Wargod surface

The surface of Wargod after colonization

This article, Planet Wargod, was written by IshmaelOTDOP. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Planet Wargod, is actually Mars, shaped by Wargod I and the planet's own geography and climate.

Prominent CitiesEdit


The surface of Mars was cracked by the ice that lay beneath the surface and Wargod I filled these with water. Mose of the surface is actually land, but it is divided into small islands, surrounded by rivers and marshes. The warmth created by the fresh water, and the oxygen, combined with the ice buried below creates a chilling fog that covers the ground of all of the planet. Trees grew twisted, ravaged by the ferocious winds. The addition of water took the dust away, but the winds persisted.


The citizens are comprised of falsely accused, rebels, and death row inmates. This causes much strife and paranoia, but somehow, the SPPW has given the people a reason to stop showering each other with bullets. Ether Stimul Has also created a proficient trade system, that keeps the community together.

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