Speedpaint 9 Plane of Oblivion by Turchenko

The Plane of Chaos

This realm was created by Calamity. In this realm Chaos Beasts roam free and The Officers of Calamity keep outsiders in check. A horrible Undead fiqure also wanders this realm as a mental scar of Vermaak.

People of The Plane of ChaosEdit

Calamity (The Creator of The Plane)

The Consortium (minions of Calamity)

The Begining of The EndEdit

Ground Omega was made in the clash between the energy warping being known as Calamity and the Terrakinis master Abraxx. The Battle lasted four days every minute blasts and explosions would wreck the city. No one was safe the city took more damage from Abraxx then it did Calamity. Abraxx Petrifiyed the entire city with his unique Mineral known as Abraxiot. The City was covered with the yellow cracked black mineral. Buildings, Animals, and People all petrified by Abraxxs Touch. Calamitys petrified remains are the center of the city.

Scavengers rule in this place. The weak die while the strong live and the strongest person is Abraxx. Mutants have risen from Calamitys final blast and his Leagacy lives on in all the new conduits. The powers are strange and variy, the
Oblivion Gate by MTDewer

The Gateway to enter The Plane of Oblivion this is all that remains of Ground Omega

y are never the same and are always unique.

Ground Omega gets a new settingEdit

After the hunt of his foes Calamity has changed this place into his own plane of hell for him and his new servents, The Consortium. This place is entirly made up of Fire and Calamitys energy. This place is in a constant state of change and is like looking in a maze for a paperclip but the only part of it that stays the same is the Tower of Order which is filled with Chaos Beasts of all types. But at the very top of the tower is Calamity and a giant vortex that leads into a unknown place. Energy is taken in through Calamity and put into the Plane of Chaos through the Giant Vortex at the top.

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