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Possessor is a powerful super-being, coming from the Enlightened Realms.

Supposed Life PurposeEdit

Possessor is a very mysterious being, and very little is known about him. He first came to our universe before the Human time system was developed, and thus has been defending the Earth against outside forces (be they good or bad) since the dawn of time. Unknown to him, his ripple effect allowed human emotion to leak through into the Nether-verse, which would have detrimental effects on his sister and the universe in its entirety.


It is unknown how many powers he has, but those Possessor has revealed are extremely powerful, almost Class-IV Mutant, and could easily rival those of Jean Grey.

  • Time Warping: Can freeze time, and deliver devastating attacks, without his enemy knowing what happens, until they lie dead on the floor, staring at themselves from the afterlife.
  • Disintegration: Possessor can fire almost invisible ripples of heat, incinerating any enemies and turning them into piles of dust.
  • Possession: The power he is named for, Possessor can take control of other peoples bodies with his mind. Even if they are millions of miles away.

These powers make Possessor probably the most powerful mutant in history, and making him a prime target for absorbers, especially those keen on destruction, such as his sister Amalgam.