The Earth has been under one rule, and have attempted expansion into space, readying both the moon and Mars. The denizens of these planets have become rebellious, and see now as their chance to strike.


This is a simple roleplay, expanding a storyline.

  • No Tie-ins. It's that simple. Make your own character, or ask someone for one of theirs.
  • Proper English, please. We don't have time to try and figure out what you are talking about. If you see something that you aren't sure of, I am sure that there is a link somewhere.
  • Let's not edit what people have already written, shall we? Minor edits for English type reasons will be allowed.

The PlayersEdit

In this RP, you will be playing as one... of... three separate factions. Please list the character, the faction, and who you are.

The War of Planetary Freedom Chapter 1Edit

This Role-Play will begin as soon as Ishmael posts!

Scene 1: Road to ZionEdit

As the sun began to set, Janus watched it through the mists. He walked onto a tree, and lay down, taking his rifle and laying it across his stomach. He sipped at his bottle of water, and looked up to the sky. His interlink flashed, showing an approaching transport. He jumped down, crouching low into the fog. He raised his rifle up and stared down the sights, finding the craft in an instant. As it came closer, he kept his cross-hair trained on the pilot. It came close, Janus guessed it was only two hundred yards away, and he exhaled slowly, as his finger squeezed the trigger. The gun issued a small buzzing sound, but it was covered by the sound of the dense glass breaking, and the screaming that ensued. The craft out of capable hands, it barreled towards the ground, crashing and sliding until it was a few feet from Janus. A UMFE standard rushed out of the transport, his Standard assault rifle waving in the air. A sound deafening scream pierced the air, and the guard's head was detached from his body. When Mach turned back around, the blast of wind hit Janus, rocking the transport slightly. Janus looked inside the craft, seeing the entire group of passengers in shock. He set them loose, and clicked on his radio, reporting his location, and the number of new residents.

"Will do, Jano! Be there within the minute."

It was good to hear his father's voice.

The trash collector began to descend on the crash sight soon enough, and Donavan climbed out of the passenger's side. He gave Janus a slap on the back.

"You really have been keeping the place locked down by yourself the last couple of weeks, haven't you?"

"I try." Janus began to load the ship's guns and ammo into the Collector, and his father began to pull the ship apart with his torque-wrench. Janus and Donavan went back and forth, filling the tiny craft, and shuttling it back to the city. As Janus came back from a trip, his interlink picked up on approaching vehicle. "There wasn't supposed to be another transport for a week! What is that doing here?"

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IshmaelOTDOP - Buttseckz... it happens...:
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Let's get this thing going, shall we?

Scene 2: CruiseEdit

The entire Shelter was bustling with merchants and pirates tonight. There had already been two shootings and around six fist fights that had broken out amongst the selfish and drunken Smugglers,

"Make that seven..." Thought Cruise, as a man in a sleeveless leather vest was thrown over the bar, much to the bartender's disgruntlement. Soon enough, the entire place had broken out into a royal rumble, and Jason decided it was about time to leave for the time being. He handed fifty credits to the bartender, grabbed his long coat, and made for the hallway outside.

He made his way through the extremely crowded market place, socking a few people for trying to pickpocket him, and soon reached the airlock that led to the ship docks. He slipped on his his jacket, fastened on a breathing apparatus, and stepped into the airlock. The hiss of escaping air sounded, and sudden coldness washed over his body as the second set of airlock doors opened, and he stepped out onto the landing pad.

A large assortment of refurbished, and stolen, UMFE space vessels sat motionless on the docks, waiting for their pilots to return to them. One silver-colored, Light Interceptor didn't have to wait for much longer. He activated his Wrist Mounted Computer Display (WMCD), lowered the gangway that opened up from the Interceptors belly, and stepped into the Silver Fang's airlock.

Within a minute, the Interceptor lifted off the dock, turned towards the large, dark cavern known as Ship-Wreck Grotto, and made its way away from Smuggler's Shelter. He got through the treacherous maze of stalactites and stalagmites in about fifteen minutes, and kicked the Silver Fang up to full speed as one of the main entrances to the cavern sat wide open before him.

Deimos seemed to shrink as he flew towards the surface of Mars, the entire ship shaking as it entered the atmosphere. He pulled up just before he hit the ground, and flew over the Swampy surface with only a few meters between the Silver Fang and a fiery death.

Stimul's Landing rose up from behind the horizon, growing larger as the Interceptor sailed closer and closer towards it. When he was sure that someone had detected his approach he began to radio in,

"Stimul's Landing this is Jason Cruise coming in for landing. Repeat: This is Seraph, do not engage."

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Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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My thoughts exactly.

Scene 3: The Thief Edit


That was the sound of the final combination lock coming undone, and Pariah smiled.

The small safe was to hold some of the Mar's only gold, and she was sure it would sell for a nice price on Earth's black market.

"I just have to get it there." Pariah told herself, smiling as the gold gleamed in the small amount of night light coming in from the window.

"You won't get it there..." One of the guards had taken the gunshot through his jacket, not his chest. And now he was level with her.

