This is the all new RP to go along with the Makata Invasion, those invited to the RP are those in 4 Long Years, plus a few new faces.

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Act 1:Anger & Malice Edit

Act 1:INVASION! Edit

As Amalgam, Savior, and the other leaders of the Legion of Vigilance ran onto the last transport train, nuclear bombs exploded all across the world. Cities melted, rivers of blood flowed, an apocalyptic nightmare reigned supreme, and for no reason. The Makata has set off every nuclear warhead on Earth, billions died in seconds, and milions had died before...

Act 1:This is The Way The Story Begins, and The Way The World Ends Edit

Bolt, a lightning hero who had just joined the LoV, stepped forward. He shot three Makata, and then blasted his fist ant another's groin, shocking him, and killing him. He jumped onto the caboose of the transport train, after the huge shock. He looked quietly at the heroes.

Act 1:Blinded by the Light Edit

Michael Young watched as the explosions rushed towards him. Lifting his katana, he projected a field of telekinetic energy around himself and levitated up into the skies. Flames liked around him but could not touch him. He had been trying to rescue others on the ground, but he was too late. The brightness of the explosions made him go blind. 'Good' he thought. He would not be able to see the atrocities on the planet. He sheathed his katana and tore off the edge of his shirt, wrapping it around his head like a blind fold. He landed on the back of the transport train. He looked over the heroes. Earth's last hope. And they had failed. Adamantium93 23:00, 13 June 2009 (UTC)

Act 1: Enter Ragnarok Edit

A tiny pinpoint of light appeared, millions of miles away from the carnage at earth. It grew at an astonishing pace and soon a mile wide ball of flame appeared 20000 miles away from earth. But just as soon as it appeared, it vanished. A Makata warship turned towards where the light was. A column of flame spurted from an invisible point and impacted into the warship, boiling away it's armor, and causing a a chain of blue explosions to bubble out from the ships hull. Several other ships turned and randomly fired their weapons, sending clouds of missiles into the black abyss. However, none found their target and flew off into the abyss, spent and wasted.

Suddenly, a tiny wink of flame appeared and shot at a blinding speed towards earth, withing seconds it reached it's destination and the tiny meteor impacted in the middle of the Arizona desert. The impact crater was 5 meters deep and twice as wide. At the bottom lay a figure wreathed in flame and shadow.

Act 1:Alone Together Edit

Amalgam and Savior found an empty cabin on the train, and sat down. Neither could understand the horrible thing that had just happened. "Daze said something horrible would happen, but, now like this...or so I thought." she leaned against Savior's muscular chest, sad and afraid. "At least we had the forthought to get the Legionairres into these passenger trains." he kissed her cold forehead. Her eintire body was freezing cold, sending shivers up Savior's spine. She was really scared, for the first time in her life.....

Act 1: Judgement Edit

Ragnarok slow stood up from the crater. Flames engulfed his entire body, his face blocked by an opaque shadow.What an interesting turn of events Ragnarok thought to himself. I guess I won't have that much work left to do Ragnarok knelt to the ground and drove his fist into the earth. A vision flooded his mind:

After the Atlantean colony on earth fell to Ragnarok, the earth was thrown into turmoil. MAssive storms on rocked the earth for decades at a time. But eventually civilzation returned and the Egyptians built shrines in honor of their fallen people... They progressed as did the world...

The third world war, as bloody and terrifying as it was. It had no comparison to the threat it that was now at earths doorstep.

"The cycle must not be broken..." Ragnarok said to himself. He looked into the horizon, massive clouds of dust nearly blotted out the sun, thousands of the warships were in orbit. "I guess I have something else to do." Ragnarok was again enveloped in a ball of white flame and he rocketed towards the ships.

Romulus sat on his knees watching the earth fall. Tears streamed down his cheeks and into the ground. His helmet lay just three feet away, but he felt suffocated by it when he saw the explosions. His heart sank inside the titanium suit and he let the heat of the desert encase him. He lay back when he saw it: a shooting star, but this one was heading away from earth. Suddenly curious, he touched a pad on his armor and a small spaceship came from the sky and landed next to him. Romulus climbed in, and pursued the ball of flame.

His speed greatly outmatched the light, and withing minutes he caught up to it. For a split second he thought he could see an abysmal black figure in the center of the light. The light veered towards him and seemed to drag him towards the alien warships.

ten minutes later

Romulus was flying towards earth at a screaming pace. His space fighet was completely destroyed, seconds after he lept from it, but the blast knocked him off course, and he was now tumbling towards the earth. After 10 seconds he straightened himself out and his feet were pointed toward the ground, which was growing ever closer. He kicked his feet together and twin jets of flame shot out rapidly slowing his decent. He pulled the ends of his cape into his hands and created a makeshift parachute, slowing his fall even more. Romulus finally looked down and saw a train below him. He sent his suit to stiffen, and he awaited the impact, at 75 miles per hour.

Ragnarok had thrown the ship that followed him into the heat of the battle. It exploded within seconds, bringing a grin to Ragnarok's shadowy face. His mouth opened into an obtuse angle and 3400 degree flame shout out in a wide column. The pillar impacted a ship, sending it a nearby vessel. The first exploded, sending chunks of armor across space. The other withstood the impact and the explosion only crumpled the armor in. With a silent shout, Ragnarok shot forth, both fists raised above his head. Two pinpoints of light appeared on his hands and grew to several feet in diameter. He stopped himself suddenly and the two balls of energy flew off his hands, impact into the ship, and causing it to explode violently.

Act 1:Thump Edit

As Amalgam and Savior slept, something heavy impacted the roof o their cabin. She jolted up and fired a bolt of lightining through the roof. Savior awoke startled and unholstered a sidearm he found on the battlefield. He shot up. Whatever it was made an noise. Looking through the skylight, they saw a man, a huge man, a man named Romulus...

Act 1: Landfall Edit

With a groan, Romulus deactivated his suit's rigidness. Suddenly a bullet whizzed past his face and a bolt of lightning impacted into his back, but did nothing. Romulus rose, and dropped through the skylight. He looked around to see many people staring at him. At 7 and a half feet tall in his armor, he tended to get that. But these weren't regular people, Romulus could sense something different about them. He saw a strikingly beautiful woman standing next to man holding a pistol with a smoking barrel.

"So you're the asshole who shot at me? What the hell?" Romulus asked, the integrated speakers on his suit booming throughout the cabin.

Act 1: Maybe I did shoot you...but you broke the TRAIN !!! Edit

"Maybe I did shoot you" said Savior "but you broke the TRAIN !" he said, staring Romulus down. "Wow Lio, relax." said Amalgam, taking the gun and melting it. "I'm Eve, but you should preferabl call me Amalgam." sha said, raising her hand to shakes Rom's.

Act 1:Acquaintaces Edit

Romulus eyed Amalgam's hand suspciously. The single blue slit on his helmet revealed no such doubt. He tenatively grasped her hand. "My name is James, James Irving. I go by the name Romulus however. I was tracking a criminal when I saw the explosions. What's going on?"

Act 1:Acquaintances Edit

Amalgam sat down, not very sure what to say, just offering a seat to Romulus. When he sat, Savior got down to the answer. "Earth has been invaded by horrible aliens that have set off every nuclear warhead on this planet. We dont know why they are here, but they have been slaughtering everyone. By the way, your on a train commanded by the Legion of Vigilance, so you'll be answering to its higjest authority as long as your here. I believe me and Amalgam are among those people. Her mainly. Now, you shoud get some sleep, we'll be in Oregon by tomorrow." Savior leaned back against the seat, and promptle fell asleep, leaving Amalgam and Romulus alone.

Act 1: " " Edit

Romulus sat down on the seat with a creak, "Err, right" He stood up and said awkwardly. He started removing his armor piece by piece, revealing a body sculpted by a life of exercise. He looked at a monitor embedded in the gauntlet of his suit and looked at his medical status: Three broken ribs, his shoulder was displaced and his neck muscles were sprained. The tiny device said outloud his condition, and he recieved some bewildered stares from the few around him. "Don't worry I'm fine." Romulus, sat down wearing nothing but some pants made from a light heat resistant fabric. James closed his eyes and concentrated. A subtle rumbling reverberated throughout the train cabin. Curious James looked out the nearest window to see great hunks of earth levitating. What the hell? James thought to himself, My suits not on..

"What the heck is going on?" a hero nearby inquired. The 7 foot tall James, stood awkwardly recieving the stares thrown at him.

"I-i- don't know. My suit's offline, I don't have Geokinesis anymore..." James willed the rocks to fall back to earth and they did so. "No..this- this isn't possible, my suit's repellant to residual G-waves." James said frantically. He started sweating, and getting nervous, the stares were boring into him.

Act 1:The Blind See What Others Cannot Edit

Mike was not used to using his telekinesis for sight. The man in front of them was tall, he could tell. He could also sense the electronic signals in the discarded armor on the floor. Outside, he could feel rocks levitating above the ground. What the heck? Probably just another hero having some fun. He could not see the countryside, nor did he wish it. Oregon. That was where they were headed, he heard Amalgam say that. It was once a promising new land of adventure and exploration. Now, it was probably a smoldering crater. Mike sat down. He could sense tension in the air. He could see bits of sweat dripping down the face of the new arrival. Mike could not stare, for he was blind. A fact he often forgot. The rocks had returned to the earth, but he knew that something was wrong. There was more to this invasion than slaughter, he knew that for sure. He didn't know why, but he had always had good instinct. And his instinct told him that going to Oregon was a mistake. -A93

Act 1:Hiding Underground Edit

After the attack started, Old Man Perkins managed to rescue Charlie, Carly, Drake, Jason, and Holly. THey took refuge underground, because even though the Makatahave managed to build mighty spaceships and weapons of death, they don't have any digging technology.

"Is it safe to come out now?" Asked Charlie Swallows to Old Man Perkins.

"We are hopelessly outnumbered, outgunned, and out something else." Said the elderly man.

"Any attempt to go outside would be manifest suicide."

"You didn't answer my question." Said Charlie.

"It's no, godammit. stupid kid."

"What did you just say?"


Charlie waited for a while. "Is it safe to come out now?"

Old Man Perkins sighed. "I'll tell you when it's safe."

"But I've been in this hole for like six hours, and it's cold, and dark and there are bad guys out there and I'm not kicking their butt! Besides, how would you know that it's not safe out there? You never went outside!"

Drake walked up to Charlie. "He may not know what's going up there. But I do."

"Oh yeah? What are you, some kind of psychic?"

Drake sighed. "Look, you may have a hard time believing that I can read minds, but I can okay. Maybe I can't read yours, but I can read just about everybody else's which includes the Makata. And old Man Perkins, who, as I have sensed, is really annoyed with you."

Charlie giggled. "You don't need to be a mind-reader to figure that out."

Carly decided to pipe up. "Sooner or later those aliens are going to find out how to dig. And if nobody does anything about it, then we're going to be goners."

Old man Perkins looked at them. "Okay, I'll dig to the nearest appliance store and snag away some televisions and radios to see how's the world going on. While I'm gone, I want nobody to go outside. It is too dangerous. You hear me, unicorn boy?"

"I heard you." Said Charlie.

"Good." Old Man Perkins dug a hole through one of the dirt walls, which was quickly filled with dirt again."Well," said Charlie, "I'd better go kick some AVN butt!"

"You promised Old Man Perkins that you wouldn't go outside!" remarked Drake.

"I never promised him that. I just heard him say that he doesn't want me to. And why should I oblige to his wants?"

"I don't know, maybe it's because, you might die!"

"See, you don't know. Hasta lavista!". Charlie started to climb on one of the dirt walls, but Drake pushed him to the floor. "Listen-" Said Drake, "No, you listen!" Said Charlie. "My hands can produce enough ultra violet radiation to burn the skin off your flesh. So let me do my stuff or there will be consequences."

"The consequences will be worse if you go outside!"

"Yeah, to me." Charlie put his hand on Drake's face and let out a glow. Drake screamed and backed up. Carly rushed up to him, and Hoolly and Jason woke from their nap.

"Are you okay Drake?" Asked Carly. She gave Charlie a dirty look.

"Yeah... I think so. I kinda got used to that after the five hundred seventy second time. No wait, it was seventy third..." His skin started to regrow on his face

"What's going on?" Asked a tired Jason.

"Charlie burnt Drake's face and wants to go outside to fight the Makata." Said Carly.

Holly and Jason gasped. "Are you crazy?" asked Holly. "You'll kill yourself."\

"Yes, in fact I am. But I'm not crazy enough to kill myself. The only death caused by me are the ones by the Aliens... or possible the other way around, but I'm willing to take the chance." piped up Charlie.

Jason walked up to Charlie. "Charlie... I know how much this means to you... but we all seen the horrible creatures and the harm they can do. I don't want to lose you Charlie." Jason hugged Charlie around the waist. "We are powerless to prevent you from going outside, I mean it's your decision, and if you do beat the poop out of those monsters, that's great, but I just want to let you know, that if they do kill you and all, I'll miss you."

Charlie looked at the small child. He looked like he was about to cry. Typical for a kid who seen armored humanoids destroying everything in sight. "I know." said Charlie. "You guys are really powerless to prevent me from going outside. And If I do die, you will be in great emotional pain that can't heal. Now that I've thought about it, I'll stay."

The rest of the gang felt relieved.

"So that's why I'm sending Draco outside!" Said Charlie.

"Wh-what!?" Exclaimed Draco

"You hear me. Go outside and kick those Alien's butts. They're your kind,being bloodsuckers and all, and with your magical mind-reading powers, you can figure out what their next moves are."

