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Profezzah Laughs
Created by:
Origin: born by corrupted Milado mother and African father
Category: Supervillain
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Joshua James Palmer
Known Aliases: Palmer, Sweaty Johan-son, JJ Pimp Skittles, J-Palms
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye Colour: Yellow (glowing)
Hair Colour: Blue
Citizenship: African-Milado
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Toronto, Canada
Affiliation: Mormonistics
Marital Status: Sexual partner
Known Relatives: Megan Fox (sexual partner)
Known Powers
Telekinesis, fire creation and manipulation
Training / Abilities
Master archer, excellent boxer
Bow & arrows, bottle of Concerta, afro pick

Profezzah Laughs is a supervillain in the Nebula Comic universe, and the archenemy of Night Wolf. He was created in January 2011 by Josh Palmer.


Joshua James Palmer was born with the powers of telekinesis and pyrokinesis. An African man was deathly ill with an incurable disease, and learned the only way to get rid of it was to mate with a Milado woman, and pass the disease onto her. He did so, and the two unexpectedly had a child. Shortly after Josh was born, his mother died of the disease, long enough to name him and say goodbye. Josh was raised in the streets by his poor father, and abused until he was mentally tough. His father, an excellent boxer, trained Josh for years, and when he was 10, his powers manifested. At the age of 15, Josh learned of what his father had done to his mother, and took matters into his own hands. He concocted a plan, and killed his own father. Now an orphan, Josh left to Canada, where he attended the Toronto Archers Academy, and graduated first in his class, being the best archer they had seen in many years.

Wolf of the Night EraEdit


Profezzah Laughs has a very unique and comical appearrence, despite his deadly and evil nature. Shortly after he left the academy, he went to a special surgeon and got his skin changed completely to black chrome, to protect him against light attacks, bullets, and giving him a more deathly look. He wears a blue afro on his head, a neon green business suit and pants, and a yellow tie underneath, with a purple undershirt. He always carries his purple and neon green bow with him, and a seemingly unlimited supply of telekinetic and flaming arrows. On his face, he wears an evil clown mask to scare and threaten his opponents.


Telekinesis gives him the ability to control any object he wishes with his mind. The larger the object, the more concentration it takes. He has become quite powerful over the years, and has even lifted a small building off the ground. He can also induce his arrows with telekinetic energy to make them more powerful.

Pyrokinesis gives him the power to create and control flames. He isn't quite as skilled in control, but if he loses complete control he could be devastating, and damage everything around him in a radius the size of a large city. He can light his arrows on fire to make them burn his enemies, or anyone else foolish to get in his way.

He was trained from a young age to fight by his father, and has developed into an expert boxer. People know that it would be foolish to stay in a stand up fight with him, because they would be utterly and terribly beaten. After 5 years at the academy, he also became an expert archer, some say he is the best in the world.


Profezzah has no family that he knows of after his parents died, and he doens't bother to look for them. While at the academy he met a young girl named Megan Fox, and the two became sexually involved. She now follows him wherever he goes, promising to "please" him whenever he needs.

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