Hotshot 3 (Nova)
Created-by: Inushima
Birth Date: August 6 1992
Origin: Mutant

Super 5

Aliegiance of Young Heroes

X-Men (Former)

Personal Data
Real Name: Austin ST.John
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 20-21
Height/Weight: 5ft11"
Eye/Hair Color: Eye - Blueish-White

Hair - Black

Citizenship: American,Australia
Current Residence: las Vegas, Nevada
Marital Status: Romantically involved with eva Rouge
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Can generate and manipulate Fire and Absorb fire and heat.
Training / Abilities

Extremely agile, genius-level intellect.

Super Strength

Super Speed


Power Suit

power gauntlents

he attened proffesor x academey for mutants for 6 years.

Austin St.John better known pyros and Formerly hot shot he is the leader of the Allegiance of young heroe's formerly known as super 5. he is a mutant and a former member of the x-men. he was born in the st.john estate he is the youngest 7 kids and the only that inherited their mothers mutant blood. when he was 12 he was sent to an all mutant school . he couldnt control his powers until professor exavier gave him power gauntlets for normal everyday and a powersuit when he is in battle or training until he could fully control his powers.


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