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Paul holding a rifle
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Human
Faction GDI
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Current Location USA

Paul-0073 was a male soldier and a member of the Spartan Program. As any other Spartan, he was called a Superhero due to his extreme skills in battle. He was one of the first superheroes of the UN to be killed.


Early YearsEdit

Paul was born in 2030 in the state of Nevada in in the USA from a poor family. He spent his first years in a small city and later became a marine in USMC. He was trained in the Special Operations branch of the army. When the Great War started, Paul became a Spartan along with other 1000 members.

Invasion of AthensEdit

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In the beggining of the Spartan Program, all Spartans were only used for defence purposes. For this reason, Paul was sent in the Battle of Eastern Greece to defend the capital city, Athens, from the Coalition of Red Nations.

Fisrt hitEdit

Paul was originally set in the coastal gunss with the other marines. The plans about him changed when the first Red Destroyers, the toughest naval units of the Coalition, sighted in the sea. He was immidiately sent in a special sabotage mission. He, along with another superhero, Odysseus-0053 and other ten SpecOps marines took the mission to infiltrate to one of the Red Destroyers that were sent to destroy the coastal guns and clear the area for the other ships, and destroy it by using explosives. In order to approach the ship, Paulgot inside a UN's Submarine, specifically designed for this kind of missions.

The submarine hit with a missile the Red Destroyer, making a hole. All the marines got out of it and entered inside the ship from it's hole. Paul quickly moved to the ship's core with Odysseus when the marines fought the personnel of the ship. He planted the explosives while Odysseus was covering him. After activating the bomb, he escaped with the other marines. The ship exploded, causing a large explosion. The Submarine however remained intact.

Second hitEdit