An RP where many heroes from all over the wiki come and visit my creation, Sanctuary. Not many characters are yet created, but I (PsykoReaper) might introduce them here and make the article, just sayin'...

You guys are going to fight villains, heroes, the works, just have fun, that is what fanfiction is all about, bruddahs!

Details Edit

A great power source is sensed by mystical, radio, and all types of senses inside of a dark city, and many are trying to find out what it is, and they meet the dregs of the city along the way...

Why am I doing this?

Mainly, Because I really want to introduce characters, and the best way is creating them during a battle, as many of us can agree with me on this one, I'm sure...

So, I am doing this cause I want to make a really good story to start off a series of stories I will post in the wiki...

Players Edit

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  1. PsykoReaper (The Dungeon Master, if you will...)
  2. Baracuss (The Executioner, if you will...)
  3. EliteMaster117 (The Knight, if you will...)
  4. Sith-venator Wavingstrider (The X-box 360, if you will) (WTF?)
  5. Eve (Here to pwn you all BWAHAHAHAHA)
  6. GhilleSuitHero (The Joker, if you will!...)
  7. User:KoolKoopaGirl(Rose Petal, IFW...)
  8. There isn't a limited list, just put more numbers in if you want to join in...

Rules Edit

  1. Anyone can join, all people, as long as you are respectful, or I will EAT YOUUUUUU!!!
  2. When you make a move, write your initials underneath, it's a pet peeve of mine, thats all

..........That's it...........

The Story Begins... Edit

Act 00: Sanctuary Edit

The largest city in the world, and the most dangerous, Sanctuary, actually part of more than one state, but most of it is in Northern California. Strangely, a large energy is radiating from the dark place, it is picked up by radio, satellite, everything, even by the mystical sources, meaning someone....might be...curious...

Act 1: Shut the F**k up, Fatman!Edit

In the lower part of the city, a commotion was all to hear and see. The Werewolf was thrown to a building, crashing through the wall, he snarled as he looked at his attacker: Fatman!

"Looks like your in da meathouse, wolfboy, now it's time to crush you!" laughed Fatman. The Werewolf snarled and rushed at Fatman, clawing at him, slicing his stomach, revealing chunks of fat.

"You little f***er! I'm gonna crush you!" roared Fatman. He then tried to punch Werewolf, but it jumped and landed on his back, tearing at his back.

"AAAAAAARGH!!!" roared Fatman, he then threw Werewolf off his back and slammed him to the floor.


(Isn't it pretty obvious?)

Act 2: A little help. Edit

"How about you put the puppy dog down and fight a true warrior, you obese freak of nature!" A voice Challenged Fatman, from behind. The villain turned away from Werewolf, and looked towards the voice's origon. Standing there, arms crossed, was a pale figure in black fatigues, with glowing blood red eyes. He wore a cocky smile on his face, and was unfased by Fatman's scowl, "Humph... go on then... test me..."

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Fatman vs a Shade... hmm...

"Hmm? You want a piece of me, you fancy-wearin' white-ass?" growled Fatman. He then grabbed a side of a building, ripped it off and slammed it at the figure.

PsykoReaper 03:04, September 15, 2009 (UTC) (P.S. I am new, so I don't know much of da rules, so if I did somethin' wrong, tell me!)

Fatman was flabbergasted as the smoke cleared. The being still stood in exact same position. The man chuckled to himself, uncrossed his arms, and looked Fatman strait in the eye, "Great... thanks to you, my clothes are dirty..." He said, brushing a bit of powdered concrete off his shoulder. Fatman growled, getting pissed off. The obese villain charged at the man, as fast as he could, and punched him strait in the face. The villain drew his hand back in pain as it was like punching a steel gurter.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Ooo... that's gotta hurt... (You're just fine! It's your RP so your rules apply. I was about to ask the same thing ^_^

"For a fancy fruit, you are strong, if you want to live, you will join the guy I am servin'," said Fatman. He then grabbed a car and threw it at Baracuss. PsykoReaper 20:22, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

The car suddenly stopped in mid air and was then crushed. A lone armored figured dropped by the Shade. "Oi,didn't your mother tell you not to throw cars at people!"Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017

Meanwhile, the superhero known as Thundershock flew out of Paragon, a train following as the only way out. The train, and Thundershock, were headed to a place called Sanctuary A nearby city smack-dab in the middle of Paragon and Millenium. Thundershock crossed the barren Earth, wiped clean into a desert by Amalgam.