"Shut up and die."

In a single swift motion the revolver holstered at her side whipped into the air and single slug shot from the barrel, the guards head dissipated in a cloud of red and pink, as the wall covered with his brains.

A small hole in front, and big hole in back, caused by the super-cavitation.

Pariah checked him for anything valuable (or of use), then departed into Mar's arctic tundra.

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Yay goldz !

Scene 4: This is the HangarEdit

"This is The Hangar. Roger that, Seraph. Always a place for the Silver Fang here. Dock number seven is all yours."

Janus breathed a sigh of relief as he clicked his intercom off.

"Just Jason... Man I am too jumpy lately."

Janus landed next to the crash sight, the wreckage torn down completely. The three loaded the last bit of junk in the back, climbed into the Collector, and made their way back to the Stimul's Landing. Janus climbed out of the craft, waved at his family, and ran towards the hangar.

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Eve getting in my way while I am editing and stuff XD

Scene 5: IncomingEdit

"Affirmative. Seraph out," Jason slowed down as he approached the hangar, but still traveling faster then a normal pilot would be comfortable with on a landing approach. He sailed into the hanger at nearly 150 Mph, pulled up sharply, fired the thrusters on the Fang's belly, and came to a midair halt. He set the Interceptor down gently, and the roar of the engines faded.

Jason grabbed two duffel bags full of stolen UMFE equipment, throwing one over his shoulder, and exited the ship. He saw Janus approaching from the opposite end of the hanger, and gave a friendly wave,

"Just the person I needed to see," He said when Janus reached him halfway down the hanger's catwalk. Jason dropped one of the duffel bags he was carrying into Janus' arms, "I was afraid I was going to have to carry all this stuff up myself. Your dad here Janus? I was hoping he'd have a job for me,"

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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Heavy Lifting

Scene 6: To the CapitalEdit

"Actually, you just happened to show up right on time." Janus slung the bag over his shoulder. "I needed to go to Wargod City to deliver a new shipment of scraps. I was going to do it myself, but you just happened to show up, and I have a job for you myself..."

Jason's eyebrow raised as the silence grew. Janus pointed over to a darker portion of the hangar. They began to walk towards it, and Janus flipped on a statistics console and began to pound away at the keys. As the lights came on, a twenty foot tall mech was illuminated.

"I won't ever use this thing, I just decided we needed something to take on those Gollums needed a run for their money." As he said this, the mech began to sizzle and spark from underneath it's armor plating, flashing through the gaping holes in the hull. "Well," Janus said as he shut the console down, "That's why we need scraps. Let's get your loot traded, shall we?"

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What on Mars?!?!?!

Scene 7: Barter TimeEdit

"Sounds good to me," He looked back up at the Mech, "We need one of those things up on Deimos. Scare away the Riff Raff..." They began walking towards the Hangar exit,

"What do you mean by that?" Janus asked,

"Oh just a bunch of Novice Smugglers who think they're hard, who come to the Shelter once or twice a year. Its hell up there at the moment, and I had to get away from it," He adjusted the duffel bag on his shoulder as they walked onward, "That's why I decided to have a visit with my favorite group of rebels to see if they need my special services. Oh by the way..." He reached into the folds of his long coat and withdrew a UMFE Special Unit MCDS .45 and tossed it to Janus, "Think of it as a late Birthday present. Found it laying in Ship-Wreck Grotto during my last raid. Since I don't use those type of pistols I decided I'd give it to you."

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
Baracuss - ダニエル, ジェミニプロダクション:
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Catching Up

Scene 8: Just like Donavan'sEdit

Janus stared at the shiny pistol for a while. Jason had cleaned it nicely.

"Wow, thanks!"

"Never a problem." Jason smiled slightly, and the two continued on.

Ether walked up to greet them as they neared the factory. "Well look what the fox dragged in!" Ether patted Jason on the back. "It seems you have some stuff for me? Let me grab my credits." He turned back to the factory, and walked into the office, opening up the safe, and pulling out a stack of paper, about three inches high. "This ought to do it." He said, handing Jason about a thousand credits.

"That should definitely do," Jason replied.

"And I have another hundred for you when you get done in the capital." Jason's eyes lit up. He loved working with these people. He looked over at Janus.

"Ready to g-" He stopped short. Janus had the pistol disassembled and he was tinkering with the handle. Janus looked up with a coy grin on his face.

"Think I figured it out. It's simpler than I thought." He pulled the pistol up, and pressed his fingers to the grip. He let out a yell when it tore the skin off. Jason and Ether broke out laughing, but that was stopped as the battery buzzed on, and a 45. hole appeared on the wall behind them. "Don't laugh at me! It's not going to be battle.... less... for long, and I want to try my new toy out on some soft targets."

Ether and Jason exchanged odd glances. Ether shrugged. "Boys will be boys?"

As he said this a large boom cracked through the air. The three men rushed outside to see a large ball of fire plummeting towards the planet's surface.

