Quizzer (real name; Leonard Viewman) is a supervillian with motives to destroy the CIA and groups of mobsters. He is closely allied with Fort Breaker

The Quizzer

 due to their combined leadership in their criminal gang Nightkillers. His age and place of birth are unknown.

Background Edit

Before his life of crime Leonard Viewman was an interrogator working for the CIA. While working there he was often insulted and abused by his workmates becuase of his weak structure and also was frequetly mugged by the same group of thugs which had chosen him as an easy target.

Because of his isolated, though still large city, no Superheroes answer the call to clean up the streets of Logan (the city in which Viewman lived). He considered becoming a Superhero, but then realised to have to become one of them, you either needed powers or money. He didn't want to become a villian to get his revenage on the CIA and mobsters. But he had no chose and the intense hatred was overwhelming.

After getting training from the Crime Lord he now calls himself the Quizzer since he is an expert as getting people to reveal their secrets.

Weapons Edit

  •  A cane that is sharpened at the bottom and often the tip is coated with a deadly poison.
  • Smoke bombs
  • Tear gas

 Powers Edit

  • Being able to get any person to reveal even their darkest secrets.

Appearance Edit

Since having to adapt to the criminal lifestyle the Quizzer now dresses in gangster looking clothes.

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