Poltergeist's real name is Maya Lovington. She grew up in a sacred town in a different dimension. People here use sprits for combat use and for friendship and even communication for those who can't speak. Everything was ok until one day, a great rampage broke, killing her entire family. Maya harnessed her mother, father, brother and sisters spiritual energy and escaped the dimension before death came to her. She awoke to find herself on Earth.

Powers/Weakness(s): She has the ability to harness spirits for the use of combat. She can also use dark magic and has a rather long lifetime. Although, if one of her spirits is freed or killed, it is gone forever, never to return.

Personality/Looks: Her personality is rather timid and lonesome. She only talks when spoken too, and never dares to start a conversation. Her skin is like a regular Caucasian. She has black bangs that cover her face with blue streaks every now and then. She wears a hood with jewels incrusted.

Current Spirits: Lana Lovington, her mother, she is a pinkish ghost. Daniel Lovingtin, father, brownish Moanna Lovington, sister, purple Danny jr. Lovington, brother, black

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