This article is on the Peacekeepers character Phantom, the Positive Dimension's version of Mizo Kawasaki. For the Negative Dimension's version, see Poltergeist




Mizumis "Mizo" Kawasaki was born in Tokyo on the 11th of September 1990 to a Superhero team, The Black Dragon (her father) and Nightscream (her mother). She was raised in a family with strong morals ad big secrets. She was pressured into joining the family business, when actually she wanted to go into logistics. As such, she rebelled against her parents however she could (without forfeiting her dream). She went goth, slept around, the rebellious teenage works. Her parents soon stopped demanding so much of her.

At age 17 however, she saw police surrounding a building. She asked what had happened and was told that some men had taken hostages within. She realised she could use her powers to save them, and snuck in with a black mask wrapped round her face. Her parents arrived and saw her sneaking in. They tried to rush in after her, but were told if anyone was seen entering the hostages would die. Phantom snuck around the building, picking off the kidnappers one by one. She saw why her parents did what they did and realised she could have both her degree and be a heroine.

For the next four years she was student by day, superheroine by night. She chose the name "Fantomu" meaning "Phantom" and was chosen to be a member of the Peacekeepers. She was recruited by the Eliminator and Copperhead, and the two became close friends. Copperhead often warns him to not try anything with her.


Phantom is a rebellious person with a distrust of authority. She constantly disobeyed her parents who were forcing her to give up her dream of a respectable job to become a vigilante. She went goth and always wore black, slept around, mixed with the wrong crowd. She is also witty, brave and secretly likes horses. She won't tell anyone, as it would ruin her "tough girl" image. Phantom likes sarcastic jokes and often talks with the Eliminator, who she finds hilarious. Redhood finds this hilarious and often states "6 billion people in the world, and you choose to hang around with him".


As you might guess from her name, Phantom can pass through solid objects. She can also float in midair, but not propel herself. As well as this, when in shadow she turns invisible. If she is touching something whilst intangiable, the object wil become intangiable as well.


Gender: Female

Real Name: Mizumi "Mizo" Kawasaki

Height: 5'8

Marital Status: Single

Age: 22

Birthday: 11th September 1990

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