Early Life/High SchoolEdit

Real name, Hunter James Polozzoi V, or 2nd Lt. Polozzoi was born August 5th 1991, in Rotterdam NY on the east side of the town. His parents were a middle class working family. He loved hearing all the stories, of how in Gotham many miles away, Batman was a superhero, and in Metropolis, how Superman had powers. He looked up to them, he had posters of them on his wall. He listened to Eminem in his spare time, pretending to be Superman. When he was in 6th grade, he started attending Military school in Troy NY. He was noted by all his teachers, as an EXTREMLY bright student,and had honor role grades all through middle school, and high school. He graduated as the highest ranking student, he knew by junior year he wanted to enlist in Military college, at West Point and become a military officer. He did 5 martial arts all throughout his time from being a 3 year old, all throughout college. By college in Tae Kwon Do, he had acheived the rank of 3rd Degree black belt, in Eskrima he was a 3rd degree black belt, and in Muay Thai he was a 3rd degree close to the rank of master. He was a 3rd degree black belt in Ju Jitsu, and was testing for his rank of "Master" in Sambo. Besides that he was also a very talented boxer, being a national golden glove boxer, and fighter. He was on the Junior Olympic Tae Kwon Do team. He was 400-0 in boxing. 


At west point he was regarded as one of the best marksmen they had ever seen, and already a talented fighter, he learned the Military Martial art as well, and became an absolute beast in it, with 455-0 wins. During his breaks, he went home and tested to become a master in the 5 martial arts he was enlisted in. He became a master in all 5 of the martial arts. He had 5 master degrees in martial arts. He graduated, valedictorian of West Point with a perfect average.

Time in the MilitaryEdit

During his time as 2nd Lieutenant in the US Military, he went to Iraq with his squad and fought in many battles against the Terrorists. But on one very fateful day in August, he was shot in the head, it was said he would never recover, but the League of Assassins retrieved his body, and healed him. They trained him in their ways, he was trained in acrobatics, which he became very proficient in. He learned the secret arts of combat from them. He left the league of assassins, in hopes of becoming "Robin" for Batman. 

Time trying to impress BatmanEdit

On January 1st 2012, while Batman was out patrolling, another man who seemed highly trained by Batman popped up on the roof top Batman was on. He said "Batman, I seek to become your Robin", Batman laughed a bit and said "go home kid". Damian Wayne popped up on the roof and attacked Polozzoi. Polozzoi to much of Batmans suprise, with ease spin hook kicked Damian in the head an knocked him out cold. Batman, or Dick Grayson could not even do that. Batman proceded to charging Polozzoi, they fought for a good 1 minute until Polozzoi broke Batmans jaw with a punch, and jump back kick breaking all his ribs. He said "we could have been friends Batman, I don't want to be the bad guy". He then backflipped off the building and landed on a post and vaulted away. Later, many months later after Bruce Wayne was good enough to become Batman again, he wanted to persue Polozzoi, and get rid of him. Polozzoi had now been using the name of "Perfidus" which is latin for Rogue. Perfidus had teamed up with Night wing on some occasions to take down the likes of the menacing Jason Todd or "The Red Hood". Dick Grayson told him of how he was a former US Military Officer, with extreme amounts of combat expirence using Martial Arts, a blade, and acrobatics. Batman was indeed impressed, but he thought of him as a swine or a menace.

Feud with BatmanEdit

Batman hunted down Perfidus, red with anger. He told himself that "if I do not succeed, the Justice League will be on this immediatly!". Him, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Robin persued him intently and found him in his street attire at a nearby Starbucks. Batman had Dick Grayson (Nightwing), get in his street attire and lure him to Wayne Manor. Dick succeeded in doing this, when they were approaching Wayne Manor, when Polozzoi pulled out a gun, and held it to Dicks head and said, "I know what this is about Dick, or should I say Nightwing!!" Polozzoi said "it seems Batman isn't the good guy after all!" He said "im the good guy, Batman is self absorbed. Nightwing said " dare you", and kicked Polozzoi through the car door, and through a fence and he was on the ground with blood gushing from his chest. Dick gave into his anger, and jumped out of the car and tied up Polozzoi and brought him into the car. He was brought to the Batcave, and Batman was waiting for him in the interrogation room. Batman said in his deep grumbling voice when he was brought in "WHO ARE YOU". Polozzoi said I am "Perfidus". Batman said "NO, YOU ARE A FRAUD. YOU CANNOT WIN THIS, I SAID WHO ARE YOU!!!". Perfidus replied "2nd Lt. Polozzoi of the United States Army, I am presumed dead by the United States Military, but I survived the Nuclear expolosion. I am here to save the city you are failing to save. I am also here to wipe you from this city, you are all its problems!" Batman replied "so it seems, but you are in my cave", and he chained Perfidus to the walls. He tortured Perfidus for more information, rather than just asking him, having a personal hate for Perfidus. He found out, that Perfidus was rescued and revived from the dead, and recieved secret training. Batman said "you see young one, you are not a hero, you are a fiend!" "You have caused destruction wherever you have gone!" Polozzoi replied, "I am saving them from you and all the criminals you fail to put away, lets work together" From there, Batman started choking Polozzoi and said, you will never be worthy of working with me, NOW LEAVE THIS PLACE, ALFRED ESCORT THIS MAN OUT THE DOOR!" From their, Alfred came up from behind him, and injected him with knockout juice, and drove him to the airport, and put him in the luggage in a plane headed to Albania. 

