Power Increaser
Power Increaser

Vital statistics
Type Defensive
Effects Increases powers
Source Brain Bringer
Cost to buy 15,000
Cost to sell 250,000

This article, Power Increaser, was written by Ultimatehero. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Power Increaser is probably O.M.E.G.A. League's most powerful weapon. It increases the powers of any hero, or stealing villain.



  • Bone Manipulation: He can now peel his skin back to reveal a full skeleton with super strength.


  • Energy Shield: She can generate a floating energy bubble with up to 10 people in it.
  • Energy Blasts: She can blast lasers from any part of her body, and blast a giant blast.
  • Memory Gaining: She can make herself know more things.
  • Dream Entering: She can create her own dreams.

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