This agency started when a scientist named Allen Pack found out about the Omega-Serum. He hired a group of people to help either remake or find the serum and make his own soldiers. Soon Allen retrieved an assistant named Royce Donaldson, who soon became his partner in the business. Not to long after Dr. Pack and the rest of the world witenessed the rebirth, or what they call the rebirth, of Captain Omega. He was able to see what he has done and started to write his will and finally died of his secret cancer. In the will he left the business to Royce Donaldson and he made the organization rise renaming it P.A.C.K. He later hired new scientist and more agents for the agency. It is now the strongest organization in the country. Later Royce was able to recruit Captain Omega and has made him part of his Omega-Serum Department. One of Royce's Andrew Willis was signed to a project called Red Vigilante. Making sure that the project was a complete sucess Andrew used a device on the workers making them forget the project, orders from Royce.

Team MembersEdit


  • Royce Donaldson
  • "formly" Allen Pack

Current MembersEdit

  • Kelly Anders: Arsenal
  • Andrew Willis: Maximum
  • Sarah Patterson: Minimize
  • Eric Timber
  • Victor Wells
  • Emmanuel Park
  • Many more P.A.C.K. Agents
  • Drake Roberts: Captain Omega

Former MembersEdit

  • Allen Pack (He died a death of cancer that he kept from the organization)

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