He flew on, when he picked up something. Extremely high amounts of heat affecting his electricity output. Coming from Sanctuary. He flew down in front of the train, it's lights shining on him, when the tunnel into Sanctuary opened. He sped up, barely outrunning the train, and zoomed in, the train following. For a second he was illuminating the dark tunnel, and turned his head back to smile at the train driver, who gave a nervous smile back. The second door into Sanctuary opened. He sped through the doorway. He hovered to the top of Sanctuary, and caught trouble. A very obese man fighting against a pale-red eyed man. He darted down in front of them, electricity bolting behind. He landed. There they were. The Fatman had made a crater, the same with the pale one. He walked into the middle of the two, and just as they were about to collide, smacked them apart with a powerful wave of electricity. Another was here. It was a four way fight, but he just might have some help. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

"Wow man,your that obese that you were seen by someone flying,sad just sad."Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017

Fatman roared and punched the man in the face. "I may be fat, but I am the strongest mutant in Sanctuary!" roared Fatman.

The Werewolf shoved Thundershock out of the way, and jumped on Fatman slashing his head. "AAAAAAAAGH!!!" roared Fatman. PsykoReaper 21:52, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

"Correction..." Baracuss suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and jabbed the Overweight Mutant in his massive gut. Fatman bent over, coughed up a bit of blood, and tried to back away from the Shade King, "You were the strongest," Baracuss brought his second fist up and struck Fatman in the jaw, the villain's fat jiggling around like jello. Fatman landed on his back... on the next block over, "Humph... this is a waste of my time..." Baracuss crossed his arms again and started to fade away. His glowing eyes were the last to vanish.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Spared... for now...

"Idiot...", Thundershock said to Baracuss as he faded away.

He looked at the others, and laughed.

"Who's for owning this overweight moron together?", he asked.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam laughed as the Shade King said this. "I hate how were equal, thus fighting will be futile. However, we could both make a fun of this, dont you agree ?" she said hovering through the air. "I call the fat one." she said winking, before blasting a beam of pure energy at the obese man below her, sending him through the building behind him. "Barely practice, but whatever." she said nonchalantly.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"Humph... fine by me..." He looked down towards Thundershock, "I call the one who dared to insult the most powerful Shade in history!" He raised his hand, and fired a beam of Black Energy, darker then the abysmal space around this planet, strait at Tundershock.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Thundershock asked for a deathwish... and Baracuss is about to give it to him!

Fatman climbed out of the rubble and rushed at Amalgam and quickly grabbed her, and he started squeezing her with great force as he laughed maniacally. "You call yourself a mutant leader, HMPH! You are weak!" roared Fatman.

PsykoReaper 23:54, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

Amalgam headbutted the slob, then wathed his nose bleed profusely. "EEW IT TOUCHED ME !" she yelled, before smiling her devilish smile and saying "And what are you supposed to call yourself ? Jabba ?" She blazed forward in the blink of an eye and kicked a stream of lava into Fatman's already bloody face.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"They called me Fatman in the Underground Mutant Boxing Federation, and you better run before I crush you!" growled Fatman as he wiped the lava off his face, charring his skin a bit.

Werewolf jumped into action and grabbed a streetlight and was smashing it over and over on Fatman's head, disorienting him. He then fell onto the ground unconcious.

Werewolf stood on Fatman's belly, he then let out a long howl into the sky.

He then growled at his once-allies, not kind to those he does not know...

PsykoReaper 00:04, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Amalgam looked at the mutant creature in front of her, and just shrugged. She stepped back, tapped into her powers, and ook hold of the metal around her. The building frames buckled, and several skyscrapers hivered into the air, terrified civilians dripping like blood from the window and holes. She looked at the awestruck wolf, then slammed them down top first onto the creature. It vanished under a pile of rubble. Amalgam smiled and flew into the air, spotting her next target.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Ontop of a building was a metallic figure. It looked at her with red eyes. Werewolf climbed out of the rubble and roared at Amalgam. It then jumped at her and bit and teared her shoulder with his teeth.

