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All credits to V. Eubank

Pravus is a Level 3 Umbral with fractions of memories, leading him to a depraved and maniacal state of mind.


Pravus was once a practicing defense attourney in a high ranking law firm. He was known as a kind man, and a devoted husband. He was a model citizen. He came home one day after a long day's work, to see his wife with three men. He left, confused, and began to walk. He traversed the town, long after dark settled in. He continued to walk, until he tripped over a Shade book, and when he picked it up, he began to flip through the pages. He found a motel to stay in, and never left it for weeks, save for food, or pens and paper. He went through the book several time, making many notes. For weeks he practiced, but to his dismay. He left for home, broken from his failure, cursing himself the entire way. He began to hear voices. When his wife answered the door, he grabbed her and beat her to death with his bare hands.


Pravus retains enough memory to torment him, burned into his mind forever. He listens and obeys everything the voices tell him to, afraid to be alone with his thoughts. After the traumatic event of his human life, he became sex-starved, and rape became a force of habit. He enjoys bursts of sanity, during which he will taunt and ridicule all of those around him.


  • Physical defections: Pravis underwent only a few drastic appearance changes during his transformation. He grew a long horn from the top portion of his forehead, and another from between his shoulder blades. A large muscle runs from the horn in his spine, and splits into two tails, one splitting near the base of his spine, and the other runs all the way up to the front of his torso. His skin became hard, and his muscles grew to compensate. .
  • Diamond hard skin: Pravis' skin is extremely hard, but he has soft spots on his abdomen, and around the horns on his head and back.
  • Immense Strength: Pravis' muscles grew to compensate for the weight and thinkness of his new skin, which makes him extremely strong.
  • Dynamic agility: His muscles are very taut, and this makes running and jumping much more powerful than normal. The tails add to his balance, and can be used to throw him, increasing his movement speed.

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