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Created by:
Origin: Exposure to Solar Radiation and Space Molecules
Category: Superhero
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Colton Pierce
Known Aliases: "Sunshine"
Species: Human
Age: 39
Height: 6'
Weight: 198 Lbs.
Eye Colour: Hazel (before accident)

Yellow (after accident)

Hair Colour: Brown (before accident)

Yellow (after accident)

Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Manhattan, New York
Affiliation: Enforcers of Earth
Marital Status: Romantically involved with Kristine Ballard
Known Relatives: Drake Pierce (son)
Known Powers
Can harness and consume solar energy, superhuman strength, durability, flight and the ability to see through walls and sense thermal energy with his signature "Solar Vision"
Training / Abilities
Genius-level intellect, mathematical thinking and strategic planning.
Hands-Free Communicator
Joined the Earth Enforcers in 2017.

Prominence is a fictional character created by XtranormalGeek.


Born in Dayton, Ohio, Colton Pierce was raised on his father's stories as an astronaut journeying into space. After graduating from high-school, Colton realized who wanted to be... he wanted to be an astronaut like his father. After several years at Ohio State University, Colton spent some time training to be an astronaut.

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