PsykoReaper 00:30, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Baracuss faded in from the Shadows and kneed Werewolf in the stomache, causing him to whiper a little, "Heal, Mutt, you're in the pressence of the two, most powerful beings on this planet. You should show respect," He said, putting himself between Werewolf and Amalgam, letting her regenerate.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Down Boy!

Amalgam moaned with the pleasure of the bite, then jammed her molten thumb into the 14 year old wolf's eye. It fell backwards, screeching, before Amalgam's next whip kick connected with its face and burned away the fur. Her next kick threw it backwards, and it landed on one foot, having no time to react to the geyser of molten rock about to slam into him. "I dont play nice youngster." she said, spitting on him as he lay in the dirt.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"Everybody Freeze" Said Sith-venator. He the raised his hands and everybody grew still."Move and I will kill you faster than the speed of light. Now why are we fighting?"A figment of your imagination and then some! 324px-Uk-sas svg (Holonet) 01:00, September 16, 2009 (UTC) P.S. I really do wanna know.

Robot dropped from the building and landed on the ground. "You are all obsolete imbociles, that is why you are fighting, but one question, did you get the S.O.S. signal in the city as well?" answered and asked Robot.

He then looked at Amalgam. "The werewolf's curse can affext anyone, mutant," he said.

Werewolf got up and howled at Robot. He threw a collar at Werewolf and it was shocked to unconciousness, he then fell to the ground and went back to human form.

"Now, again, did you get the S.O.S. signal?" asked Robot again.

PsykoReaper 01:46, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Thundershock sighed. He was tired. He shocked the entire crowd. They were dissapointed. Amalgam absorbed, smae with Fatman, Baracuss repeled it, and the rest dodged it. He smiled, and flew at Fatman. He was going in for a head kill. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Then, a shield of black magic appeared in between the two. Then, a pale woman floated down to the group. "I believe the robot asked you a question, and there will be no killing as long as I am around," said the woman.

PsykoReaper 01:46, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

"Yes good idea,everybody calm down."Said Sith-venator who seemed to be concealing several objects.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017

"Very good, now, are you here for the signal?" asked Succubus.

PsykoReaper 02:30, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

"No maam,I was with my personal friends preparing for a battle against my enemy that has eluded me for more than a century. Then during the battle I was knocked out and next thing I knew I was on top of a building and there was a fight going on. Apparently there is more going on than just a street fight. O and will someone tell me What in San Hell's going on here?" Said Sith-venator crossing his arms with his back against a building.A figment of your imagination and then some! 324px-Uk-sas svg (Holonet) 02:42, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

Thundershock facepalmed. He sighed. "I am just here to take out this obese freak of nature. Nothing else!"

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

"Those two who claim to be the greatest Warriors here,why do they attack with such aggresion?"Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017

"Anyway, something has been sending an S.O.S. by radio, telepathy, meditational messages, everything possilbe," explained Succubus.

"I believe Lycaon is the cause of all this," said Robot. "On the contrary, it is not his usual MMO, I believe Baron Hellmouth is the cause," said Succubus. "The Baron is not a fool, he doesn't need help!" argued Robot.

PsykoReaper 02:56, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

"This is why us heroes and villains fight each other. YOU ARE ANNOYING ! And, scruff face over there, infecting an extra-dimensional being with curse, kinda makes me laugh." Amalgam smiled and sat back down, visibly bored and not in the mood for this boring conversation.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"Don't talk to me like that, mutant, I know about more than you, and by the way, what happened to your father?" taunted Robot. Succubus sighed. PsykoReaper 14:11, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

"Humph... I agree with Amalgam... this has become extreamly dull. I care not for you mutants or your intentions. I came to this run-down, crime-filled city because I thought it contained the Verse Grinder. I'm not leaving until I know if it is... and if anyone gets in my way, I will not hesitate to destroy them! I'm leaving this Light-Infested universe, one way or another!" Baracuss said, his arms crossed again, "Now... I shall take my leave... if anyone dares to follow me, except Amalgam, I will have your head for a suvenier!" Baracuss faded away quickly, usuing his shadow movement ability to get away, unopposed,

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Death Threats...

