Great Superhuman War
Operation Purity

March 11th, 2035 - July 12th, 2039



  • Superhuman pyrrhic victory.
  • Widespread superhuman genocide.
  • Mass disappearances.

Legion of Vigilance Enforcers of Earth Shadow Knights SCORPIO Other Superhuman Organizations and Lone Wolves




Darkness Man



Captain Cosmic



CHRONO Director






  • 500,000+ superhumans.
  • 10,000+ civilians.

(Many superheroes where transfered to other universes during Purity, so the amount alive and dead remains unknown.


CHRONO Director

Operation Purity was a catastrophic military operation carried out by CHRONO, a clandestine organization known for its extreme hatred against superhumans. The operation is considered to be the most devestating attack against superhumans since the Great Superhuman War, with over 500,000 casualties and 3,000 disappearances.

The operation began on March 11th, 2037 and lasted for two years.

Before Operation PurityEdit

Participating HeroesEdit

Over 1,000 heroes* participated in the Purity conflict, and many, in the conclusion, where sucked into different dimensions.

*If a hero's name appears in Bold, they had a major role in the war.Edit


The official timeline for Purity. (Other writers, if they have a hero registered, may add thier own entries, following their own heroes.

  • Day 1: CHRONO establishes a beachhead, founding thier first Citadel in Philadelphia. Brainwave arrives, and with the help of Black Magic, unites all the villians under CHRONO. The Director then begins planning the second Citadel. Meanwhile, the Citadel draws the attention of Blackhawk and Knightstar, who both head over, battling CHRONO agents before retreating.
  • Day 3: Shade senses the Citadel in New York, calling Darkness Man to his aid, along with Alpha Man. They battle CHRONO agents before the Director activates weapons on the Citadel, and announces Purity. Blackhawk and Knightstar contact the Legion of Vigilance and the Enforcers of Earth.
  • Day 4: The heroes of the world gather, then declare war on CHRONO, Brainwave and his villians, and Purity itself. They attack and destory a Citadel in Paris, inraging the Director, who orders a destructive counterattack in the form of a nuclear warhead, which destorys the Legion of Vigilance's headquaters.
  • Day 8: Blackhawk, Knightstar, and Darkness Man launch an attack on the Citadel in London, though the battle destorys Big Ben. Shade is drawn into a meeting with the Director, who explains their reasons, though Shade disregards them.
  • Day 10: The Citadel in London is destoryed, though half the city is sunk into the city. Knightstar goes missing in the reckage, and after a frantic search, Blackhawk interrogates a CHRONO trooper, who reveals that Knightstar was sucked into a wormhole, trapping her in a alternate universe. This explains the disappearence of Captain Cosmic.
  • Day 11: Heroes gather to discuss this new threat. Meanwhile, Brainwave succesfully converts more villians, and launches an attack on the heroes's stronghold. Darkness Man is trapped and carried away, while Shade leaves to go after him. Meanwhile, CHRONO builds a new Citadel in Paris. Blackhawk begins launching a one man assault, followed by The Galactic.
  • Day 19: The Heroes of Tomorrow launch an attack on a Citadel in Moscow, though Tribute is killed, Mindwipe is injured, and Cliff is knocked unconsious. Darkness Man breaks out an energy-drainer, and attempts to kill the Director, but is restrained.
  • Day 21: Darkness Man is rescued by Shade, who feels something changing, then takes off. Black Magic is prepared to turn over to the good side, after an odd encounter with Darkness Man.
  • Day 24: The Citadel in New York is destroyed. The Director captures and traps Blackhawk in another dimension.
  • Day 27: Operation Purity is made known to the world, and with it tremedous uproar. The spokesperson for the Superhuman Effort, Pheonix Jones, is brutally murdered by Nova Man.
  • Day 32: Darkness Man is put in the field hospital, while The Galactic effortlessly destroys several Citadels, but is trapped in an AU.
  • Day 34: Blackhawk manages to return for a brief time, and battles the Director, stabbing him with a knife in the chest. Before being pulled back in, the Director's face is shown in the light (though not to the reader), and Blackhawk gasps.
  • Day 40: Thousands of heroes are killed by Brainwave across long distances, and Cliff, after Mindwipe's injury, sneaks up on the villain.
  • Day 41: Cliff attacks Brainwave, and a brief but brutal battle results. Cliff pummels Brainwave, then blows his head off with an energy blast. Brainwave, however, reassembles.
  • Day 43: Shade, Darkness Man, and Blackhawk (again returned for a brief time), join Cliff in his battle with Brainwave. Blackhawk, with a brutal blow, knocks Brainwave to the bottom floor of the Citadel (100 floors down).
  • Day 47: Brainwave lies at the bottom of the Citadel, his back broken. However, using his mind powers, he quickly heals himself, then attacks the heroes once more. Atlas Girl joins the war.
  • Day 50: Brainwave is about to win the battle, and Cliff knows it is their last chance. Brainwave engages in several shocking transformations until he is barely human. Finally, a mysterious hero appears and beats Brainwave to a pulp, tearing him to shreds. Said hero introduces himself as Ultraman.

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