Oskar Gerhardt-Profile
Oskar Gerhardt
Personal Data
Age: 78
Height: 6" 2'
Weight: 245 lbs
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Gray
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Ghent, Belgium
Known Relatives: Edna Gerhardt (deceased)

Karl Gerhardt (deceased)
Marco Gerhardt (deceased)

Known Abilities
Super Intelligent

Masters in Biology Minor in Genetics

Head of Biological Research Division of ORDER

"Those who ask me to express human kindness, ask a person who lived in a society which offered none. So for me to express such actions is not easy, but at least I make the attempt."
— Oskar Gerhardt, 1972

Oskar von Gerhardt, codenamed "Jerry", is Head of the Biological Research Division of ORDER , formerly a genetic researcher for the Bureau of National Security, and a former scientist for the Nazi Regime of Belgium from 1934 to 1945, to which he reveals regret in the research he was committed to,

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