"If you find anything call me!Maybe that verse-grinder brought me here to." Said Sith-venator to the Shade King.A figment of your imagination and then some! 324px-Uk-sas svg (Holonet) 20:32, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

"You have to help us, something is here, something dark, ancient, and asleep, but not for long, we need all the help we can get to fight this unknown creature," said Succubus.

"Let him go, a Shade can't do anything right," growled Robot. "Why do you always want to start a fight?" asked Succubus.

PsykoReaper 22:03, September 16, 2009 (UTC)

"For one you dont know anything about them you little heathen, and second, this...force' sounds challenging. I LOVE challenges. And they are in short supply. So what are we up against ?"

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"I know not," said Succubus, "But, I ahve eben getting transmissions, along with Robot, it is this." She held out her hand, a black orb then appeared. " me...awake the Old One...Awake the One Who Should Not Exist...So that I can rule...again..."

"And it goes on like that in a magical loop," said Robot as Succubus made the orb disappear.

PsykoReaper 00:51, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Act 3: Alone Time Edit

Baracuss stood atop the tallest point in Sanctuary, watching everything from the Shadows of one of the building's Gargoyles. The Stone carving reminded him of a Shade's true form; Bipedal, Leathery-Winged, and Menacing. He wondered if Shades have come to this universe before, and the Humans carved the statues in their image. He tossed the thought aside. What Shade, in their right mind, would willingly come to this Light-Plauged world? Using the Shadow-Sight technique, Baracuss could see as if he were lurking in every speck of Darkness around the city. He moved his Subconscious to Amalgam and the others, listening in on the conversation. He read the Mutated beings like a book, able to tell what abilities they have, and their outlook on life. He frowned a little as this didn't work on the machine although he could make a good guess about the being's origin. He listened more intently as the one called Succubus played the mysterious message,

"Hmm... Could this Unknown being possibly stand up to Amalgam's power? Or my own? This could be something to look into..." Baracuss thought, replaying the message in his head. He moved his Subconscious mind back to his phisical being as Amalgam seemed to sense his pressence. He looked out over the city again, and faded in a cloud of darkness.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Watching... waiting... wondering...

Sith-venator sinced something for a moment,probably the Shade. He didn't care what the Shade knew about him,his only concern was figuring out what was happening.A figment of your imagination and then some! 324px-Uk-sas svg (Holonet) 20:51, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Suddenly, a building was toppled to the ground. Out of the dust came out two figures. A man made of electricity and a living stick figure, the stick holding bags of money.

"Heh, this is sooooo easy with everyone too busy with the radio signal, and much easier with the stupid stick on my side!" hissed Freakstorm. Stick-Man then waved the bags in the air, shouting out gibberish. "Dumbass!" groaned Freakstorm.

PsykoReaper 21:50, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Baracuss suddenly appeared before the two beings in his normal, uncaring pose,

"Oh nevermind... I mistook you for someone stronger, but you're just two more freaks to add to my list of mutations I'm so unfortunate to know..." Baracuss mocked, smirking at the two Mutant Villains, "So what do you two, repulsive mutations call yourselves..."

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
More dogs to put down...

"I am Freakstorm, and this moron is Stick-Man," hissed Freakstorm, "Anyway, Stick-Man, sick em'!" Stick-Man yelled and babbled as he ran around in circles around Baracuss. "Maybe I should have picked someone else to go on a robbing spree with me," groaned Freakstorm.

PsykoReaper 22:11, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

"So dull..." thought Amalgam to herself as the robot and Succubus argued. She looked up and noticed Baracuss and some freaky looking guys were scuffling. She blasted herself towards them and smashed her foot into th weird twig-looking man, throwing him dow the street in a flurry of dust. "Anemic little thief." she said, before crescent kicking the other man in the face, knocking him over. Baracuss just laughed, and did a human high five. Amalgam smirked and flew into the air, before blasting off away from the city.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Stick-Man loudly babbled in anger, he punched Baracuss in the face, sending him to a building, and threw a car at the flying Amalgam.

