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"When you go in, you see the murderers, serial killers, the ones who sold limbs over the internet, the ones who are on the verge of suicide because of Schizophrenia, and those who... Let's just say, no one that was put here is going to Heaven."
—Sanctuary Times Reporter, upon visiting the Asylum.

The Asylum, the day of its opening.

The Paragon Asylum for the Mentally Challenged and Insane, known better as the Paragon Asylum, is an Asylum built in 1877, and one of the few buildings that survived Amalgam's destruction of the Earth. It was in the correct location, near the Great Lakes, where almost a century later, the three supercities, Paragon, Sanctuary, and Millennium City were built.


Created in 1877, the former Wisconsin Asylum was a state asylum for the worst of the worst. It served greatly, housing many villains and criminals of the past, but sometime in the 1930s, it was involved in a controversial event.

The security officers killed 21 inmates. They were fighting back, but the twenty-second, who survived, filed a lawsuit against the Asylum. It was abandoned, but somehow held through all the way to the time in where the Makata and Amalgam destroyed the Earth.

Being in the "cleanest" location in the Earth, the three mega cities, Paragon, Millennium, and Sanctuary, built around it.

The Asylum was rebooted, and within months, filled to the brim with villains taking refuge from Amalgam and the MA, were captured and taken in. Not only were many taken in, but old souls remained. Outlaws, Confederate supporters, Ku Klux Klan members, all still remained, from their murders at the hands of security, haunting those who found themselves in the Asylum.

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