"I can't read fifty people's minds!"

"Look, sombody's going to have to fight those motherfudgers, and I'm too cute to die. Who agrees that Drake should go outside?"

Everybody starred at him looking slightly shocked, right before Old Man Perkins came back from his 'shopping'. He was holding a radio. "I'm back. Damn Makatas were everywhere. Barely made it. I managed to get this radio though."

"Where's the television?" asked Charlie.

"I wasn't able to get one. They know that I'm there and are on the lookout."


Everybody sighed. "You wouldn't be able to watch Spongebob anyways." Said Carly. "It requires cable."

"Oh yeah?" Said Charlie. "Well, through the past three hours, I've been making a satellite transmitter doodad out of metal wire hangers." Charlie held the object up. It snapped in half.

"Ingenious." Said Carly. "Why don't you help Holly with her fruit garden. We're going to need to eat soon, and fruit needs sunlight."

"Alright." said Charlie. "But I'd rather be out there fighting those evil aliens."

"One more mention of those evil aliens, and then when we get cable, you won't be allowed to watch Spongebob!" Yelled Old Man Perkins.

"Wh-What!? Oh alright!" Charlie walked up to Holly, mumbling. "Stupid Old Man ..."

"What did you say?"

"Nothing. Just nothing."


Act 1:Oregon Edit

Savior awoke before Amalgam. He put on his suit, and walked to the front of the train, needing to talk to Wonder, from his own request.

Savior: "Hello sir. You wanted to see me ?" he said, standing in military fashion beside him.

Wonder: "How is Amalgam holding up? Is she sane, not too flirty, etc..."

Savior: "She is doing great, but I believe she is a little distraught about yesterdays events. Have we made it to Oregon yet sir ?"

Wonder: "We will be arriving soon. About 15 minutes."

Savior "Thats great news. The shipyard I came to America at is there, and quite remote. Amalgam believes we should head for the Aleutian Islands, perfect for colonization."

Wonder:"Luckily I salvaged the ship's Shield Generators. We can set them up around the island."

Savior: "Off topic, umm, how are you feeling about all of this ? It is pretty insane, isnt it ? The UN collapsing over night, billions dead, its like a horrific nightmare." he rubbed the back of his head, and looked into Wonder's eyess as he said this.

Wonder: "True. It's a nightmare. The Makata already destroyed most of Oregon. They shouldn't have reason to come back. Wait, look, humans! Stop the train, let's get them in." The train stopped, and let them in, Savior walked over to them, and said,

Savior: As he walked up to the group, he saw Neutron, Broken Edge, and several other LoV members. "Oh my god, how'd you get ouuta Texas alive ?!" he said, waiting for them to respond.

Act 1:Amalgam meets Mike Edit

Amalgam was confused, watching the rocks levitate. They went down, so she lost interest and sat down next to a blind man. She looked at him and said "Hello, my name is Eve, but I would prefer if you called me Amalgam." She shook his hand, kind of happy in this awkward crowd.

Wonder: "Let's get movin, get on the train, you can talk there.

Savior: "Come on." he said, and the other heroes, tired and in shock, followed Wonder. Privately, he said to Wonder "Wee'nt they onboard ? And hwy are the hills levitating ?" All around them huge boulders, and entire hills were levitating.

Wonder: "I don't know..."

Savior: "Neither do I." Then he turned and saw Neutron throwing up. "Oh god...radiation. I thought Oregon wasnt hit ?" Neutron collapsed down the stairs into the grass.

Wonder: "Let's get out of here!" He grabbed Neutron and lugged him into the train, and left, closing the door as they accelerated.

Savior: As Savior sat down in the command cabin, he saw a speck on the horizon....getting closer. "MAKATA GUNSHIP !!! STOP THE TRAIN AND CUT ALL POWER !" he yelled, and Zero did just that. The ship flew by, and scanned the area, then left. Itvwas like it was never there. "That was close." he said, wiping his forehead.

Bolt: "I thought the Makata were gone!"

The train continued on, and finally reached it's destination.

Act 3:The Shipyards Edit

Amalgam grabbed Mike's hand and dragged him outisde, eager to see the new destination. It was a bleak, overgrown WW2 era shipyard. "Come on." she said to Mike, who followed her to the command cabin. Wonder stepped out.

Amalgam: "Err, Hi..." she said, looking at Wonder blankly.

Wonder: "Go ahead, look around, but watch out for-MAKATA Patrols! Get down!"

A Makata Gunship hovered above, and flashed its searchlight across, looking for Resistance. It passed, quietly. Like it was never there.

Amalgam continued looking around with Mike, then went to the tanker ships docked in wait for them. She climbed aboard and found nice seat, and found Mike one too.

The rest went aboard, crowding the rusty ship, and Zero got the boat running, starting off, when, three Makata, a heavy, a trooper, and a Marksman. They attacked. But Bolt blasted them into the sky. And the boat took off.

Act 2:The Great Journey Edit

Amalgam snuggled with Savior, after they found their own private room. They wanted some alone time, and besides, everyone else was busy and didnt care. Savior kissed Amalgam, the first real kiss since before the invasion. She savored it.

Act 2:Bolting Away Edit

Bolt banged his head. He had been trying to discover his history for twenty years. He kept walking in circles, when he heard noise. It was a Makata Submarine. It had hit the ship.

Act 2:The Makata Strike Back Edit

Amalgam heard over the COM that the Makata had struck, but her and Savior stayed in their embrace. She didnt care what happened, unless it affected them. But she forced herself to get up and fight. She burst throgh the door and melted a Makata in the hallway. She jump kicked another and finally, fought her way to her then next visible super, Bolt.

Amalgam: "Hey." she said to him, as she choked another Makata.

Bolt: "What's up!?" Bolt said to Amalgam, while he blasted a Makata Heavy.

Amalgam: "Woah, you remind of my old friend Whitewash. Her real name was Vanessa...white hair, kinda good looking, you know her ?" She smashed her molten fist into a Makata Heavy, and it blew into a minor behind him.

Bolt: "I've been searching for my history for years. Maybe it'd help if I said my last name, Lasaryth."

Amalgam: Amalgam stopped in her tracks. That was Whitewash's last name. "Do you have a sister ?" she said, trying to act normal despite her slower combat pace.

Bolt: "I dunno, they took me away at an early age, and my last image of my family was a lightning bolt, and a little girl."

Amalgam: "...I dont know what to have the same last name, but how could you see lightning ?"

Act 2: Discovery Edit

Romulus was just putting his armor back on when the Makata attacked. He willed the rock on the bottom of the ocean to rise. But this was odd, normally he had to manipulate the manipulator with his hand, but now he could just think. Hundreds of tons of boulders and rocks exploded from the sea and hoverd 50 feet above the ship. A squad of Makata soldiers jumped from the ship, but were crushed in mid-air by rocks. A storm of rocks swirled above the ship. A Makata dropship suddenly appeared, and open fired on the old tanker. James willed the rocks to crash into the ship, two massive boulders, flew into the ship at a blinding speed, crumpling it and causing a bright blue explosion. James turned his attention to the submarine. He switched the helmets imaging to thermal and quickly located the sub. He willed the remaining rocks to head towards the submarine. The sub surfaced at an alarming rate and a massive cannon on it's bow started blowing the rocks to pebbles. They pinged off the sub harmlessly. James was growing fatigued, but with a final burst of energy he willed the largest piece of rock from the ocean floor and brought under the sub. The chunk of rock was nearly the size of the tanker, and probably weighed more. His strength quickly fading, he willed the rock so that the height of it would impact the sub. With a great woosh the rock tore through the sub with ease. Water foamed as it filled the exposed area. James turned the rock again and smashed the sub. This time it detonated causing thousands of gallons of water to shoot 100's of feet into the air. With this final effort James collapsed and slipped into unconciousness.

Act 2:An Act Of Selflessness... Edit

A single Makata made its way back onboard the tanker, soaked from its submarine escape. It walked to the body of Romulus, and slammed its bayonet down. But it hit the wrong heart. Instead, it went thorugh Amalgam's. She gasped for air, then snappedthe creatures neck. After this, she lay on the floor, in pain, as she couldnt remove the rusty, old knife. She awaited for Romulus to awaken.

Amalgam: "He-he-help me..." she said to Romulus, her face twisted in pain.

Romulus: Awoke with a gasp. He looked over at Amalgam, his heart pounding. He made a snap decision and started removing his armor as fast as he could. "Amalgam, I'm going to put you in my suit. It is designed to treat wounds like yours, and it will hurt like hell, because it needs to get into your nervous system, which means it is going to pierce your spine"

Amalgam: "Nope, all I need is to be talked through the pain, and It'll heal." She looked up and smiled, despite the wound being horibly grievous. "This is what Slick must've felt yesterday..." she began crying.

Romulus:"okay" James said with a nod. He started suiting her up. gingerly removing all her clothes. The first layer was the one that need to tap into her nervous system. The sharp needles, glinted in the sunlight. He looked Amalgam in the eye and stabbed the needles into her back, she gave a shallow gasp of pain and tried to brush it off, but the agony was tremendous. "Shh, hold on" James said soothingly. He then mounted the FieldMed system and let the suit go to work.

Act2:Not Safe Yet Edit

As the ship sped off, Mike began to calm down. He was inside the bridge, monitoring the radio. A boring task, but he could not see lights on a dashboard. Looking towards the window, there was light, getting brighter... he realized too late what it was. A bolt of plasma tore open the side of the ship, two heroes vaporized, another sent tumbling out into the cold water. The Makata Scout Ship landed and unloaded two warriors into the bridge. Mike pretended to be hurt, laying on the ground. The ship left for the rest of the tanker. As the warriors moved closer, he monitored their footsteps. Finally, one picked him up. It spoke in an alien tongue, but the meaning was clear. They didn't want him dead, they wanted him prisoner. Tough luck, they wouldn't have him. With a blast of telekinesis, he pushed one Makata to the shredded hull, where it was impaled on a piece of steel. The other charged him, raising a sword. Mike drew his own katana and fought the enemy.

Mike had lived in Japan for awhile. He learned the art of kendo at an alarmingly quick pace. His last test was to fight off ten enemies blind folded. One would be little challenge. He parried the Makata's strikes, and did a flip over its head. Upon landing, he swiped his katana and cut the Makata's head cleanly in two. However, the scout ship was still there. He felt the tanker rock. It had fired on another part of the ship. Leaving the bridge via the hole in the hull, Mike levitated himself around. He had some sense of sight now, he could feel all the outside of the tanker. And there was one place where the enemy was going: the engines. Landing on the abandoned scout ship, he used his telekinesis to dislodge the hover engines, causing it to fall into the water. He landed and unsheathed his katana. He also put out a ship wide distress signal. He didn't know how many where here, but he had a feeling he would need backup. -A93

Act 2:Capture Edit

Alex gasped as his body landed in the frigid waters. He looked up at the ship, too far for him to reach. He had fallen, and didn't have time to open his wings. Now, he was going to die. He couldn't fly wet, his wings would not allow it. He could feel the cold creeping over him. Then, he felt... warm. He slowly fell asleep.

Pain. He felt pain. He awoke screaming. He was in a dark room, strapped to an examination table. He looked at his chest, but saw a hole through which he could see his ribs and lungs. He almost threw up. A Makata was standing over him, dissecting him. "Bastards" he gasped, "What have you done to me?" The Makata pointed to a crown on Alex's head. "We have been studying your body and DNA. The mantle you have allows you to understand us." Alex gasped as more pain ran through him. "Why?" he breathed. "Because you shall not be leaving, I shall tell you. Look upon me mutant, and see my power. Our race is stronger, faster, and smarter than yours. We are better than you in all ways. All but one. These mutations your species possesses, they are truly fascinating. They allow you to fight us, despite your disadvantage. And we want them. So, we are dissecting many of your kind, attempting to find out how it is you posses these. And when we find it, we shall enhance our race with them." Alex gasped. The pain had stopped. "And me?" he asked. The Makata smiled, "Let's say your views on our species will be... reversed." The pain commenced, and Alex screamed. -A93

Act 2:Bolting Away Edit

Bolt swam to land. His mask torn, his hair ruffled, and he grabbed onto something, his eyes still blurred. He looked up, and wiped his eyes. He had grabbed onto the foot of a Makata Marksman. He immediately shocked the Makata, with 100,000,000 volts of electricity, and then jumped onto the dock, pushing the Makata into his watery grave. He sent a bolt of electricity at the Makata Spotter behind, who was only wearing fatigues. That Makata collapsed. Dying from the massive temperature and voltage of the shock, he fell to his doom. Bolt ran, and then felt a burn on the back of his neck. He collapsed. The world blurred. He suddenly felt dry, and then he blacked out. The last thing Bolt saw was a Makata's face. Then he was out.

Bolt awoke in a dark room, his chest cut open. He screamed, and then saw the green hand of a Makata. It held a large blade in it's freakish three fingered hand. The blade started to spin, and the Makata said, "If you want to live, don't move." The blade then hit Bolt's rib. He screamed in agony, and closed his eyes, numbing the pain, only a small bit, but it did. The next thing Bolt remembered was sand on his bones. He was on the same beach as before, with a gaping wound, a burn in his neck, and sand infecting his innards.