PsykoReaper 22:19, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Baracuss appeared behind Stick-Man, and roundhouse kicked the doodled freak into his partner. He raised his hand, and, at his bidding, tendrils of Darkness rose from the shadow of the building, entangling around the villainus duo, "You freaks really get on my nerves!"

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
A Shades power... is only matched by the ferocity of their temper

"Let me go! You can keep the stick!" yelled Freakstorm. Stick-Man then busted through the shadows and ran after Amalgam, still flying in the sky. "Hey, get back here, you idiot!" yelled Freakstorm.

PsykoReaper 23:10, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Act4:Sith-venator vs Sith-venatorEdit

Another metalic figure rose in the night. Taking aim towards Succubus with his Barret M99A. His Sniper rifle was specificly made for him to kill mutants. Judging by the girl's behavior and appearance the Spartan assumed she was with the Coalition. As he fired he gave away his position on the fire exit. Sith-venator was barely quick enough to stop the bullet with his telekinesis. Sith-venator activated his jetpack and hurled towards the shot's origionation. When he landed he saw a figure wearing similar armor to his own. "Hello there Vod'ika,were you knocked out as well during the battle?" Said Sith-venator to the armored figure. The figure replied by firing a M2A1 Doubled-barreled in Sith-venator's face. The blast knocked him off the fire escape but he managed to land safely. "My name is Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066,also known as Spartan-66. Tell me where you got such powerful Optime Armor?" "Well," replied Sith-venator, "My friend made it for me,but let me assure you I have never heard of Optime Armor, why the hostility?" "You registered as a Class 1 mutant,I took precatutions. Now tell me what's going on and where am I? You have 2 seconds." replied Sith-venator-0066. But before Sith-venator could say anything useful Sith-venator-0066 fired at him again with a M400.

Sith-venator's shields took the blast and he pulled out his DC-15A Blaster Rifle and returned fire. Everyone else watched as the two parallell copies fought each other. Sith-venator-0066 activated his jetpack,(Which was alot bigger and bulkier than Sith-venator's) and landed on a window sill. Sith-venator activated his Jetpack's Missile in the direction but his copy moved out in time. On the ground Sith-venator-0066 took out his last weapon, a Kesh Saber. He swung at his enemy only to discover that Sith-venator had pulled out his own blade. "Geeze man." said Sith-venator to his opponent as they swung at eachother. Sith-venator-0066 saw an opening and went in for the kill...

He swung his saber through Sith-venator's neck and turned around. He didnt want to see a decapitated body again. He walked foward towards the mutants but was suddenly repulsed into the side of a building. When he got up he saw Sith-venator in front of him. "Oi you don't think I was gonna make the same mistake my Grandfather did?" Sith-venator said to his copy. He then lifted him up using his telekinesis. There visors pitch black with the night glaring eachother down. Sith-venator-0066 attempted one last thing. He took out his colt and fired at his attacker. The bullet was easily asorbed by the Armors shield. Sith-venator-0066 then landed hard on the ground. "Now behave until I figure this out!" said Sith-venator to Sith-venator-0066. The Spartan did not give up, just as Sith turned around he jabbed his Kesh Saber into his back. The shields instantly went away but the Beskar that was used in the armor remained unharmed. Sith-venator-0066 was then hit by a barrage of lightning,completely frying his circuits in his armor, he also could not move as he was also paralized. Sith-venator stared at him with his gloves smoking from the lightning and then walked over to Succubus to discuss the problem more thoroughly.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017

"Who the hell was that?" asked Robot. "My guess he was not the best of friends to you," said Succubus to Sith-venator. As they talked, Fatman got up and ran away, to tell his boss about the new guests in Sanctuary.


Stick-Man was still chasing after the flying Amalgam, babbling nonsense during the way...


"Alright, you stupid albino, take this!!" yelled Freakstorm as he super-charged and sent 450,000,000 volts at the Shade.

PsykoReaper 17:43, September 18, 2009 (UTC) (Yeah, we gonna have more dan one story goin' on!)

