Non-Admin Rating SystemEdit

In the new Role-Play, one non-admin user will be given a chance to become an admin, by use of a rating system. This system is based on a scale of 1 to 5 as measure how "Epic" there posts are. Other non-admins will NOT be able to vote for each other, and rating is solely the administrators' job. At the end of the Role-Play, the user with the most "Epic Points" may be acknowledged as a fellow admin. (Note: Late joiners/posters will automatically be given 10 "Epic Points", for each week since the RP started, so they have a chance against the earlier posters.)

Rating ScaleEdit


  • Horrible Spelling/Grammar.
  • Short/Useless posts.
  • "God-Modding" their role-play self.

(Note: If user gets a rating of one for more then three posts, he/she could be banned from the Role-Play.)


  • Mediocre Spelling/Grammar.
  • 2 - 3 lined posts that don't really do anything to move the story along.
  • Don't use much realism in their posts.


  • Adequate Spelling/Grammer.
  • Nice, descriptive posts that move the story along.
  • Have a fair grasp on realism.


  • Great Spelling/Grammar.
  • Long posts that does a lot to continue the Role-Play.
  • Acts as though they truly are trying to survive using their own unique skills.


  • Epic... 'nuff said.

Non-Admin Role-Players and their RatingsEdit

Admin discussion of the user's rating will either take part on the IRC or in this Article's talk page.

  • No Non-Admins have joined the RP at this time.

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