The Prime Minister is a character from the Unit-N4 series.


Prime Minister (Human)

The Prime Minister's human disguise.

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister's true form.

Prime Minister Edgar Morgan was born before WW3 started to wealthy businessman and an actress. Sadly, when he was only 13, his parents were Oxford and studied politics. He excelled, and when he left school became a govenment minister. Working his way up through the system, Edgar soon became leader of his party, then elected Prime Minister (beoming Britain's first black leader). When America demanded Britain share its new technology with them, Edgar refused and the two countries descended into war, with Edgar leadin his people into the fray.

This is a lie.

Edgar Morgan does not exist. His degrees, achievements and birth certificayes are fakes. The Prime minister is, in fact, a machine. Built by British scientists trying to create AI, the PM killed all of his creators, except for one, and escaped. Rebuilding himself to include advanced weaponry, he began to fabricate a life and a human appearance. Using the internet, he discovered people find the voice of Morgan Freeman reassuring and made a soundfile of his voice to use as his own. He based his disguise's appearance on that of the fictional detective John Shaft.  

The Prime Minister orchestrated World War Three. His decision that he is superior to all of humanity led to his hatred for them. So he concluded another world war would probably kill off the rest of the carbon-based scum. However, both sides put up more of a fight than he first thought, with minimal casualties on both sides. So he developed a power core (the one the war was beeing fought over was fictional) to fuel a fleet of missiles, in case a stalemate, or even peace, was achieved. However, the Americans stole it to power their army of mechanical soldiers, so the PM ordered the head of his Secret Service, Agent Zero, to organise a response team. He even heard the rogue agent, Faceless, had come back out of the woodwork to join them. 

The Pm's satisfaction worked on two levels. Not only would humaity be annhialated, but he had tricked them into doing it themselves.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The PM is incredibly intelligent, able to use the internet as a data bank. Using this, he can recall combat strategies, leanr languages instantly and change his holographic disguise at will. He also posses super-human strength, speed, agility and flight. The jets in his hands and legs allow him to reach a top speed of mach-3 and he can use the jets in his hands as flame throwers. As well as these, the Prime Misiter carries several other concealed weapons, including noxious gases, magnets, knockout darts, lethal hypodermic syringes, optical beams and one missile in each orm.


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