This article is on the Peacekeepers character Overload, the Positive Dimension's version of the atomic construct RX0-844. For the Negative Zone's version see Atomix




Overload predates the Earth. He was originally a cloud of sentient radiation floating through space, until coming across the Earth. Detecting the thoughts and transmissions of the people on the planet, his consciousness split in two, one half becoming overload and the other becoming MX9-303. They arrived on Earth, and overload immediately set about rearranging the atoms in the desert into that of a segmented reinforced armor made of lead in order to protect the Humans of the planet. Having read every mind on the planet, he decided that the most appropriate course of action ould be to turn himself into the Human governement of the nation in which he had landed. He read transmissions from sattelites and worked out he was 3 kilometres north of the military base Area 51, and set off for there.

On his arrival, he declared his peaceful intentions and was examined. They named him RX0-844 and questioned him about the universe. He warned them of his other half was asked to track down and reassimilate it. Overload was contacted by Phantom of the Peacekeeper's and was requested to join. He accepted and asked for help traking down the entity now called MX9-303.

During the battle with Myrmech-10 Overload unleashed the full extent of his power, levelling a small town. He had to be detained and afterwards was ordered to aid in the towns rebuilding, only to leave when the town was complete or he was needed for crimefighting.


Overload has no personality. He is logical and incredibly intelligent, but as he is a setient cloud of radiation has no personality.


Overload is incredibly powerful. He can launch radioactive beams of energy, is telepathic, incredibly strong, capable of flight and can intercept transmissions. However, he can't use the full extent of his pwer as the last time he did he demolished a planet. Overload can also rearrange the electron configuration or atmoic structur in an element to form other elements for whatever he needs.


Gender: N/A

Real Name: N/A

Hieght: (in armor) 6'2, (out of armor) N/A

Marital status: single

Age: N/A

Birthday: N/A

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