Act 2:Burn Baby Burn Edit

As Amalgam regained her strength, Her, Romulus, and Savior fought off the remaining Makata across the ship. 3 Heavies decided to try to take them on. Amalgam wasnt in the mood. 1 had a child in its 3 fingered, reptilian hand. A Makata threw its machete-like blade, only to have it smashed by a psionic arm Savior created. He shot forwards, and Amalgam and Romulus followed in his tracks. Amalgam grabbed the child while simultaneously killing his captor and rolling for cover, Romulus beheaded a Heavy by controlling the rock impurities inside a railing, and Savior just kicked the last Makata in the groin, causing it to squeal in pain before he pick it up, and threw it into a group of Legionairres to be beatn upon. The trio found the childs mother, and then went back to the bridge.

Act 2:A Rocky Start Edit

Since James didn't need his suit for his powers to work he was moving with more agility than average. Several Makata formed a circle around him, there evil hisses burned into his mind. He tore another railing off and sweeped several of the attackers off their feet. HE started throwing punches, but to little effect because of his reduced strength. The attacks did little but annoy the Makata. James took one of the few remaining rocks that were hovering above the ship and smashed the remaining Makata. There was only 10 rocks left, and several dropships were on approach. James willed the rocks to start orbiting the ship at an intense speed. One of the ships foolishly attempted to make it through only to be smashed and destroyed. The remaining 2 tried diving under the rocks. One was smashed between two 3-ton boulders and the remaining ship's engine were hit and it slipped into the ocean. It detonated 30 seconds later sending up alien bodies and hunks of metal and rock.

Act 2:Living but Dead Edit

Bolt got up, his heart visibly pounding inside him. He looked around, and saw the boat, a few miles away to the island. With the large gaping wound in his chest, he wouldn't be able to get up. And he would be crazy to swim to the ship. So he yelled. He yelled, "HELP!", but hoped he wouldn't get help from the Makata...

Act 2:Marooned Edit

The darkness of the unlit engine room embraced Mike. Here, the Makata were blind, like he. His distress call had not gone unanswered he could hear fighting around the ship. But he was needed here. He heard the Makata, conversing in their alien tongue. However, it was not hard to pick out the swears. They must be unable to start their lights. He hid behind an engine. the room brightened. They had a light. Good, now the fight was fair. He heard at least four distinct voices. There were three loose screws on the ground. They levitated to his hand. Thew swirled for a minute, than flew around the engine, hitting three of the Makata. Two voices cried, but they were not the victims. The victims would not have had time to scream. He heard one coming around the engine. Unsheathing his blade, he hid in the shadows. The Makata did not see him. Sneaking behind the Makata, he covered its mouth and stabbed it through the chest. The other ran around and saw him. Mike spun as lasers flew at him. He skillfully deflected the lasers off the mirror like surface of the blade. With a hand motion, the Makata was thrown towards Mike, who then punched him away. The sudden change in direction would have snapped the neck of any normal human. But not a Makata. Mike charged him. The Makata knocked away Mike's blade. Mike engaged in hand to hand combat, dodging and jabbing. Finally, he punched the Makata in the face. The alien dropped his gun. Mike grabbed it and fired, and the battle was over.

Mike ran to the engines, and caught the faint beep of a bomb. He didn't know how much time was left, but he grabbed the bomb and flew out of the ship, taking his katana with him. He flew just far enough away before dropping it. The explosion would have killed him, but he enveloped himself in a telekinetic shield and survived. The blast threw him into the waves. He took a breath and swam for land. Upon reaching land, he heard a distant call, "HELP!" He didn't know who it was, but guessed that it was friendly. He carefully stood up and ran down the coast.

Act 2:Perspectives Edit

Alex had seen another hero taken away. He didn't know him. The pain continued. His captor seemed near a breakthrough. Finally, he turned towards Alex. "What is your secret?" he asked. Alex stared at him. "Your DNA suggests nothing unusual. Curious. Too bad, I had looked forward to having those wings... fortunately, our other subjects have been a little more... agreeable." He snapped his fingers and four Makata walked forwards. One discharged electricity. Another turned invisible and visible constantly. The third was made completely of stone. The final one had giant spines growing out of his body. "May I introduce the new and improved Makata." Said the scientist. Alex looked at each. Suddenly, he had a sinking feeling. "You Makata like fives and tens. There are only four. Who's their leader?" The scientist smiled. "You."

Act 2:Have To, No Help Edit

Bolt got up. He saw something, about 5 meters away, a parked Makata Gunship. He blasted the pilot away, and ran for it, sand shook out of his broken ribcage, and he opened the cockpit. Summoning all of his strength, he jumped in, and turned it on with his hand. He flew it back onto the ship, crashing it through the deck, and into the first floor down.

Act 2:Triumphant Failure Edit

Amalgam fought the Makata on the bridge, trying not to trip over those left by Mike. She did a jump back flip out the window, landing one deck below. She heard a whining noise. She looked towards the ocean, and saw a Makata Scout Ship flying towards her. She blasted a river of lava at it, and sucked the heat out, hardening it into molten glass. The ship hovered, and a familiar aquaintance stepped out:Bolt. His rib cage was torn open, and he collapsed into her arms. Then an entire Makata invasion ship tore through the storm clouds gathering above. Every super looked up as a tractor beam blazed down. Eve knew what she had to do. She grabbed Bolt, and threw him into the ocean. Other supers looked at her in anager. "GET OFF THE SHIP IDIOTS !" she screamed, and they all began jumping into life boats. Savior and Romulus jumped down. Savior grabbed her arm. "I'm not going to let you do what I think your going to do." he said, holding her tighter. It stung her arm, but she didnt care. "I never said you would." She kissed him, then stabbed him in the chest with a scrounged Makata knife. He fell backwards into the lifeboat. He would live. She didnt know how many Legionairres had escaped, but those that didnt make it off could help her discover why the Makata were invading. The tanker was torn from the water, and was sucked into the gargantuan warship.

Act 2:Drifting Edit

Mike could not see what was happening, but he could hear a faint whining noise from the direction of the ship. He heard splashes of life boats too. He jumped into the cold water, but pushed it out from him and shot forwards, the water not quite touching him. It was kinda like flying. He reached the farthest life boat. He climbed in and heard people talking. Bolt was obviously holding back pain. Savior as well. Romulus was doing his best to tend to them, but they had no medical supplies. "Leave the blade in him." Mike said as Romulus went to pull it out. "It will prevent him from bleeding dry." Romulus sat back. "What happened?" Mike asked. Romulus was the only one who could answer. "A mother ship. It just came down and abducted the whole freaking tanker." But why? Why would they abduct us when they could destroy us? He had a feeling that he would not like the answer. -A93

Act 2:Metamorphosis Edit

Alex strained against the leather straps that kept him on the table. The scientist stood over him. "The transformation will be a bit... jarring. We have to inject these into your blood and bone marrow. It will hurt." Alex felt the needles pass through his skin. One stopped there, but the other went farther and farther. He let out a scream as it pierced through his bone. He could feel his mind slipping away...

Alex awoke. He was no longer restrained. In fact, he felt...good. He stood from his seat. He could hear the scientist saying something, "augmented strength, enhanced intelligence, increased speed. He will be the cornerstone, the point man, for the invasion. May I present Bar'thok." Alex's mouth formed the words with ease. "Bar'thok?" he asked. The scientist turned to him. "It has no translation. It is murder, massacre, and slaughter. It is war, combat, and death. It is evil, in all its forms. It was once a curse word in our society. Now, it is an honorable title."

Alex looked in a nearby mirror. His skin was gray, and his muscles larger. His wings were bat-like, and pointed on the end with sharp hooks. He wore ceremonial armor, sanguine red with black lines. It was almost skin tight, and moved with him. "Amazing." He said. The scientist smiled. "Now, Bar'thok, you shall lead our race to victory." Alex walked to a weapons vendor and took two plasma assault rifles. Most people would have to hold the rifle in two hands, but Alex held each in one hand. He then holstered them on his legs. "When do I begin?" He asked. The scientist smiled, "Soon." Bar'thok smiled too.

Act 3:Agony and Pain Edit

Bolt looked at his chest, then at Amalgam. His bones were wet, his organs could clearly be seen. So he closed his eyes. He was asleep in 15 seconds. He dreamed about something. He was at a home, a fairly nice home, his father, white hair, blue eyes, motioning him over. He ran towards his father. He saw a brown-haired, and also blue eyed woman about a year younger than his father, and a baby sister in the woman, his mother's arm, they told him one word, "Vanessa." His sister. His baby sister. Then he heard a whining noise, he looked behind, and A Makata gunship flew over his house but the noise was very distinct. Then his eyes busted open, a Makata Gunship flying over, into the tractor beam of the ship. He looked at everyone around him, and then at Amalgam, who smiled very pleasantly. He said to Amalgam, "My sister. Her name was Vanessa." And then went back to sleep.

Act 3:Landfall Edit

"%$@&". Mike cursed. He couldn't do anything for Bolt. Bolt was strong, and he was holding up marvelously, but even he wouldn't last long without proper medical attention. The others were silent. He used to be able to stimulate cell division, essentially heal others, but he had to see. His blindness severely limited his abilities. Mike swore again. He could do nothing. He lay back in the boat. The others were sleeping, or trying to. He decided to try himself.

It was sunny. He could see. He was lying in the grass. A girl lay next to him. There was a house too, an old house. They were laughing. He held her and lifted them into the air, flying across valleys and mountains. Suddenly, everything was burning, and he was in front of a rubble heap. The girl was there, reaching through to him. He almost had her. But then the bombs went off. He projected a field around himself for protection. He was saved, but the light blinded him. But the last thing he saw, was his girl, burning in the rubble...

He awoke with a start, sweating. The life boat jumped around before going still. They had reached land.

Act 3:On The Inside Edit

Amalgam opened her eyes. The blinding light from the tractor beam had stopped, and she could see little. And it was cold. Colder than Alaska. All around her, the gargantuan tanker ship was overwhelmed by the 50 times larger Makata Dreadnought. She felt miniscule and cold. She hated that. Amalgam forced herself to light a fire in her hands, despite the numbness rapidly setting in. It warmed her, so she made it larger. She could see several to outlines of other supers, crowded around her. "Wait..." she said in her mind. "Humans are not green..." She jumped in the air as several Makata Speed Warriors smashed together below her. She blasted 2 away, watching for a split second as they melted. She grasped their laser rifles hand in hand, and fired. It felt...good. To finally have so much power in her hands again. She let her psychosis consume her, and her body turned white hot. Supernova. The rifles melted as her intensity grew, the melted metal actually firing instead of lasers. Until they disappeared. She counted down.









The Makata ran.




She exploded, a white hot supernova of anger and malice, sadness and shame. The entire Dreadnought was overwhelmed in fiery explosions and then it vaporised, not an explosion, a vaporisation. She almost passed out, and collapsed through a hole in the gargantuan vessel. She landed in the water, and heard a voice. "%$@&" is what she heard.

Savior answered his question. "Didnt you see Bolt ? They were experimenting on him, right ?" he looked at a stunned Bolt, who just sat there, doing nothing. Then back at Mike. "Did anyone see Eve ?! All I remember is getting stabbed." he tore out the knife, the wound already healing due to his powers. "Somebody answer me..." he said. "Or get thrown out of this boat !" he yelled, grabbing Mike and Romulus in chokeholds. His showing of love for Amalgam was beyond control now.

Act 3: Fallen Angel Edit

Bar'thok examined his allies. More had joined them, thanks to other experiments. One could teleport. Another could control fire. The last was made of liquid metal. Bar'thok smiled. Such allies would be helpful. "Prepare for battle." He told them. "Enemies have camped out on a small island off the coast of Oregon. The Fuhrer wants us to go down and capture as many as possible. It makes no difference if they are alive or dead, just that they are not vaporized. We mobilize in two hours. Get ready." The others left, while Bar'thok walked to a com station and monitored a map. His heightened hearing caught a sound:

"Don't trust the dumb human. Gonna betray us when he gets his chance." "Yeah, he aint so tough, just got some cool flappy things." "Bet we should take him. Show him humans aren't welcome." "And if we do, then WE get the enhancements." "Now you're talkin'" "Let's go."

Six Makata jumped at him, brandishing blades. Bar'thok jumped back but thrust his wings forwards. The hooks caught two in the heart. The other four were closer. One leaped, but Bar'thok drew his own knife and cut his throat. The three other ran at him. Bar'thok grabbed one around the neck and squeezed until he heard a crack. Another he punched into the wall, its head mashing under his fist. The final stabed him through the heart. Bar'thok gasped, and pulled out the blade. The wound healed instantly. The Makata ran, but Bar'thok was upon him. He bit his prey in the neck and began drinking. The Makata's body shriveled up as he screamed for mercy. Finally, the screams stopped. Bar'thok wiped his mouth on the dead Makata's shirt. Bar'thok's eyes were glazed over with bloodlust. "Anyone else fool enough to challenge me?" He bellowed. None answered. "Wise decision." He walked away back to the com. "And someone clean up this mess." -A93

Act 3: Rescue Edit

Romulus' armored face looked at Savior's hand grasping at his armor. "Let go, NOW" Savior, still consumed by his emotions, ignored him. "So be it." Romulus, routed all power to his neck and blasted Savior with 10,000 volts. Savior flew back in a shower of sparks and flame. He hit the wall and was knocked unconcious.

"Was that really necessary?" Bolt asked.

"Maybe not, but he needs to calm down. Eve can handle herself."

"Yeah...I guess you're right..." Bolt replied.

