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Pariah Yonist
Pariah in the snowy rock-fields of Mars, caught on a UMFE soldiers operational camera-sight mid-execution.
Pariah Evangel Yonist
Origin: Earth
Threat Level: '
Personal Data
Real Name: '
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Weight: 126 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black/Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: Earthican (?)
Occupation: Rebel gunrunner, hired mercenary, thief.
Place of Birth: Vlad
Base of Operations: Vlad
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Orphaned, "adoptive" parents murdered in revenge.
Known Powers
Incapable of feeling pain, unless it is highly extreme (Example: A gun shot she could ignore, a full clip into her chest, well, no she can't ignore that.
Known Abilities
Stealth operator and weapons technician, pilot, mastery of the arts of theft, etcetera.
UMFE Assault Rifle, Semi-automatic Gauss Revolver, Personal saber, high intelligence, feminine charm.
I'll put my foot in your note bish...

Pariah Yonist was a wanted rebel and weapons runner from the backwaters of Earth's Siberian Steppes.

Life Edit

Before Mars Edit

Pariah grew up in the inner city area's of the now super-metropolis of Vlad, in Far Eastern Russia. The city was no better than any other, and was especially dangerous at night. That is the night she was kidnapped, beaten, tortured, and raped by her new "adoptive parents", and Pariah spent the next 11 years of her life working in their machine shop as a slave, with little to eat for them, and even less for her... more or less dust...

Unfortunately for them, the side effect was that with all the pain she endured, anything less she could easily ignore, even a gunshot wound, although it would still have detrimental effects depending on where she was harmed.

In private she would keep herself alive by working out or sneaking around pickpocketing merchants or stealing food from neighbors. This way of life earned her many skills Pariah would use later in life, such as stealth operating and fixing machines.

At the age of 18 Pariah legally had to be released from slavery and when she was, she brutally murdered her captors with their own weapons, stole their illegal transport and passports, and left Earth (having learned several smuggling routes during her time overhearing scummy customers conversations, she had these committed to memory).

And then there was Mars...

On Mars Edit

For the murders and illegally leaving the planet, the UMFE caught up with Pariah as she hid on Luna and arrested her for committing her act of vengeance. This was the same time as Ether Stimul initiated the crash of his, and unknowingly Pariah's, prison transport, and she fled off into the desert, only returning to Stimul's Landing occasionally to obtain more supplies for her cavernous hideout.

Her activities on Mars involved smuggling weapons for Ether and his son Janus' rebel movement as well as continued theft and pickpocketry, as well as freeing prisoners from transport in route to dumping sites.

Combat Skills & Apparatuses Edit


Pariah wears the stolen suit of a UMFE officer, upgraded with a sewn-in protective plate in the front and back, making it more cumbersome yet giving her more protection in a gun fight. She also wears knee high combat boots and a belt with 2 holsters, one for her gauss revolver and another for her Fawkes knife.

Weaponry Edit

Parah's weaponry includes the following, but is not limited too :

The standard UMFE .45 Assault Rifle - Current tech provided the Federation to outfit even their prison transports with percussion rifles. The standard issue could fire at a range of one hundred yards, and had three settings, safe, rifle, wide shot.

Her unique Gauss Revolver - A rugged Martian-built pistol forged for her, incorporating small magnetic discs to propel the standard made UMFE ammunition faster and harder than other weapons, giving it more punched then even an Assault Rifle.

And lastly her Fawkes knife - A 9-inch long blade, reminiscent of an ancient Korean sai and easily hidden in boots, pockets, belts, sleeves, or anywhere else a cunning killer can stick something. And I mean anywhere...

Pariah almost always walks around with her custom energy saber, shaped like that of a Mongol warrior. However, she rarely draws it in combat, as no one she has come across in combat has seemed worthy enough to die honorably in her eyes.

Gallery Edit

Pariah Yonist's Revolver

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