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"I always enjoy talking to you, Kuro... I don't know if its because you're such a good listener, or because I know you can never tell anyone else my secrets, but I will always come to you in times of need."
—Oscurita speaking to Kuro

Oscurita is a Level 3 Umbral that is a member of The Children of Darkness Brotherhood, and is by far the youngest member.

Description Edit

Oscurita's true name is unknown, but the reason why she tried to control the forces of darkness was told to Kuro and Kagai, who are the only other Umbrals that Oscurita will speak to about personal matters. She was born into a loving family and spent every minuet of every day enjoying her wonderful life. But then one night a burglar broke into their house and murdered her family, fleeing from the area as the police showed up. It took almost five officers to pull her away from her parent's bloody corpses. She was sent to an orphanage, and was adopted soon after by a pair of undercover criminals. She was abused, starved, and even had one of her fingers cut off for not listening to her horrid new father.

It all changed after discovering a scroll of ancient Shade Literature hidden under the floorboards of her room. She took the book to heart, practicing shadow-manipulation whenever her parents locked her up in her room, and then one day in the middle of August she began to hear voices coming from the darkness she was controlling. That night, she slit the throats of both her parents, and, in doing so, was willingly consumed by the darkness she had tried to control. She fled into the streets, and was soon found by Kuro, who she came to love like an older sibling. She joined the The Children of Darkness as the youngest member they've ever had.

Attitude Edit

Oscurita has the initial personality one would expect from an eight year old girl, but as one gets to know her better they soon realize that she is a complete sadist who loves making her victims suffer. She usually keeps a rather “fun-loving” nature about her, laughing and giggling while her victims attempt to fight back against her.

Powers Edit

Oscurita is one of the worlds only Sanguiphages, meaning she can control blood using her mind. Although her powers are still immature, they are extremely potent and lethal to anyone not above Level 4.

Sanguiphagia: Using her control over blood, she can stop other being's hearts from pumping or rip the blood from their bodies to use as a form of attack or deffense. She can crystalize the blood to create sharp spikes, wrap the liquid form around her enemies to drown them, and even use blood as a means of transportation. Sometimes it seems that the blood she controls has a mind of its own, for even when she is distracted the blood still deffends her and attacks the opponent.

High-Speed Regeneration: Although not as instant as the other members of the brotherhood, Oscurita can speed up the process by controling the blood within her own body.

Trivia Edit

  • The word Oscurita (oscurità) is Italian for darkness, obscureness, dark, or murkiness.
  • The picture is that of Alma Wade from the F.E.A.R Video Games.

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