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Like I said: It's not going to be this... battle-less... for long. Just a thought

Scene 9Edit

Jason tried to identify what the fireball had once been, but he couldn't tell if it was a ship or an asteroid at this range. The flaming chunk pounded into the ground about ten kilometers away, and the entire area fell into silence.

"I'm going to go check it out," Jason said, his voice piercing the silence. He turned back to Janus and Ether, "I'll be back soon," He ran back towards the hanger, rushed up to dock 7, and boarded the Silver Fang. He activated the engines and rose up into the air. The ship turned on a dime, and blasted out of the hanger at top speed, almost colliding with an incoming Dropship.

He suddenly heard footsteps behind him, and turned quickly to see someone leaning against the wall and rubbing his head,

"I figured you'd follow me Janus," Jason said, turning back to the controls.

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Continuing from where we left off... sorry I didn't post sooner. I was having computer troubles at home.

Scene 10Edit

"Couldn't let you have all of the fun now, could I?" Janus peered through the windshield staring at a large, fresh crater. As Jason lowered the Silver Fang Janus peered into the crash site, seeing a transport of some type, but it was disabled, as Janus could not pick up a threat reading from it. "Well, are we just going to stand here Janus?" Jason raised an eyebrow. The two made their way to the hatch, weapons in hand.

As they neared the crater's edge, they heard screams. They gave each other a quick glance, and began to run. Bullets whizzed past Janus' head, and he crouched low, and let the slope of the crater take him faster in, weaving back and forth. A UMFE Special appeared from the crashed civilian transport, helmet gone and blood dripping from his face. Janus, who was still coming closer, fired two shots, catching the man in the chest. The bullets sank in, but were stopped by the man's armor. Janus was hoping he was distraction enough for Jason to take a clear shot.

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It's alright Dan, it seems everybody is having computer problems. It's got to be the summer heat.

Scene 11Edit

Ryan was nervous, he anxiously loaded his rifle, thinking what he has gotten himself into, and the door opened. Commander Wilson came in and asked Ryan, "Are you ready?", Ryan replied with a sharp "yes". Wilson nodded, and went back into the hangar. Confident, Ryan followed Wilson into the hangar. He looked up at the UMFE ship, and he saw the word "STARCATCHER" on the side. Ryan then noticed the drop pad lowering, and Wilson shouted, "Ryan! You're up!". He walked very quickly over to the drop pad, where Ryan's friend Roman was waiting. "C'mon Ryan! It's lift-off time!". Ryan gave Roman a weird smirk, and board the ship.

Commander Wilson watched the ship leave the hangar, and walked away.

XtranormalGeek - ಠ_ಠ "Fight for your right.":
TALK - Monday, August 21 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)
Um, next?

Scene 12Edit

The distraction that Janus had provided worked perfectly. Jason looked down the iron-sights of his .44 Revolver Custom, ignited the laser sight so he could pin-point his shot, and fired. The bullet hit the UMFE Special directly in between his eyes, and the front of the soldier's face seemed to shatter like a clay pot, spilling all its contents onto the ruble they were fighting upon.

Jason ducked back under the slab of fractured deflector plating as the sound of Assault Rifle fire sounded from the wrecked hull. Two more UMFE Soldiers had opened an escape hatch on the transport's port side, and were at a good vantage point for sniping from. Jason was in no position to retaliate, so he withdrew a Smuggler Fractal Grenade and rolled it down the crater's side towards Janus, who hadn't been spotted yet.

Janus grabbed the explosive, turned it over in his hands, then looked up with a puzzled expression on his face. Jason made a gesture to say that Janus had to place pressure on either side of the device, throw it quickly up to the hatch, then quickly get back under cover before it exploded.

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
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Scene 13Edit

Janus shrugged and squeezed the pressure points and threw. He let out a whimper when his arm popped. he let his arm hang, and jumped behind a large piece of debris. As the grenade rolled into the transport and exploded, Janus shoved his joint back in place, the sickening pop deafened by the blast. He felt his teeth grate. He looked up at Jason, who was ready should another officer pop up. Silence fell, leaving the ringing in Janus' ears to reside. He popped out of his cover, pistol out in front of him. As the stench of the deceased's bowels hit him, he gagged a bit, but held it down. He could never get used to the smell. He approached the vehicle cautiously...

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Damned you work! *shakes fist*

Scene 14Edit

The built in Geiger-Counter in Jason's WMC Device had been ticking since they entered the crater in the first place, but after the SFG exploded the device sounded like it would malfunction at any second,

"We can't stay for much longer Janus... the grenade seems to have boosted the amount of radiation that was already in the air. Stay any longer and we'll get sick... or worse..." Jason said, stepping closer to a large rip in the wrecked ship's hull. Peering inside he saw two more dead bodies and a large, undamaged crate. His brown eyes flashed with green longing, and his mouth curled into a grin. The crate itself look expensive, so what could be inside it?

"Lets get in, grab everything we can, and come back with protective gear latter..."

800px-Ichigo Kurosaki
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A Smuggler's got to eat =P

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