The Albanian WonderEdit

When he arrived in Albania, he woke up in baggage check, laying on the ground half dead and beaten up with no money. He had to live as a destitute, but an industrious man walked out from gate C5, and said "young man, come here!" He said "I will make you rich, but at a price, your service to this city for 6 years fighting crime Lt. Polozzoi, or should I say, PERFIDUS!!!" You will be a multi millionare here in Albania, for if you serve this city as its cheif crime fighter!". Polozzoi replied "I will do it", being desperate for money, and feeling weak. He was given a red suit, and Katana, to fight crime in Albania to have a superhero here. It was red morph suit, to hide his identity. He served 6 years and won a noble peace prize, for making Albania 95% crime free.

Return to GothamEdit

After 6 years serving in Albania, being a very well established hero, he helped establish the best police force in the world over in Albania. At age 27, he was on a plane back to Gotham City in America as a very affluent, young, and powerful Albanian buisness tycoon who was going to work with Bruce Wayne. He did not know Bruce Wayne was Batman, but he knew in his head, he wanted to find Batman and try and make amends. He had changed his look completly due to if he was recognized as Lieutenant Polozzoi, he had also changed his name to "James Hillison". He now sported a beard, and had begun acting very arrogant. He landed, and met Bruce in the airport and Alfred. Polozzoi returned with his butler "Adem", who introduced Polozzoi to Bruce as James Hillison. They shoke hands, shared some laughs and then set out for Wayne Industries. They worked on a project that was extremly successful, with radiation. That first night he was back, as he was staying in Wayne Manor, he told Alfred, that his butler "Adem", and himself were going to run some errands. Alfred let them use the Escalade Limo. Little did Alfred know, that more than 1 vigilanty inhabited Wayne Manor now. When they drove out, Alfred had a camera installed in the limo to watch Hillison. He saw them park in an alley, than the car turned off, so it turned off in turn. Polozzoi, put on his red suit, and started scaling the skyscraper they were right near. The "Todays Show", was their looking at the Albanian Wonder climbing a building in America. He was going on patrol, and or meeting Batman. Batman saw, that a mysterious red man who looked like the Albanian Wonder was scaling buildings, swinging like Spiderman from nearby New York City, using his grappling hook. Batman followed him. Batman and him made peace.


After that, he joined "The Justice League" as a recruit, and combat specialist. He grew to become one of the elites. He ended his career as a superhero, at age 59 being old for someone who fought the way he did, and also having ALOT of arthritis. He had a neck condition, and he was a very rich old man.


Height: 6 ft 3

Weight: 210 lbs.

Birth Year: 1991

Birth Place: Rotterdam NY

Age Enlisted in West Point - 18

Graduated from West Point - 2011

Military Tenure - 2011-2012

Hero Tenure - 2013 - 2061

Life - 1991 - 2100


- Legendary Martial Artist - A trained 4th degree black belt in 5 martial arts, and has training in secret Martial Arts from the League of Assassins, that was limited to Talia before he came along

- Well rounded acrobat - All his life he was extremly flexible, mostly due to the fact that he was indeed a martial artist. He was trained VERY in depth with acrobatics by the league of assassins

- Legendary Swordsmen Ship -  He fenced from a young age, and was taught even more in depth about the art of the blade. He was also taught by a Shaolin monk how to handle the blade like a samurai. His fighting style incorporated many acrobatics, and kicks, but when the chips were down you DO NOT want to fight him with a sword.

- Amazing Military Strategist - He was very well rounded in Military strategy due to the fact, that he went to Military school, and the best military college in the world and graduated Valedictorian. He thought very outside the traditional bubble, but what he did worked VERY effectivley.

- Amazing Intellect - He spent his time in College, either immersed in books, or in the gym perfecting his moves, and working out. He was extremly cunning.

- Capable Marksmen - He could use a sniper (preference a barretta) to take down almost any enemy. He used a sniper very rarely, but when he did, he hit whoever his target was right between the eyes.

- Amazing Strength - due to him being somewhat tall, and very muscular, he had alot of strength. He could bench press 540 lbs, and squat almost 700 lbs! That is amazing for a normal person. 

- Legendary Boxing  - this would count as a martial art, but throughout high school and college he went 400-0 no defeats EVER.

-  Amazing Speed - he ran marathons, and can run 7 mph faster than Usain Bolt, or any Olympic Sprinter

- Legendary Parkour - he could scale buildings like it was nothing, with no superpowers, he had amazing amounts of ability in Parkour

- Legendary Stamnia - He could run for days, being at the very pinnacle of human stamnia



West Point Graduate,2nd Lieutenant Polozzoi

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 10.09.12 AM

During the time of his fued with Batman

Sideshow red ninja

As the Albanian Wonder, and his time in the Justice League, and in Gotham

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