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"A soldier is more than his equipment."
—A U.N. Soldier saying.

The sucess of the standerd American armor inspired the United Nations to develop many distinctive sets of armor during their long war. Such armor came to be known collectivelly as Optime Armor or Ts in the Soldier slang.


200px-Mandalorian Supercommando TofG

The Mark I.

The first, widely recognizable version was the Optime Mark 1 which was the signature armor worn by the American Special Forces before the Great Human War in 2012 (Earth at War). It was ussually very bulky and and some soldiers considered it to heavy. The design of Mark 1 was centered around defending its wearer during CQB combat, which was considered during the day to be the best prepared for Special Forces Operations.In 2018 (Earth at War),the Otime Mark II was designed for use in the North American Wars. By the time of the peace treaties, it had become quite common in design and came in various colors, including blue, red, orange, green, purple, white, black, and yellow, which represented different ranks in the American Military.
180px-Rohlan Dyre

The Mark II.

In 2046 (Earth at War), the Optime Mark III armor was developed to replace the older designs which were now referred to as old Ts. It was no longer full body armor, but partial armor that left limbs almost completely undefended, and focused its strength on the vital areas such as the torso, head, and groin where shots from enemy weapons would most likely aim. The New armor was a collection of blast resistant plates, made from Kesh or titanium,a flightsuit made up the interior. A liner shirt and two layers of ceramic plates greatly improved protection around the chest, back, and stomach. The layering of segmented armor plates ensured mobility.The United Nations began to see the value of extra weapons mounted on the suit, and so safisticated dart shooters,reliable grappling wires, wrist-mounted missile launchers and miniature flamethrowers were added to the overall assault capabilities of a American Special Forces Soldier.

The Mark III.

The helmet was one of the control centers of the suit's abilities. A range predicter attached to the titanium armored helmet could track up to fiftey targets, while a super battle computer inside the helmet allowed the wearer to control the suit's weapons, sensors, and life support through verbal and mental commands. The dark viewplate offered a variety of vision modes, including infrared,nightvision,and even PH level. Motion sensors, an comlink, and an antenna completed the helmet's devices, all of which could be linked to the wearer's weapons. The helmet could also act as a environmental filter system, with a 24 hour reserve tank providing breathable air to the wearer.

In 2055 (Earth at War), during the Great Human War, the Optime Mark IV was deseighned. Phisically it looked no different than the mark III but had one major difference. It had been redesighned to be able to wield a Kesh Saber,which could decintigrate bullets on contact and block most laser and plasma shots. The armor callibrated at the speed of light to predict and enemy projectile and moved the armor to where the Kesh Saber would block the attack.


"The Americans wear the finest armor Kesh can buy."
—Marc Julianof
Mandalorian Jedi by Alexander463

Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066 wearing the Mark IV.

Throughout American history, two major features remained constant in Kesh Armor design:
  1. The wearer was protected from the majority of all bullet fire. Armor made of actual Kesh, which could also deflect laser bolts, made it KeshSaber-resistant in case any day Americas enemies would utilize the Kesh against them.
  1. The helmets almost always possessed a T-shaped visor and a sophisticated heads-up display (HUD).
  1. The suit always had a Motion Tracker.

Optime armor was ussually made out of almost indestructible kesh, but this was rare and expensive, so many American Special Forces, made do for less durable materials instead, such as steel or titanium. The secret of producing armor made from Kesh was kept within the American Government for years. Some American Special Forces would also wear capes on the outside of their armor to show off to thier freinds and enemies,also in polar envirements it would act like a blanket.There were a many special suits of mention from the Great Human War. Some of the most famous were worn by the Spartans.


  • Optime means Best in Latin.
  • The Optime armor is highly inspired by the Star Wars Mandalorian Armor.

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