Romulus sighed and leaned over the rail, but stopped because his armor's weight was making it groan in protest. Suddenly, a loud boom broke the still air. Off in the distance, a massive ship was slowly descending towards the ground. The other supers stood up with a start, looking at the ship. It was truly massive, at least 1 kilometer in length and around half that in width. A massive bloom of fire exploded out from it as it rapidly descended. Romulus zoomed in with his helmet, and saw a small figure falling in shape of a woman.

"Guys! There's a woman falling from the ship! I think it's Eve!" Romulus called out. Savior had a pained look on his face.

"Someone has to go get her!" Savior shouted, he started removing his clothes, and wading into the water.

"Savior wait! I'll do it! I can fly." With that Romulus shot off and towards the falling ship, at over 750 MPH.

Act 3:Damsel in Distress Edit

Bolt looked at the two. It was like competition. Two Knights fighting for the damsel in distress. Bolt thought. Eve had a healing factor, if she let her DNA into Bolt, he could heal. Blood. He needed Eve's blood, it was a risky chance, but he had to take it, he shot himself up in a bright flash. He raced up, the wind stinging his ribcage. He saw Romulus catch Eve, aand then a light, he flew in the other direction, his bones stinging as if he had just been mauled badly, he had. He landed on the island, and motioned Romulus, only a matter of time, he thought.

Act 3:Alive On The Inside Edit

Amalgam awoke in Romulus's arms, but it didnt matter. The lifeboat had landed and Savior embraced her. Her mind could care less. She had given up all forms of self control onboard the Dreadnought, unleashing the pent up fury she had accumulated over the years. But her body felt normal when he touched her, and her mind gave her back control. She embraced him back, then group hugged everyone.

Act 3: Thanks Edit

James stared at the other supers. He saved her life and this is what he got? James was used to it though. Most people resented the super rich James Irving who spent his fortune fighting bad guys and giving him another reason for him to be better than the commoners. James tore off his cape with a booming yell. The other supers glared at him strangely. James was hyperventilating, his heart beat was skyrocketing.

In an instant...eveything he ever loved and cared for was gone in an instant. And James couldn't do a thing because he was out on revenge, something he swore an oath against. He hoped to god that the bastard died in one of the blasts, but he knew he was hundreds of miles away. He remembered seeing the flash on the horizon, Icala lay a hundred miles away, but was gone with a flash. James thought he could of stopped it...somehow. Now he had something to do. He would use every resource at his disposal, to defeat and annihilate the Makata. He wouldn't rest until every single one of their ships was a burning, dead hulk. He didn't care if he died in the process Revenge was much more important than his own pitiful life. He jumped into the air, activated his rockets and took off into the distance, to the bewilderment of the other supers.

Act 3:Help Me Already! Edit

Bolt motioned Amalgam over, and asked,

Bolt: I need your healing factor. Please, help, I have a sister, Vanessa, now help, I'm dying over here!

Amalgam: She didnt want to leave Savior, but she willed herself to go to Bolt. "You wont keep this, but you'll heal fast." She unsheathed a small knife from Bolt's hip, and cut open her arm, the long way. The blood flowed down the cavity, and poured into his mouth. Almost immediately the blood entered the huge opening inside him, and he was fully healed. "Your welcome." she said. Then she went back to Savior.

Act 3:Those Who Do Not Work Shall Not Eat Edit

Mike had been overseeing (as best he could, being blind) the construction of the tents and facilities. "The rations will only last a a couple of days. We will need hunting partners. In fact, everyone pair up. This person is now your best friend. You will live and die together, so get familiar. If anyone has any grudges, resolve them. Each person has their role. Those who do not work shall not eat. Any problems, you answer to me." This seemed sufficient. He spent the rest of the day walking around the camp, making sure all were working. Then, he monitored the squawk box, hoping for any sign of other survivors. -A93

Act 3:Teaming Up Edit

Amalgam immediately chose Bolt to be her partner, as Savior was relegated to bed rest after his knife wound, even though it had healed. They both caught some squirrels, as a warmup, then took down a moose. Art the end of the day, they had time little time to talk, as Amalgam went to check on Savior. He was sleeping, and she sat and watched him until Bolt walked in.

Bolt: "Thanks for this morning..." he said, unsure of himself.

Amalgam: "Your welcome." she said, trying to avoid that topic.

Bolt: "What did you do this morning ?" he said. "You were literally pure, supernova white. How did you do that ?!" he stared at her in disbelief.

Amalgam: "I have been practicng self control my entire life, it was the only thing keeping me sane. I was 2 people, me, and my mind, which was literally omniscient. I let myself lose control up there, and my powers overwhelmed me. Vanessa would do that, I am sure you have too."

With that, she went to her tent, and wept a little before passing out.

Act 3:My Sister's Life Edit

Bolt walked to his tent. He started to go to bed, when he saw a black outline outside. He walked out, and in a deep crater, was an abandoned building, he ran over to everyone, and yelled, "There's a building in that crater over there!" It started to rain, and Bolt ran over to the porch of the large, futuristic, yet dusty and old building, and signaled everyone over.

Act 3:Oh My God... Edit

Amalgam stared directly at the building. She knew exactly where they were. This was the large, highly technologized building Whitewash and her had built by hand for the Mutant Alliance. Almost all of WW3 had been run from here. She felt faint, and fell back. But someone caught her. It was Savior. Now she felt even more faint. But she couldn't hide her past. "Everyone, please move away from that door." she said. "Why ?" said a teenage Legionairre. "Because I'm the only one here that can open it, and if you dont I'll kick your ass." she stepped forward, placed her hand underneath what looked to be a doorbell, and a small device popped out and scanned her eye. "Wait a sec." she said after several minutes. "Someone must be on the otherside...oh my god..." the door opened, and the ivory haired, mild mannered Whitewash stepped out.

Whitewash heard a noise from above the compound. She went to the large elevator and pressed the up button, it being built to only recognize her (and Amalgam's) thumb print. When she was at the top, it opened, and she saw the 24 year old, golden haired beauty she was missing so much. Amalgam and her hugged at the exact same time. They missed their friendship that much. "All of you, come inside." she said, understanding that taking in the Legionairres would be a divine first step, towards victory over the Makata. "Just to tell you, I already found hundreds of other LoV members, and they're downstairs. And, their leader looks like a gay Tony Stark."

Act 3:Unrest Edit

A city in ruins, people crying and running. That was what Mike saw. He was there, holding out bread for the hungry, or healing the wounded. He gave prayers for those who needed them. His girlfriend, she was there too, helping others as he had...

It was nighttime now, and they were walking outside of a church. Its spire had fallen, but he didn't care. They walked inside to the altar. Although there was debris all around, it was still a holy place. At the altar, when they finished praying, Mike kneeled on one knee and held out a ring a woman had given him as thanks. "Molly Collins, will you marry me?". The answer was yes...

It was day, the day he had lost his soul. She was there, just far enough from the ledge that she could not reach it. He was down on his knees, reaching for her. He almost had her. Then, the bombs went off. The searing wave swept across the city towards them. Molly cried, "Mike," Mike looked at her. She sobbed, "I love you." Mike returned the parting, but his words were drowned out. He raised a hand to protect himself, but felt the bright brilliance of the flame burn his eyes away. The last thing he saw was her. In a split second, she was highlighted by the light, and beautiful. Then, she was gone...

Mike sat up in his bed, sweating and gasping for breath. He left. Instead, he went to the main control center, many levels down. He could not see the displays. "Computer," he said, "Do you have any blind handicap files?" "Afirmative." "Turn them on." Mike sat at a desk and felt his way across the keyboard. He wondered how much information was stored in this computer. If it would be destroyed, he would be the only remaining source of it. He selected an archive article, and listened... -A93

Act 3:Knife in the Dark Edit

The Makata transport ship flew low. Carrying thousands of Makata, it was made to end the war now. The largest resistance, their intelligence told them, was on a small island, in an underground facility. The ship also carried the elite Super Makata, and Bar'thok. Bar'thok smiled as the ship slowly went down to the island. The ship was bigger than the island, so they would go down in shuttles. But not Bar'thok. He leaped from the cargo bay as hundreds of drop ships spilled out of the transport vessel. He landed at the doors, where a few Makata were attempting to open it. "Stand back." He bellowed. The retreated, and Bar'thok walked up to the door. "Didn't you ever learn, it is polite to knock." With one fist, he smashed in the door, and proceeded down the corridor. The heroes were in for a surprise. -A93

Act 3:Old Friends Edit

Amalgam and Whitewash were together again. They said nothing, as Eve transfered the past few days events into Whitewash's mind. She seemed shocked, at some parts. "With an Asian ?" she said, laughing. "Dont even go there Vanessa." she said with a devilish smile. "I'm just glad it's dying down Eve." she said with uncertainty. "Umm, this may seem shocking, but, their is someone I would like you to meet." Eve got up and opened the door. Bolt stepped through, now fully healed but having a scared look on his face. "I'll leave you 2 alone." said Amalgam. Whitewash stared at her picturesque little brother. He probably knew little about his past.

Whitewash: "....." the silence grew.

Bolt: "So your my sister." Bolt pulled of his mask, and said, "I'm Vick, your older brother."

Whitewash: She laughed in his face. "Your not my big brother, it shows how much you can remember when you were taken away."

Act 3: Red Alert Edit

Mike was listening to the history of the Legion of Vigilance when the computer interrupted, "Attention current user. Unauthorized access at main entrance. Alarm shall now sound. You have thirty seconds to disable alarm." In just thirty seconds, a loud siren began to tear through the silence of the night. Mike ran from the room, but by the time he got to the main chamber, the bloodshed had already begun. -A93

Act 3:Lower Levels Edit

"Anyone still alive, dont let the Makata get into the lower levels !" said Amalgam, blasting an invisible Makata. "What in gods name is going on ?!" she said, running downstairs. The supers valiantly slaughtered the Makata, bt they had numbers. Savior ran over. "They are capturing us by the dozen." he said. "Lets go." he dragged her downstairs into the mob, and then closed the door.

Act 3:Bolt Need Help Edit

Bolt threw Whitewash into the room too, he turned around, and blasted 100,000,000 Volts of electricity into the Makata, when he felt a shock. He was shocked by a Super Makata, and collapsed.

Act 3: Massacre Edit

Bar'thok loved it. Heroes approached him from all sides, but he killed them easily. Plasma fire flew around him, splashing on the chests and backs of ex-heroes. The Makata moved with a seriousness and busy demeanor, but Bar'thok was moving with pleasure and barely controlled himself. He tore through flesh, ripped through muscle and shattered bones. He drank in the blood of his victims as it flew over him. He wondered how many hopes and dreams he was destroying tonight. Heroes who believed they would live through the invasion, who kept themselves detached from the reality that they were on the endgame. Alex had once been like that, had once believed he was invincible... Bar'thok cleared his mind and continued. -A93

Act 3:Forefront to Annihilation Edit

Possessor awoke for the first time since the creation of the Universe. His containment unit disappeared, as if it was never there. In front of him he saw supers, scared as hell. He waved his hand, and they were thrown to the sides. A super Makata walked in, and its wings flared out. Possessor clapped is hands, and the creature's wings blew backwards, propelling it into the wall. The alien beings behind it disappeared in ashes. He walked out to see his ancient shrine demolished, with high tech computers and machinery everywhere, littered by alien and super's blood. He wasnt angry, oh no, he had no emotions, but he saw it as a blemish to his purpose. Above him was a massive Makata warship. "You are an afront to the balance of good and evil, yin and yang, chi and la." He faced towards Juneau, Alaska, and with a simple movement of his arm, picked up and crumpled the ruined city. He tossed it like a baseball, and it collidied with and destroyed the entire alien vessel. The supers looked up in awe, and Amalgam saw wonder in him. Perfect powers, she thought, for absorbing...

Act 3:A WONDERful Time Edit

Wonder stepped forward, mesmerized by the power of Possessor. He fought his will to absorb Possessor's powers, but couldn't. He flew up to Possessor, and a blue aura formed around the Shadowy figure. Wonder felt the power flowing into his veins, when, he was blown back. He remembered flying in the opposite direction, when he landed. He heard a crack. He broke his arm. He got up, and walked back to the battle scene, hoping Amalgam wouldn't make the same mistake he did.

Act 3: Retreat Edit

Alex...Bar'thok, signaled the retreat. In moments, the Makata dissipated into nothing, along with hundreds of dead or unconscious heroes. Bar'thok looked at the being in front of him. "You speak in strange terms. Good and Evil? There is no such thing. All is in perspective. If you thought like us, you would see that we aren't necessarily evil, nor are we good. And those "heroes", they aren't good or evil either. They act like they are good, but they just defend themselves. Given the chance, they would show their true colors. Whoever you are, I'll see you later." With that, Bar'thok dissipated as well. -A93

Act 4: Perspectives Revisited. Edit

Mike awoke. He remembered a pain in his back, and then went unconscious. He looked around. There was a being in the middle of the room. Mike's arms were clamped in tight shackles. "Who are you?" he asked. "My name is Al... Bar'thok." Mike looked at him. "Al Bar'thok?" The being furrowed his brow. "Just Bar'thok." Mike smiled. "So, what do you want from a young blind man?" Bar'thok walked around the room. "We wanted to separate your powers from yourself, and bind them to our warriors, but we cannot find the gene that carries it. A similar thing happened to myself. So, we decided to brainwash you, like they did me, but it didn't work on you. They say you are too strong willed, your mind too strong. So I am to break you." An announcement came over the load speaker in Makata. "I'm sorry," Bar'thok said, "But I have to go. Don't worry, we'll talk again." He left the room, and the lights went out. -A93

Act 4:Truth Edit

Amalgam stepped towards Possessor, who stood, floating in the air. He looked at her, and smiled. The first emotion he had ever shown, an it was towards her. "Nethermind..." he said, staring at her, almost infatuated. He reached out, and literally formed telekinetic steps for her to walk to him on. A flash of light formed, and they disappeared.

