions to the city. Due to the success of his mission, most of the enemy paratroopers were instantly killed before reaching the ground. The surviving ones were so few they forced to abandon the city and return to the few remaining ships. The mission of Odysseus was a success. However, he wasn't happy as he later learnt that his teammate and superhero Paul died with the other marines while defending the city.

Defence in GermanyEdit

The next mission for Odysseus was in the UN-aligned country of Germany, where is was assumed that a big wave of insurrectionists would attack Berlin to turn the country into a Red State with the help of the Coalition. Before the battle, Odysseus was placed as a co-leader in the Cyan Team, a new team of six spartans specialised in heavy weapons. The team was originally positioned in the center of the city to protect the citizens while the city was been evacuated.

The ParliamentEdit

The rumors for the wave of insurrectionists were true. The first call from help came from the Easter Berlin when many people, accompanied with paramillitary of the Coalition, hit the parliament, destroying the building and killing politicians. Odysseus, who was the co-leader of the Cyan team at this time, moved at the parliament.

When he reached there, he found that the whole area was destroyed. The parliament was not reachable as neither the police nor the army had enough manpower to stop the masses. However, the team received an order to get inside the parliament alone. As Odysseus was moving to the parliament with the rest of the team, he soon realised the difficulty of this operation. Almost all buildings were garissoned by paramilitary and communist protesters. The team didn't have the time to stop and fight them as important personalities were in danger. Only Kelly-0034 was shooting back with her RPG. Suddently, a small group of paramilitary appeared in the road. Despite being a small challenge for the team, a rocket from a bazooka hit the chest of Kelly, cracking the whole armor.

Fight inside the parliamentEdit

"Take them out! They are too young to die now!"
—Borg to Odysseus