"Actually I think he is a parallel copy of myself from an alternate universe. I think that I am also from an alternate universe then this one as in my home on Earth it is the 26th century while this city much more closely to the 21st century. Perhaps that Verse Grinder had something to do with us being here." Replied Sith-venator to the vampire.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017

The bolts of lightning, passed strait through Baracuss and decimated the side of a building. Baracuss smiled, and tightend his grip on the Mutant. Freakstorm gasped in pain as the dark tendrills wraped around him,

"Humph... you're too pathetic to kill... be gone you pest!" Baracuss threw his arm to the side, and in response, the Tendrills tossed Freakstorm across the block into a restraunt. Baracuss transported himself back towards Sith and Succubus, appearing before them suddenly, and making both the powerful warriors jump a little,

"You, in the Armor... an admirable show of combat skills... you have even impressed me..." Baracuss said, smirking a bit.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
A Shades Respect

Sith-venator bowed and said,"I have no idea who you are but you seem powerful,but I sense you know much more about what is happening then I do. Tell me my good...Shade? What is the Verse-grinder?"A figment of your imagination and then some! 324px-Uk-sas svg (Holonet) 20:37, September 18, 2009 (UTC)(Politeness is the key to friendship towards powerful allies)

"Well, if you both are done playing around, we need to find out what is going on," growled Robot. "We are not enough to fight the unknown menace, we need to split in parties and try to find out who...or what is behind this," said Succubus.

"I suggest we gather more heroes in Sanctuary to help," said Succubus. "It will only mess up more of the plan," growled Robot. "Quiet, Robot, we NEED help, we cannot defeat this menace alone, and even with a shade, I think the force is stronger, that means we need to gather more heroes," said Succubus.

"Whatever you say...witch," growled Robot.

PsykoReaper 22:18, September 18, 2009 (UTC)

"Humph! You freaks can do what you wish... all I care about is finding the Verse-Grinder and returning to my realm..." Baracuss said turning to walk away, "And I to know very little of the Verse-Grinder... only it's name, and it's purposs... and that I'm going to find it..." Baracuss said, certain of his success, "If you mutations wish to fight this unknown power, be my guests... but don't come begging me for help!"

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Separate Goals

"Would you like any help finding the thing?" replied Sith-venator to the Shade.A figment of your imagination and then some! 324px-Uk-sas svg (Holonet) 03:51, September 19, 2009 (UTC)(Connect the verse-grinder to this Unknown power pwerhaps?)

"That would be nice, but we need three others, there is November Briggs, a mutant, Gary Bold, and the once-proud Major Heroic," said Succubus.

PsykoReaper 04:13, September 19, 2009 (UTC) (Possibly, also, Major Heroic is suppose to be a legend in the superhero world, kinda like Superman!)

"I don't need help with anything... I am the King of Shades! A Nightmare to behold! Plus I am one of the most powerful beings on this world... I think I can handle anything I come across," Baracuss said, looking towards Sith-Venator's twin, "Even an alternate version of myself...

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

"As you wish.I will help Succumbus recruit these mutants then.And if they don't cooperate." replied Sith-venator revealing a small knife that instantly burst out of his knuckleplate.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017(Sith-venator is armed to the teeth)

"Good, we will go after Bold first, then the Major and the girl," said Succubus. "And...keep up if you can!" growled Robot.

Andy (Werewolf in human form) then woke up and looked around, seeing the figures in front of him. "What's going on, did I transform again?" he asked.

"I guess we could use him to," said Robot.

PsykoReaper 19:42, September 19, 2009 (UTC)

"Lead the way" Said Sith-venator to Succubus and Robot as picked up Sith-venator-0066 and hung him over his shoulder.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017

Over the city a massive lightning storm ensued, drenching the streets and forcing most of the civilians inside. Stick-Man stood still, idioticly trying to find Amalgam. He got his wish. A massive ovular blast of lightning erupted around him, causing the air itself to explode and throwing him down the street. The lightning electrified the street water, and he screamed in pain as Amalgam floated down and smiled at him with her innocent lie of looks. "Are you okay ?" she asked in a genuinely concerned voice. "You....bitch..." he said stuttering. "Well then, I was going to spare a pathetic worm like you but you'll just blemish this future colony." She slammed her foot down with an orb of magam around it, pushing Stick-Man all the way into the mud with a nasty burn, and left as it encroached across his entire body.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Baracuss floated down from the sky behind her, arms crossed in his signature stance, "These freaks just keep getting freakyer don't they, Amalgam?" He said smiling, "And they love totest their strength against true warriors... but in the end, they are but a pethetic speck when it comes to our power..."