Act 4: Infinity Edit

They were beautiful. They were everywhere. The stars surrounded Ragnarok, as he desroyed ship, after ship, after ship. No... this is too slow Ragnarok thought to himself, There must be a quicker way. Bored, Ragnarok flew back to Earth. When he broke atmosphere he could sense something...something powerful, maybe even more powerful than he. No, that isn't possible he thought to himself as he cut through the air at an alarming pace. However, he couldn't ignore it. The power was to strong, it must be supressed. He felt the draw of the power and flew northwards, to the place the humans called Alaska. He arrived to see an entire city fly into one of the Makata's ships. Show off Ragnarok thought, he accelerated forward to the building the energy was centered at. He cut upwards, directly above the ship and fell. His speed was unnaturally high and he broke through the many floors of the building. Just as the power signature was climaxing, it disappeared. Ragnarok exploded through the ceiling into a stunned crowd of supers. They looked at him fearfully, his body was flaming and curls of shadow hung about his feet. His ember eyes gazed at the point where the power once was. He looked about him and laughed.

Act 4:Terror Edit

Savior jumped after Amalgam, but Bolt held him back. He gave him a look, and turned around, blasting a Makata in the face, then running to Whitewash.

Act 4:Salvation Edit

Amalgam was confused. The name Nethermind stung like a wasp, but somehow, it felt familiar to her. She had no idea where she was, but it all felt familiar. It was scaring her. Possessor stood beside her, offering a mild sense of safety, but she couldnt trust this being, this, dispicable Class-IV creature. This alternate universe, felt so, surreal, that it was making her mind ache. Her mind hated pain. She lost control. She couldnt speak, it was her mind talking. She unwillingly grabbed Possessor, and began absorbing his powers. His body flashed blue, but her mind didnt care. If she didnt let go, she could die. Then, Eve watched as the realm they were in collapsed, and they fell back into the real world. But she wasnt herself. Her skin was gone, and she had the sam appearance as when she would go supernova. Yet, she was in control. Her head no longer hurt, her mind was finally clear since for the first time ever. Possessor lay on the ground. Is he dead ? thought Eve. But she didnt care. She was Nethermind, and she had all the powe she would ever need. The other supers were horrified, as they had no idea it was her. She smiled her devilish smile

Act 4: Infinity; Part 2 Edit

Romulus' rockets had burned up hours ago, but now he was carrying himself on a rock he levitated. He was moving at a much more efficient and faster pace, and was only a few minutes away from his mansion. The woods around Irving Manor were thick and green. One of the last places untouched by the blasts. The mansion had been hours away from civilization for as long as James could remember. He lept from the rock and landed on the front step of his house. He tapped in a code on the doors keypad and they slipped open.

James walked inside, only a few knew the password for the door and even fewer had enough guts to attempt to break into one of the richest families in the world's house. He logged onto the nearest security terminal and checked over the house. Satisfied, James made his way to a narrow hallway. He walked halfway down it and turned right, and pushed. The hidden door gave in and popped back and slid to the left. He entered and closed the door behind him. The blue lit stairwell led to a pair of 2 foot thick steel and concrete blast doors.

"Voice confirmation required" An automated voice said.

"Mellon" James said in a flat, but loud voice.

"Welcome, Mister Irving. If you need anything, please let me know."

James walked into the massive laboratory that spanned the entire estate grounds. All around him tables of high tech equipment lay as still as ever, these were of little importance to James. He walked to the far end of the lab to another set of doors, however these were new, and were installed just last month.

"Surga, Defiance" James said in a commanding voice. The two blast doors slipped open to reveal a long corridor. At the end lay a suit exactly similar to James' current. However the suit had many distinct differences: It was armed to the teeth with an assortment of missiles, it had flamethrowers, pop-out blades, and countless other weapons hidden within it. James put on the suit, and left his house one last time.

Act 4:If You Are Afraid, Shriek Edit

Amalgam, no, Nethermind, was being overhwlemed by the power of this. In minutes, she had become the most powerful being in human history. She didnt care about her earthly attachments, until she looked down. Those she had come to love were terrified. Savior had his usual, no fear expression. Bolt was standig next to Whitewash, who was smiling up at Eve intently. And then she heard a hypersonic noise. Romulus. She turned, he was flying towards the scene. She waved her hand, and thought the word invisible. People gasped when she wasnt there anymore.

Act 4:Duty Edit

The new rockets that had been developed for James' suit were experimental. They allowed for supersonic flight but their fuel was unstable at random times. This suit was also more durable, made out of a new type of alloy that was yet to be made, it was lighter but much stronger than steel. New circuitry also allowed for boosted strength, 12 times that of the user. James was heading on a random vector when, by some subconscious feeling, he felt the need to head towards Juneau. He was within visible sight when a flaming figure crashed through the roof of a building on a nearby island. Curious James decided to check what was happening. He landed on the roof softly and lept down the new hole.

Act 4:Showdown Edit

Ragnarok blew out of the hole, punching Romulus in the face, and sending him on a collision course with NetherMind. She crumpled to the ground, and the heavily wooded area was suddenly an empty space, and the others fled into the woods for protection. NetherMind stood up, and flew at Ragnarok. He was horrifically angry, and began smashing her face in with his wrought iron fists. When he stopped, his fist were on fire. Looking down, NetherMind said "Boo." and head butted him. He was actually.....afraid. Nothing had ever resisted him like this. She jumped in the air, and came down with a molten axe kick to his forehead. But then something happened. Her skin began to return to normal. Amalgam was relieved, but slightly afraid of the consequences. She used her remaining NetherMind power to pick up the entire MA bunker, and threw it at him. He was smashed, as the humungous amount of rock and metal crushed onto him. The supers started cheering, but then a movemnet caught Amalgams eye. She was beyond tired, and had almsot no strength left. And Savior was no where to help her. Ragnarok stepped out, brushed off some dust, then blazed forward and began choking her.

Act 4:Revival Edit

There he was, normal clothes, leaning against the tree. He looked up, he was Slickspeed. And he was there, he looked up at Amalgam, and said, "Turn back, you won't make it! Turn back now! Hurry, you've only got so much time." Amalgam blinked, and Slickspeed was gone.

Act 4: Fight Edit

Ragnarok had never faced such a strong being. He wasn't sure if it was human, there was so much raw power coursing through it's veins it didn't realize it. However, the beings strength was rapidly fading...and so was his. Ragnarok knew that it's power would forever last in that body, but the ability to tap into it again would be lost. The being slipped into unconciousness and was near death. Ragnarok's strength was leaving him. With one final burst he tossed the body aside and leaped into the air, and flew off into the setting sun.

James awoke from unconciousness. He remembered that thing striking him in the face, and then nothing. He opened his eyes and saw nothing but black. All over his body he felt incredible weight. His suit withstood the weight but the impact of debris on him phased his armor. He ached all over and his ears were ringing loudly, not to mention it felt like someone hit him in the head witha freight train. The Low Light Vision Enhancer integrated into his helmet winked on, and James took in his surroundings. He was buried beneath an untold amount of rubble but at the very top, he saw a tiny star like light winking in the distance. Over the next hour, Romulus wriggled his arms free and started pulling away rubble, careful not to cause a cave in. Within three hours he reached the top, and was free. None of the other supers saw him exit through the small hole at the top of the rubble pile. No one even bothered looking for him. No one cared for James, just like it always was. He walked away, avoiding the supers gathered around campfires and makeshift tents. When he was out of ear shot he activated his rockets and flew east.

Act 4: Clearing the Haze Edit

Mike fell backwards, blood dripping from his nose and mouth. Bar'thok stood over him, laughing. "I could do this all night. So, what'll it be." Mike didn't answer. "I said what'll it be?" Mike faced him. "Alex, how much did they give you to betray your species?" Bar'thok stopped in his tracks, "What? No, it's not like that." Mike stood. "Sure, yeah, it never is." Bar'thok answered back, "Why did you let her die?" Mike stopped. "I was flying over your position. I saw you reach out to her." Mike growled, "Shut up."

"I saw the wave coming to you, special goggle protected my eyes. You could have saved her."

"Shut up."

"But you didn't. You sick @$%&, you let her die. You may have even enjoyed it."


"It's your fault she's dead, only yours."


With that, a wave of pure telekinetic energy blasted Bar'thok against the wall. But the blast did not target just his body. In his brain, the altered cells that kept him under Makata control were blasted away. They regenerated anew. Alex Consantine rose from the floor, the wall behind him obliterated, and his mind finally clear. However, on the other side, Mike Young also rose, with out his blind fold. And he could see. -A93

Act 4: Jailbreak Edit

Mike and Alex ran down the corridors, slaughtering Makata and freeing the heroes. Mike could see again, and it felt great. Alex could think again, and it felt great. As they freed the heroes, Alex used his codes to delete the information gathered on the computers, destroying any hopes of future Super Makata. As they reached the escape pods, Alex launched them with the supers on board.

All pods launched, the two looked at each other. "Now what?" Mike asked. "We take down the fleet." Mike gave him a quzzical look. "We commandeer this mother-ship, set it to self destruct, then fly it into the middle of the fleet. Boom. We win the war." Mike thought about it. "Of course, we'll have to fight to the bridge." Alex smiled, "Well, we may as well let them try." Mike smiled, "You want it to be fair?" Alex laughed. "No, if it was fair, we'd be blindfolded, with our hands tied behind our backs. And even then we'd have an advantage." Mike laughed, "So, how about we make it more challenging. Most kills wins?" Alex started running off, "You're on." -A93

Act 4: WTF ? Edit

Amalgam awoke, surrounded by Savior and Whitewash. Bolt was fighting Makata, and her 2 best friends were defending her knocked out body. She stood up to their suprise. Savior grabbed her, and pulled her into a small pile of rubble formed into a barricade. "Words cant describe this." he said, hugging her in a tight embrace. Right now she didnt need love. "I have to go." she said, tears welling in her eyes. She walked off into the woods.

Whitewash blasted a vile Makata Heavy with a bolt of lightning, boiling away its flesh. She jumped in the air, and kicked anothers head back, snapping its neck. She swung her fireaxe, and killed another. A laser blasted towards her, melting her adhoc weapon. Sge ran forward, and shocked the Makata Grunt. She grabbed the laser rifle, and channeled her powers into it, firing an even more powerful laser beam. It felt good...

Act 4: Fracture of Time Edit

No Makata could stop them. Hundreds fell before the two man onslaught. Mike and Alex made their way to the armory, where Mike's katana was held. Inside, Alex stole a couple of Plasma Assault rifles, and Mike took his katana back. There was a mysteriously glowing pendant, with a small purple crystal inside. He took it too. They continued on their way, going directly to the bridge. As they bust down the door, they saw him. The Fhurer himself, the head of the Makata. "I was expecting you two." He said in English. "I would like you to see out success in this war. It's true that Ragnarok has damaged our fleet, but we are much larger than he could anticipate. Now, we have what we needed. The information on those abilities of yours was transfered to every ship, your actions did nothing. Now, we shall unleash our full force on the planet, and obliterate all life." Alex leveled his guns, "We'll stop you." The Fhurer turned to him. "I wouldn't Alex." Alex fired the gun, but the blast richochede of a force field. A larger gun dropped down and blasted Alex's head off.

The head rolled to Mike. It's vocal chords and lungs still intact for now, it whispered its last words, "Mike, tell the others, I'm sorry. Tell them that I never wanted to hurt them. And this is my rest. Did I win?" Mike smiled, "1440 to 1441, your kill." Alex's mouth formed one last smile, "Good." then his eyes shut and he was silent. Mike turned to the Fhurer, vengeance in his eyes. "That beam won't kill me." Mike said. The Fhurer laughed. "I will not fire it on you. I have a better plan." The seven Super Makata fell from the ceiling and charged.

Mike dodged and fought, but to no avail. They were stronger than he. However, he could see the crystal glowing. It filled him with power, more power than he had ever dreamed possible. With one swipe of his hand, he broke the Super Makata down into mere atoms, and they ceased to exist. He looked at the Fhurer and walked towards him. The Fhurer smiled. "I still have an ace in the hole." He reached behind a chair and pulled out a human woman. She had long, blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. Mike fell to his knees. It wasn't possible. His wife, Molly... she was alive.-A93

Act 5:Renewed Vigor Edit

An entire new fleet of ships entered in atmosphere. Pockets of resistance had finally co-ordinated around the world, but the onslaught was too great. UN and MA forces, spread thin around the world, were at peace and had come to terms with the Makata threat. Now allies, they fought valiantly. MOAB's were damaging the old vessels, but those in atmosphere were new. They wouldnt be harmed. They were massive, their railguns flattening the remaining cities. Humanity had no chance. Except, they had the gene. Homo superior , mutant kind, the ultimate evolution of mankind. Mutants, those who had been shunned and slaughtered, discrimanted and hated, for centuries, were saving hundreds of people each day. Sure, they were outnumbered, maybe even outmatched, but they would survive. The Makata would lose this war, no matter how long it would take. They wouldnt just lose, they would collapse, their empire in construction would be annihilated. It may takes days, weeks, months, years, decades, scores, centuries, but humanity knew it would come one day. They just didnt know it would come so soon.

Act 5: Infinity; Part 3 Edit

Vladivostok, Russia
2:00 AM Local Time

The city was in utter ruin. James gazed about the city from on top a spire on city hall. A small Makata warship loomed 50 miles away, dropships still pouring out of it. The city was 30 miles in diameter and contained about 3.5 million people. 90% of them were dead from the blasts, 9% were mutated by the radiation, and the rest... they were in hiding, protecting themselves, scrounging for food. James didn't know why he came here. But he did, he felt he needed to come. That thousands of lives depended on it. This is where he would start anew. He would be a hero and he would be loved for it. James spotted a squadron of Makata dropships on approach. He lept from the spire and disappeared into the shadows.

1 hour later...

James raised his arm and two small rockets popped out of his gauntlet. The duo of small anti-aircraft missiles ignited their chemical charge and shreiked towards the dropship. In less than a second the two small missiles covered three hundred yards and detonated on the armor of the dropship. Two glowing holes spouted blue flame as the dropship dropped a 100 feet and crashed into a nearby building. A delayed explosion came a second after and sent small pebbles shooting everywhere. James quickly scanned the crash site for life forms, and once satisfied, he moved on to find the other dropship.

He found it quickly, a mere twenty minutes later. It dropped off it's payload of soldiers when it started to fly back. With it's engines exposed James fired a cluster missile. It screamed as it broke into 20 smaller missiles that detonated on the dropship. Despite their numbers the ship still had one engine left and was now accelerating at full speed towards the capital ship in the distance. The ground troops turned to the building roof James was standing on and let loose a volley of plasma. James kicked his rockets on and accelerated into the sky, the roof exploding into shards from a heavy ordanance trooper. James thrust his hands towards the Makata, garnering a laugh from them. I won't be so funny when I do THIS! He opened a fissure into the ground and let the Makata slip into the void. He closed the fissure with a loud boom! He turned his attention to the now far away dropship. James smiled inside his helmet and accelerated towards the dropship. He got within 100 feet in 10 seconds. The ball turret swiveled to meet him. Just as it was about to fire, James summoned a pillar of rock 30 feet in diameter and hit the dropship. The turret's shot went wide, and James hit the ship with another boulder he tore from the ground and caused the fuel stores on the ship to rupture and explode, causing thousands of fragments of metal to ping off of his armor. Deeply satisfied he flew back to town.

Act 5:Mutual Doom Edit

Jesse White, Mutant Alliance soldier and suporter, fled from the Makata Gunship overhead. Lasers rained down from its turret, scorching the dirt behind him, not to mention the other soldiers. Jesse had always been physically fit, and was a difficult target to hit. But this gunship wasnt slow. "Wait, Jesse, please !" shouted another soldier Jesse had come to know, Kyle. He was a fresh recruit, who barely knew how to shoot a rifle, but he lightnened the mood. But right now, their was no chance of making anyone happy. Jesse lept over a hunk of asphalt, and fell. He had stepped down a manhole. He smashed hard onto something soft yet bony. A human corpse. "AAAH !" he yelled, wiping the muck of of his body. Kyle climbed down into the hole with him. "Think those aliens will find us down here ?" he said, with an ounce of worry and a pint of fatigue. "They'll find us anywhere." said Jesse, cocking his shotgun.

Act 5: Taking the House Edit

Mike had never liked gambling. He was bad at it, too conservative to ever do more than break even. He was a good poker player, and not bad at black jack either, but he nonetheless didn't like it. When anything worthwhile was involved, he lacked the guts to make the big decisions. So now that he had to gamble the fate of earth against the likely hood of his being stopped, he was hesitating. The Fuhrer may be bluffing. It may be that the man has nothing but junk, high of threes. Or, he could have the royal flush. What did Mike have? A possibility that he could move faster than his enemy. Essentially, it was like playing poker when all you knew was that you had a king and a queen. The rest of your hand was hidden, and you had to gamble the fate of humanity on it. So, Mike was wishing he had spent more time with his friends at their dorm get-togethers playing cards.

He and the Fuhrer watched each other. "Make a move, she dies." The Fuhrer taunted. Mike saw the gun pressed against his wife's head. Perhaps, he didn't have to move. Drawing on the power of the crystal, he could see the very molecules of the gun. And all he had to do, was take them apart. The gun collapsed in a pile of dust. The Fuhrer ran. The cards were on the table. And the Fuhrer had junk. He didn't make it to the door before he was taken apart into atoms. Mike pulled Molly to him. "How?" he asked. Molly smiled up at him, "My powers Mike. I turned intangible, it passed right through me." They kissed and held each other, crying tears of joy. Finally, it ended. "Now what?" Molly asked. Mike looked around the ship. "It's time to end this war."

With a flury of motion, a telekinetic shield encased them, and the ship was taken apart to mere debris. The once proud mother-ship was now a floating junk heap. He flew them towards the rest of the fleet, grouped together from Alex's command. Metal screeched and batteries fired, but in mere minutes the fleet of the Makata was turned into scrap. Mike turned his attention to the planet, tearing apart the Makata fighters and soldiers. Such power, he had never wielded such strength. He sensed the crystal draining its last stores of power. With the last moments he had, he reassembled the ruins of a broken city, and it became whole once more.

The crystal levitated them back to the Earth. Upon landing, its chain dissolved and the crystal flew off into the heavens, away from Earth. Amalgam was one of the first there. "Mike?" She asked. Mike turned to her. "An artifact more powerful than any before seen. Too powerful for one man to wield. It has given all it will give, and so it leaves for another world, another species. And I am left the way I was." He turned to the heroes, assembling out of the wood work to gave at the empty skies. "We have won the battle for Earth," he said, "But not the war. Their Fuhrer is dead, their main force obliterated, their super team destroyed. But no doubt, we have not seen the last of the Makata. They shall return, with more ships. But this time, we will be ready. This time, we will give them a fight greater than any before." Mike held Molly close as the sunset rose on the horizon. It was a new day.

Act 5:Its Not Over Yet Edit

As soon as morning came, Amalgam looked back at the mutant colony, starting to rebuild. Sure, the Makata were beaten in space, but they still had ground control, and a new fleet was arriving as she looked out from the base of Mount St. Helens. She had a brilliant idea, something she never really got.Amalgam hiked higher onto the slopes, smelling the putrid sulfur from the gas vent. It was small, but still dangerous. She focused her powers at the summit, the small cone-shaped vent, and threw her hands up. The mountain exploded, and the Makata vessel hovering above it, threatening the colony, was engulfed in molten flames. Amalgam had never felt so alive, riding her element into the air and punching hard inside the ship, landing inside an armory and storage room. She grabbed dozens of rifles, and tossed them inside a Makata Gunship in the other room. The vessel began to melt all around Amalgam as she sat in the command seat, with her hand to a Makata Pilot's neck. He flew down to the colony, and was greeted with hate and cruelty. Even the young, former middle schoolers beat on him too. Amalgam was happy, watching the glorious mountain blow.

Act 6:Judgment Day Edit

The Makata Juggernaut arrived. It was preparing to launch the Super Nuke, as the heroes would soon call it. It would obliterate the half of the Earth still standing, and re-fry the already dead side. Aboard it, was the Lord of every Makata on the planet, and colonies, Lord Metsai. He was preparing to give humanity what they deserved, JUDGEMENT.

Act 6: Sabotage Edit

Act 6: Darkness Looms Edit

A dark figure stood on the edge of a building, watching as the city burned. He stayed away from the light of the flames as much as possible, his glowing red eyes observing what few signs of life was left. The city had met the full blast from one of many large explosions, that occured about a week ago. He had been unharmed. For the past few days he had watched as millions of... what were they called? Humans? He thought, strugling through his memories. He had watched, as they burned to death or died from the explosions radiation. If he had cared about the creatures' lives he could've saved at least a hundred of them... if he cared. Right now he didn't care what happened to this world, or those who called it home. It wasn't his home. All he cared about was returning to his own home... and taking his rightful place as his universe's ruler. He knew of only one other being from this world that might help him return. The one called Amalgam...

????: She will help me...

He cletched his fists,

????:...Or die!

He suddenly looked towards the North and disapeared in a shadowy cloud of mist.

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Enter Baracuss! Viva!

Act 6:Hmm...Edit

Amalgam sat in the forest, wondering how she could become NetherMind again. "I need a new name..." she though, quickly deciding on NovaMind. Then her body lit up its supernova white color. "Oooh, I like this !" she yelled, loud enough for the birds to flap away. She blasted a wave of energy at a near by tree, incinerating it. Then she smiled her devilish smile. With nothing else to do, she blasted off into the air, but was impacted by a shadowy, smoke covered being. NovaMind smashed her flaming fist into its face, sending it into the ground. She flew down, flipped it over, and saw a man.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

The man sudenly sank into the ground, his red eyes were the last things to vanish. Then, the figure reappeard next to her and Amalgam felt a sharp pain in her side. She impacted against a tree... six meters away! The figure seamed to grin at his handy-work, and Amalgam started to become extreamly annoyed.

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NovaMind blazed forward, throttling the man mid air as they blasted through the redwood forst, sending the gargantuan tree's to their groundly fates around them. NovaMind stepped back and axe kicked the man in the face, and gleefully watched as a puddle of blood formed around his unconscious mouth. Then he awoke, and jumped at her.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

NovaMind threw a punch at the figure's face, but struck nothing but empty air as the man passed through her like a ghost. Before she could turn and attack again, the figure placed her in a full-nelson and started to speak.

????: Still yourself, woman! Lest I snap your Human neck here and now!

NovaMind, cautiously, followed the entity's demands, and, in response, the man released her from his hold.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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NovaMind flipped the man over her shoulder, then steadied her arm, aiming at his chest with a bolt of pure energy. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU !?" she yelled.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

The man sat up and wiped his bloody lips. Novamind noticed that his blood was ink-black, and shivered a little, "Blasted females... they are going to be the death of me..." he got to his feet and looked back at NovaMind, "I am Baracuss the Dark... ruler of the Shadow-verse and of the Shades," He drew his arm up and pointed at NovaMind, "You are the one known by many as Amalgam, are you not?"

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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"I am and you are, who are you again ?" she said, lowering her arm slightly.


Baracuss pressed against the bridge of his nose. It was obvious to NovaMind that he wasn't used to repeating himself, "Once again..." he said lowering his arm, "I am Baracuss... ruler of the Shadow-verse. An alternate dimession were there is no such element as light..." he glanced at NovaMind's glowing hand, and moved away from the light a little. The sound of a gun fireing sudenly cracked through the forest. Baracuss was met with a sharp pain in his back, and keeled over, "Damnation!" He grunted as he pulled a bullet from his back. The wound healed instantly. Savior appeared from behind a bush, holding a smoking gun.

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Act 6: On The Run Edit

Jacob Roberts had been running for days. His town was destroyed days ago. He was still unsure why he survived the explosion. He was in a plane, flying out of the airport when the ground exploded. The plane was hit and went down. But he lived. For now,at least. Something, or someone, was tracking him. Jacob took a break for water. He had heard a broadcast over the radio of other survivors. He would try to reach them. He made sure his gun was properly holstered on his back, and continued running.


In a cave somewhere in the wildernes, there hung a skeleton. It was upside down, and rooted to the cave ceiling. It hung, asleep. It had some organs intact, and muscle was creeping over the frame. On its back, two skeletal wings folded against the back of the ex-corpse. In just a few days, Alexander Constantine would be fully healed, and the Makata would face his wrath. -A93

Act 6: Moravian the Doombringer Edit

A tendril of pure Darkness lashed out and impaled the Makata against the wall of the Alleyway, "Where is he!" Moravian yelled, but the alien simply gurgled as it drowned in it's own blood, "Worthless creatures..." the Shade Commander said as he tossed the Makata aside, "They would be slaves in Shadow-verse... yet this world's rulers are having trouble staying alive against their onslaught! Pathetic..." he said, kicking the head of a Super he had killed earlier. The pethetic whelp had be deffending a few of the weaker creatures, the ones called humans. He walked back down the shadowed Alley. He was stuck there, for now that is, untill the impurity, that the Humans called Light, faded into the shadow of the Planet. How anything could live in such an unclean universe, he will never know. All he knows now is that he must get his Leader back, for there was trouble brewing in Shadow-verse that only he could stop: Rebelion within the Shade Empire.

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Act 6: The Third Shade Edit

The Human's head seamed to pop under Marrow's talloned foot, like a baloon, and the female the Mutant Shade held against that wall strugled to get free even more, "You can end this now... if you can tell me where Baracuss the Dark lurks!" Marrow roared as he tightened his grip on the human's neck. She gasped for air, then passed out. This only made Marrow angrier. He brought his hand hand back and crushed the feeble creature against the brick wall. The structure fractured against the force of the blow, "Ahhh!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU, BARACUSS!?! I WILL FIND YOU! AND ONCE I DO, I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!" The Shade spread his leathery wings and took off into the morning sky, unphased by it's bright glow.