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

"Sp true my old friend. The funniest thing though, is I didnt even break sweat." The bubbles of air escaping from the dying Stick-Man popped mud against Amalgam's shins, forcing her to wipe it away. "Why is this planet so dirty ? Christ, its like its everywhere. Doesnt really matter but it'll raise some eyebows when my kin arrive."

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"Humph... I still don't see how you would want to take this world... it is just the waste of both of our Universes mingled together..." Baracuss said, moving into the shadow of a building as a street light flickerd nearby.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Sunday, August 20 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Sith-venator Wavingstrider-0066,still paralized from his armors failure,recalled how he had got in this mess.(Flashback)

Turkey:2055 in the Earth at Warverse

Spartan-0066 stood with his commando team in the bay of the Mantis Walker waiting nervously for thier mission to begin. Beside him stood the best soldiers the United Nations could spare against the Coalition of Red Nations,this included several other Spartans,the legendary duo of Krokodil and Nare, his brother Ghille Suit Wavingstrider and,the leader of the operation, Boba Vinco. All were armed with the best equipment, the mission: To take out a possible mutant cloning center. If the Coalition made an army of mutants,then the United Nations would loose the war. Sith-venator slipped his clip into his M2A1 Double-barreled Shotgun and looked at his comrades.

Large explosion began to go off,the Mantis Walker had got to the facility and sounded like it had found a guard. The platform lowered and the team moved out into the facility. They quickly destroyed some turrets with their rockets,but when they got inside they found a feared enemy before them,Omega-Serpent. The wizard quickly casted a spell of fire into the group,most got out of the way but some didn't. Boba Vinco activated his armor's Kesh claws and jumped towards the wizard only to be wacked by the snake's staff. Communist Soldiers began to pour into the room,the mission was going wrong. Right as Sith-venator aimed towards the Wizard with his shotgun the snake cast a spell at him knocking him unconsince. When he woke up he found himself in a city on a fire escape. He looked down to see a fight going on.Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade hut'uunla Siit! Sunday, August 20 2017(Explanation,Wizards always do something like that instead of just killing them.)

Suddenly, Baron Hellmouth jumped from the sky and landed in between Amalgam and Stick-Man. He knelt and put his hand on Stick-Man, healing the burn and saving his life.

"One good deed..." said Baron Hellmouth, he then looked at Amalgam and Baracuss, he then started to laugh at them.

PsykoReaper 17:41, September 29, 2009 (UTC) (Sorry, I had computer troubles and busy schedules)

"One good deed... One of the last. All of you! Stay calm! Were just here to help!", two Neon-green and black outfitted vigilantes shouted at the same time.

"Now all of you, watch my girlfriend go!", the male one, named Neon Lightning, shouted, as a strange, greenish wind came from the female's, Thunder's, hands.

"Your turn, L.", Thunder said, as Lightning started producing a black cloud with green Lightning bolts everywhere.

"We might be young....", the two said, "But we can definitely beat a few people!", they said, as it started pouring green rain, and every building for the next three miles out, was set alight by a green flame. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew


Looking down from the sky, Amalgam almost smashed through a building as she noticed 2 children trying to fight. Stopping her flight and freefalling to the ground, she landed nonchalantly in an impact crater next to them, and then looked down.

"Oww, my ass."

ЭвелинаEveLogo1 Навсегда

"This isn't a sanctuary," Rose said, trying to focus as she ran through the streets. "This isn't a sanctuary at all!"

The green rain ha been the thing that made her snap. The ten-year old superhero was hurrying away from Sanctuary. She imagined the comforts of her uncle's apartment room back in Los Angeles. Everything about this place screamed take me out of here.

It wasn't very noble to run away when duty called, but then again, she wasn't just Rose Petal. She was also Andrea Summers. And Andrea Summers wanted to go home and relax. Besides, the only thing Rose could do was heal and pause time.

I have no signature, so instead, I'll just put five heart emojis. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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