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Act 6:"It just go moosh !"Edit

Savior holstered his gun then fired a psionic blast at Baracuss, throwing him several feet away. He jumped up and kicked Savior into a tree, causing it to crash down around him. Baracuss grabbed NovaMind, and shot his wings out. As night steadily approached he grew in strength. But then he heard a noise. Turning around, he saw Savior holding the red wood tree above him. Nova smiled, Baracuss gasped, and Savior threw. The Shade leader crumpled as the massive tree smashed itno him, sending him deep into the forested area. And NovaMind transformed nack to normal and said to Savior "You really didnt have to do that." she said with a sly grin. He just kissed her and they went back to the colony.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

From behind the two supers, an echoing yell shoot through the night, as well as a thousand pieces of wood. Baracuss suddenly appeared in front of them, arms crossed and an extream look of anger on his face, "That was very rude... I WAS TALKING!!!!!!!" Dark tendrils of shadow exploded from the ground and entangled both Amalgam and Savior, "And... if you don't mind!" the Dark Ruler said, grinding his teeth, "I shall continue!"

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"Anger issues..." said Savior to NovaMind. She giggled. Then she turned to Baracuss. "I recomend ou let us go..." she said "Or else you'll fear me more than fear itself." She locked eyes with him, and he grinned. Savior's eyes grew wide, and he tried to move side ways.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"If you two would just listen insead of throwing your fists around, It wouldn't have come to this!" He said. The base of the tendrils started to shimmer, and razor sharp spikes began to appear, slowly moving up the tentacle-like shadows, "And there is one issue with your statement Amalgam..." Baracuss continued. He suddenly transformed into something more monsterous, and both of the Heros felt a shiver of terror up their spines, "I AM fear..."

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
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NovaMind laughed in the monstrosities face. "I'll give you a starting run." Savior suddenly diced of the tendril and ran. Baracuss started luaging, and she started counting.






5... Baracuss was suddenly blinded by the growing heat and light, dropping her to the ground.

4... "STOP!" he screamed as the light burned him.

3... "ACK!" he yelled as his scales began to drip off of him in black goopy pools.

2... Baracuss' eyes grew wide as they burned.

1... A massive engulfing blast of white hot supernova vapors blasted out from Nova's body, incinerating almost the entire forest. Baracuss screamed in agony as she continued to eminate pure supernova beam's, and then she stood up, smiled at him. Then a black ball smashed into her.But it wasnt from Baracuss. It was from a winged dragon looking thing. Nova lifted her hand, and a ball of blazing energy formed in it. She was itching for a good fight.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Trillions of miles away, Rage was lying dormant. Rage opened it's eyes, and in a pinch, was at the scene of the blast. Rage turned into a businessman, and walked up to Amalgam, heput his hand out to shake, wondering to her response. But only he knew, that if she shook hands with him, he would create a shock to knock her out. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

NovaMind blasted the strangely appearing businessman. "You think I'm an idiot ? I cant tell you a mutant !? Just by your aura !" Nova stepped between his ribs and moved on to the dragon thing. It smashed away at her with all its might, but she easily deflected his attacks. It fled. When she turned back around Baracuss was gone too. Only her and that thing. She blasted at it with a flood of white hot magma, waiting to see what it would do.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage cocked his neck, and spoke. "Nether-Novamind.", rage spoke in a very blunt voice. He knew what she was, andd they were alone, so he removed his cloak. He looked at Novamind. She felt a tingling sensation. Suddenly, Rage jumped up, and blew a ball of bending scenery at the NovaMind. Amalgam was blown back, and Rage approached her, wondering, again, her response.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

"How about you stop beating around the bush and get to why your here already !" she said, standing up with her fist ablaze.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage frowned. "I am here due to you. The NovaMind, one of the greatest beings in the universe, and the Dark. The worst being in the universe. The universe has become unstable. I am only here to bring peace. Now," Suddenly, there was a hole in the ground. Amalgam fell through, and Rage came along. They were suddenly looking at every warscene in the past, Slickspeed's death, Wrap's wrapping. The MM fighting the UN. The Vigilante exploding, and many more scenes. Rage looked at Amalgam, "You are the cause of all this. Yet forgiveness has been shown. By Slickspeed, who you ignored, by Savior, who you loved, and by many others. Even... Me." Suddenly they were in a cemetery. "These are the ones you killed. They forgave you. I have spoken with all of them." A smile came across Rage's face. A very rare sight. Rage cocked his neck in a tademark motion, and they were back at where Rage appeared. "What do you have to say?" Rage asked...

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

"You know very little about me, sure my actions caused this, but I can care less. Soon, Possessor will retunr, and I can finally leave this dispicable world with my love. Now, hat do you have to say ?"

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage frowned. "You will never leave. It is not of your destiny. I am more powerful than any NetherMind. I could destroy Ragnarok. And you know, that you, will be human. You are human! Your father was of Human, but not your family. But that does not mean your not human. It's not what you are, but WHO you are. Your destiny is to live as a human. With Savior. Not with Possessor. This world is your home. You will not leave. It is not your destiny." Rage disappeared, and left his words in a note. A metal engraved note. His last words on the note were, "Destiny is always right. And so is yours."

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 6: Shade vs ShadeEdit

Forest at night

Before Baracuss' Obediance

Forest at night2

and Durring

Baracuss hid away in the darkness of the forest, regenerating his weakened body... perhapes he should have just explained his reasons for finding Amalgam. He suddenly felt a powerful energy nearby, to strong to be one of those "Supers" and too weak to be Amalgam. He looked towards the moonlit sky and saw the hulking shape of another Shade! His hopes skyrocketed, as did himself as he soared into the night towards the familiar being, but something was off...

"There you are!!!!" The Shade yelled, launching an orb of red and black energy at the Shade Leader. Baracuss dodged the blast with ease and felt the heat of the explosion on his back,

"What is the meaning of this treachery!?!" Baracuss demanded, levitating at the same hight as his new foe. He didn't intend to fight him, but if things got out of hand, Baracuss would merely order the Shade to seice it's actions, with his Power of Obediance.

"Treachery? TREACHERY!?! Who's the Traitor here, oh king of the Shades! The only traitor here is the one I see before me!" Baracuss recognized the voice this time,

"Marrow... I should have known..." Baracuss said raising his hand. Marrow shot towards him like a Bat out of Hell, with the intent of ripping the Sade King limb-from-limb, "Marrow! You will know Obediance!!!!!!" As the last word came from Baracuss' mouth, a feild of energy washed from his hand and spread over the Earth. The Energy changed all the colors within it's reach it's opposite, for a split second. Then, as soon as it appeared, the energy was gone. Marrow stopped in mid-flight and hung his head, his wings still flapping to keep him flying.

Baracuss smiled, "That's more like it..." but as he said this, Marrow's head shot upwards revealing a sickening grin. It caused Baracuss to put a look of terror on his face, something that he hasn't done in a long time. Marrow shot forward again,

"I am your slave no longer! Now... you shall be the one obeying me! And my first order:...." Marrow struck Baracuss in the face with a heavy fist causeing the Shade ruler to plumit towards the colony below, "DIE!!!!!"

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Rage frowned. He became enraged. He cocked his neck, looked around, and all of the ground was incinerated. In it's place was a silver gel, the same substance that formed Rage and his companions. Out of the gel every emotion known to man was frmed. They all looked identical to Rage, except for their faces. Some had green eyes, some had forehead symbols. They all mushed together to become.... The FORCE. And they followed Amalgam's energy trail. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Nova arrived at the colony as the Shades fought it to a stand still. As they were about to punch each other she politley asked "Excuse me please." and smiled at them both to their confusion. She was going back to the old battlefield. She had to contact Possessor.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

The FORCE appeared in front of Amalgam. In unison, every voice said, "YOU WILL NOT PASS!" Then the FORCE attacked with it's massive hand, sucking Amalgam inside of the FORCE's gel body, trapping her. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

"Blasted beings.... Once I'm done with you, and take my rightful place as ruler of the Shades, I'll order the entire Shade Military to enter this verse, and take control of it as well!" Marrow said as Amalgam left,

"You are a flool... Marrow..." Baracuss said trying to catch his breath. He hadn't had near enough time to regenarate from Amalgam's light, "If you bring the Shades here they will only be weakened by the light!"

"Ha! Only the weak will be effected! I fly in full Daylight here! That only prooves, once again, that you are weak... and I am strong!"

"Look at yourself, Marrow! You're been changed, mutated, by the Verse Grinder!"

"I've changed for the better!" Marrow said launching forward. Baracuss dodged out of the way and shot into the sky, trying desperatly to lose him, "But he was to slow, and Marrow appeared in front of him and knocked him back down to the ground. A large crater formed where the Shade king impacted, but Baracuss didn't stop there. He crashed through many floors of an underground facility, until his momentum slowed and he came to a stop on the lowest level, knocked-out, "This mutation has allowed me to defeat you..."

Unable to sence Baracuss' energy, Marrow instantly declaired himself the King of the Shades and soared, victoriously, in the direction of the riseing sun.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Amalgam was getting sick of this damn Rage guy. She punched her arm out, incinerating and destroying the force holding her. A few more meters of walking and she made it to the site of the old compound. But then she heard some yell "I AM KING.", and she decided to turn around and head back.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

After a few hours of lying still, Baracuss was surpriesed to feel someone lifting him to his feet. He opened his eyes. Useless. His eye sight was too blurry. He tryed reaching out to the shadows around him, but he felt none. Too much light. He didn't, however, try to struggle. It was obbvious that whoever, whatever, was carrying him along, was trying to help. After a minute or so his vission cleared and he saw a human female was aiding him. No... not human. The power-level was too large. He didn't care what she was, as long as she put him somewhere dark,

"...darkness..." he wispered, short of breath. The woman stopped, and looked at him, "...need...darkness..." he said again as he drifted back to unconsciousness.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Rage's eyes opened. He couldn't believe what he was thinking. He had been mesmerized by Amalgam's beauty and ferocity, and he started to think of her. To like her. To lov- he shook the thought off, and teleported to find Amalgam. He saw her. She was tremendously ferocious, and beautiful. Rage collapsed. When he woke up Amalgam was looking down at the silver alien.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 6:ShowdownEdit

Whitewash didnt know how to provide this being darkness, so she pulled a huge fern over him, and then lay on top of him. She knew he was important. She tried her best to shield him from the son.

Amalgam stepped into the colony un-opposed. She looked around, as the supers cowered. They all pointed north. Amalgam followed the trail of hidden supers all the way to the "new king". "Hello." she said "My name is Eve, but I caution you to refer to me as Amalgam only." It laughed. She jumped in the air and blasted a massive bolt of lightning, blowing it and its tentacles to hell. "Dont disrespect me lizard." she said, stepping back nad back into her cordial stature. "Now, tell me who you are and why your here Marrow." she said watching him cringe at her knowing of his name.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Marrow healed from the attack almost instantly, the light not affecting him as much as it did Baracuss, "My work here is done... for now. I leave you and your pathetic verse in peace," He bowed to Amalgam, and dissapeared in a burst of blackened mist. As he dissapeared his last words echo across the colony, "But I shall return....". Amalgam couldn't sence him, nor could she sence Baracuss.

"I guess I know who the "Bad guy" is now..." she thought to herself,

While asleep, Baracuss dreampt of his home... a large Black castle overlooking a planet-wide city. Darkening clouds drifted all around but they didn't block his view from the other planets in the Shadow-verse the Shades had conqured, Connected to his homeworld by tethers of Darkness. Suddenly, from out of the blackness came a great flash of light! It infected all of the Shadow-verse and turned all who dwell in it to the weak human race. Then... Baracuss opened his eyes.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Amalgam shrugged, then helped the other supers clean up. After she was done she stood up on a box, and began to preach. "The LoV is busy helping others, but not us. WE ARE SUPERS ! FORGET THOSE PATHETIC HUMANS ! WHY WOULD WE BE HERE, BETTER, MORE PERFECT, IF WE WERE NOT DESTINED TO REPLACE THEM ?". Members of the crowd started cheering, and Amalgam smiled her sinister smile. These were her peopler, she would eald them to victory over the Makata, and eventually victory over inpurity, also called homo sapien.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Moravian moved from shadow to shadow, via his Shadow-Movement ability. It was a cloudy day, and he was moving very quickly, but it still wasn't fast enough! He had felt two enormous energies engaging against one another a few miles away, but without the Darkness of Night to aid his progress he couldn't get there fast enough. One of the two energies had faded away, while the other apeared in a new location. He hoped to god that the one that faded wasn't Baracuss...

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Amalgam organized the systematic killing of the humans in the colony, leaving a bloody trail wherever she went. She finally made it to the childrens ward, when Savior ran up and grabbed her. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOVE !" he yelled, shaking her. She responded coldly. "We are humanities replacement. Dont you hate them for what they have caused you ?" she said, rubbing his shoulders. He threw her off. "If this is your destiny, its time for me to walk a lonely road." He turned around and left. Amalgam stood up, opened the door, and said "Good morning you human children." with an explosive glowing orb in her hand. We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage appeared enraged. He grabbed the bomb, and it dissapated into his hand, he whacked Amalgam back, and said, "Onlly you would pull something so blunt, I knew this would happen all along!" Rage closed the door in front of the children, and started to fight with Amalgam. They both had the same skills. "THESE ARE HUMAN CHILDREN! STOP THIS HASTE!" The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Moravian got to a small encampment, in the middle of nowhere, just in time to see one of the buildings explode. He payed it no attention as he searched for the largest power, but to his surprised, the Largest power was just now moving away from the smouldering crater that was the building. He used his Shadow-movement to get as close to the power as he could, and prepared himself for anything...

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Amalgam ignored Rage's attacks as her power grew along with her psychosis. She formed another energy ball, and opened the door. The kids squealed, throwing teddy bears and other paraphernalia at her. She smashed the ball down, and a huge fiery explosion blasted through the building, blowing out the windows and incinerating the children. Rage sunk to his knee's, as Amalgam stepped from the fire and drop kicked him. Her followers followed behind her, adding wood and gasoline to the fire. "You dont understand, to eradicate a species you must start from the source Rage. Humanity starts as children. If every human child on this planet was killed, humanity would have no future. Thus opening the doors for us to replace them." She smashed her fist into Rage's throat, causing him to choke. "Get him." she said as hundreds of supers simultaneously attacked the severly weakened being. As she left, Amalgam smiled her devilish smile...

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

A flash of light brightly lit up the sky. As it faded, a female figure appeared. Her long red hair easily identifiable against the blue. She floated just above the ground, looking at Amalgam. A man walked over to this being. "Who... Who are you?" the man asked. The being opened her eyes. They were as red as her hair, but as soft as a mothers heart. "I am the Wishmaker. Like those before me, I shall grant a single wish. After the wish is made, it will be another two thousand years before another can be made." The Wishmaker rose into the sky and flew off towards the sun. --Snapatchu 22:41, 19 July 2009 (UTC)

Rage's eyes opened. He couldn't believe what he was thinking. He had been mesmerized by Amalgam's beauty and ferocity, and he started to think of her. To like her. To lov- he shook the thought off, and teleported to find Amalgam. He saw her. She was tremendously ferocious, and beautiful. Rage collapsed. When he woke up Amalgam was looking down at the silver alien.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Moravian walked towards a blonde female. She was the one giving off the powerful energy, but her energy seamed like it had been unfaltered... where was the weakened energy? He had to hide in the shadows as a beutiful, red-haired female desended from the air, casting briliant light around her. But she flew away, and thunderheads rolled over the area. He walked up towards the powerful female, who has looking down upon an odd looking creature with mercury-like skin,

"You!" Moravian yelled towards the being "Do you know of Lord Baracuss' location?" He asked walking closer. The woman seamed to recognized the name. Good. Perhaps comeing all this way wasn't a waste of time after all...

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Rage raised his head. "Baracuss, The Dark? He is... I cannot track him. I am too weak right now." Rage's shine was starting to fade, a sign of weakness. Rage looked at Amalgam, and hugged her. She blasted him towards the wall, and looked at Moravian. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 7:Old Ways, New EnemiesEdit

Amalgam looked down at the pitiful creature, whom she had finally bested. "Your not worthy enough to die by my hands. Neither are the humnas, but what am I to do ?" she said, gazing into his silvery eyes. "Goodbye." she said, stepping on his back as it began to rain. Amalgam walked towards the old shelter. She sw her old friend step out. With Baracuss.

Whitewash and Baracuss stepped out from the destroyed bunker with Baracuss in tow. She smiled at Amalgam. They had been in pychic contact the whole time. Baracuss had no idea what was happening, as this...coup of the world unfolded...

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage frowned. His shine returned, glowing more powerfully than ever. Rage was so angered, that he started literally glowing. Rage got up, mad, broken, and ready to kill Amalgam. Her darkness had consumed his brain. Rage ran at Amalgam, and punched her. It knocked her unconscious. Rage blew the fort into dust, and the rain pounded while he did it. Baracuss and Whitewash watched in horror. In the darkness of the black clouds, Rage's eyes were a bright blue, and Rage was shimmering brighter than a waxed and polished diamond. Rage was mad. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam stood up and crinked her neck. "That was far from cordial." she said grinning. Amalgam jabbed her hands into the ground, and the Earth shook. The entire world, and ultra-massive earthquake as she grabbed mountain-thick rivers of lava. The Makata in orbit fled, she lifted them up, and came splashing down onto Rage, onto the worldwide survivor colonies, onto the Makata. She lost control, her mind was on a rampage, the earth began to crack as massive faults tore it into chunks. If he didnt stop the Earth would be destroyed forever. Just then, a man appeared in the distance, a black, glowing omnipresnce known as Possessor.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage ignored the mass explosions, he ran through them all, and grabbed Amalgam, picked her up, and teleported away from the Earth. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam was unphased as he teleported, and the world's crust began to crumble. The ruins of great cities such as Paris and New York began collapsing into massive oceans of lava. Possessor was having trouble flying to her as volcanic gases blocked his every move. Then he grabbed his sister, and hugged her. Her psychosis was destroyed in seconds as this unmatchable act of love freed her from her anger, but she still knew she had to continue the coup. She showed no betrayal however, as she hugged harder, and absorbed Possessor's powers. He shrieked in agony as his life force was drained away, and she kicked him into the ocean of lava. With Rage gone and her only equal KIA, she moved along to her next target....the humans.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage turned around, and looked for Amalgam in his realm. Nothing. He teleported back to Earth, and called upon Hope, another Emotion. It injected life into Possessor, giving him powerss better than that of Amalgams. His old power's were also re-implanted. The world was collapsing as this process went on. Possessor stood up, and looked at Rage. He put his arm on Rage's shoulder, and said, "Thank you." Then darted off to find his sister. Rage and Hope teleported back to the Emotion realm, and waited for the verdict of the outcome of the Earth. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 8:Ash and SnowEdit

As Amalgam entered the colony, the corrupted supers cheered wildly. "I am the dominant mutant in this Universe, why shouldnt they ?" she though, smiling all the while. Most were busy with their E17 Heavy Assault Rifle's, loading rounds or shooting targets. "Tonight we march on the Makata, attack their prison ship, and free out brothers and sisters !" she yelled, as the crowd applauded. "And...if we find any humans, dont hesitate to shoot. So we dont get mixed up, we will all where these." she said, pointing at scrounged Makata cuirass armor. "Paint the old MA logo on it, asnd we'll be set. NOW LETS GET READY !" she yelled, as the supers cheered with glorious bloodlust.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage started to fade. Sadness overcame him. He walk outside his strange and color fused house, and saw a purplish outdoor background. He had a square deck with a hole in it. He jumped into the hole, and flew around, destroying floating objects. He was thinking about Amalgam.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam grabbed her own E17 and marched in front of the supers as they headed for the survivor camp where Juneau used to be. The Humans cheered, but stopped when Amalgam blew a man's head off then holstered the rifle and let loose. Shanties burned as people fled from the flyny explosions Amalgam caused. The supers were just as violent, shooting anything that moved. Bodies lay everywhere. Some shot, most burned, some dead from the assorted mutant powers. Amalgam sat on a bench and grinned at the carnage. Then she heard a noise, and turned to see Whitewash glowering at her.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage teleported. He was with the LoV. He talked to wonder, telling his story of how he met Amalgam and they rest. They followed him into his Teleport gate, and he wiped out the Makata Forces, as his power returned. They were suddenly in front of Amalgam. She looked surprised. She saw 10 Tanks, a lot of Heroes, and Rage surrounding her.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam's super followers backed away as they arrived suddenly. She lept into the air, smashing her foot down creating a massive hurricane of supernova energy that wiped out the tanks and threw the enemy supers into the air. Amalgam fired herself forward smashing Wonder's ribs like toothpicks to a fist. Rage came up only to meet with a sonic explosion to the face. Amalgam threw a massive hunk of mantle at Seraph, who narrowly dodged it, but cried as the heat singed him deeply. Whitewash then blasted at Amalgam, catching her off guard. " !!!" she yelledm flying forward at the speed of light, breaking Whitewash's back. "I thought of you as a sister, and YOU BETRAY ME !?" she screamed, cracking her back further to pieces on her knee. "At least I didnt betray family..." she said, as Vanessa Lasaryth, friend, sister, and supermutant, breathed her last. Even Amalgam couldnt hold back her tears. "....DAMN YOU HUMANITY !" she screamed, causing the clouds to move out of her way. Amalgam channeled her new found fury and sadness into her hatrd for humanity, because if they hadnt needed exterminating, her bestfriend Whitewash wouldnt have died, Savior would still be her love, and Possessor would still live...

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

"Pathetic world..." Baracuss said observing the huge cracks in the ground, "So fragile... Like a newborn..." Baracuss had fully regenerated, and he was mad. Mad at Amalgam for her ignorance, mad at Marrow for his betrayal, and made at the woman he had awoke with. He couldn't wait to get back to Shadow-verse.

Moravian watched as hundreds of humans were burned by their superior counterparts, the mutants. It reminded him of when he first lead the army of the shades to a new planet and conqured it. The first of many victories... He suddenly felt a power he instantly recognized instantly!

Baracuss was about to approach Amalgam to ask for her assistance again, when a man appeared in front of him useing a Shade technique, Shadow-movement. The man wore an ensamble similar to Baracuss', and had a chestplate that wraped around his neck forming a protective collar.

"Moravian?" Baracuss asked, surprised,

"Lord Baracuss!" Moravian said, falling to his knees, "I have finnaly found you, my king!"

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Rage was not mad anymore. He saw through the NetherMind's cloak, her beauty, unchallenged. Rage did something very stupid, yet something he had wanted to do for ages. He jumped up to Amalgam, and kissed her. her true form was revealed, and he still held the kiss. For once, she didn't fight back, and for more time, Rage held the kiss.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam was mesmerised as this creature kissed her. For a moment she thought of Savior, then she pushed him off and said "Catch me if you can ..." with her sinister smile and several blasts of pure energy at him. Wonder got up and grabbed her, prompting hr to head butt him. "You pathetic heroes play nice, but I dont. Your sloppy, I'm effective Wonder. And remember the night I was captured ? Things are finally backwards." she said, jumping into the air and crescent kicking him. She spat on his unconscious body then grabbed Seraph, lighting him aflame. Suddenly Bolt ran out and lighning her, his un pent fury for the loss of his older sister making each blast nearly equivalent to her own. Amalgam was being overwhelmed. "WAIT A SECOND !" she yelled. "Why aren't you guys helping out ?!" she yelled at her followers, who promptly left or attacked Bolt. She smiled her devilish smile, unsheathed her stolen Makata Warblade, and ran at Bolt literally aflame.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage smiled. He blasted the LoV, the followers, and the others, back, and ran after Amalgam. He jumped after her, but he missed. She kept running, then blasted magma at Rage. He dodged it, and continued running at her. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam turned and kicked Rage, making him flip head over heels, literally. He came down hard on his back, and looked at his love. But there wasnt any of the beauty he saw in her last time as she locked eyes with him. He made a growling noise as Amalgam drove her warblade eep into his chest, not stooping her mad push til it came out his back. Amalgam withdrew it, as a bloody puddle formed around him. She turned and threw it into the mob, watching as Bolt screamed. He looked up, enraged at all that had happened. He lift his arms up, succking all the clouds into one massive electrical tube, and began firing it upon Amalgam. She happily dodged each, completely in the combat zone, then did a back flip and caught the last superlightning strike in her arms, channeling it through he body as she roared a massive lightning blast at Bolt. He flew back and Amalgam wasunusre if he was dead or not. '"But why should I care ?" she thought, keeping her fighting stance and watching the cloud of dark coal balck dust where Bolt was for signs of life.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Rage was enraged. He started to glow, his wound healing. The blood like liquid, a melted metal-like substance. Rage got up, and rushed to Amalgam. Bolt's of lightning flying at her. Rage stabbed Bolt with a formed blade on his hand, and grabbed Amalgam, kissing her again. SHe blew him back. but he ran at her again, teleporting to his realm, this time, with Amalgam.

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Baracuss and Moravian watched the battle from a distance, their silhouettes pitch black against the Dark-Grey sky,

"Her fighting styles are stupendous... it's a shame she is not a Shade..." Baracuss said, watching Amalgam dodging an angered mutant's attacks,

"Indeed... she would make a fine addition to our armies..." Moravian replyed, watching as she threw one of the mutant's attacks back at him. The attack propeled the man backwards, and he landed at Baracuss' and Moravian's feet,

"P-please..." the mutant said reaching for Baracuss' hand, "" Baracuss flashed an evil smile and took the mutant's hand, but didn't pull him up,

"I shall help you..." the Shade king said. The Mutant smiled, " putting you out of your missery!" The mutant's joy turned to fear, and Baracuss kicked him in the head. The mutant's neck snapped, and it's head hung in an unnatural possition to it's spine,

"Humph... at least he was killed by an Elite... and won't have the disshonor by being killed by one of the lower-class..." Moravian proclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest as Baracuss dropped the corpes' arm.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Amalgam was being sucked into another dimension, but she refused to leave. She kicked backwards, and was sucked back into her world, her followers picking her up and dusting her off. Wonder lay almost dead, looking up Baracuss and Moravian were nodding approvingly. Amalgam couldnt help but brag a bit. She stepped forward to them and said to Baracuss "Still think I'm not fearful." with a small grin. Moravian said "I was kind of thrown back, but my lord is here in our defense." Amalgam shook his hand, then turned back to Baracuss.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Amalgam reached her hand out, gesturing for Baracuss to shack as well. Baracuss looked at her hand for a few minuets, uncrossed his arms after making a desision, then... slapped her hand away. He brushed past her saying, "Just because we are allys does not mean we need to get friendly, Amalgam..." he stoped a few feet behind her. All eyes were on the two, extra-universal beings, "Your friend learned that the hard way..." Baracuss finnaly said, pointing to Bolt's lifeless body. He turned back and faced her again, "...but... on the other hand..." he reached his own hand out, and smiled with half of his mouth, "I am honored to have a powerful ally like you..." Amalgam smiled and shook his hand. Her followers cheered.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Amalgam laughed, wondering what to do now. The Makata had been deafeated on Earth, but she still had not dominated it. "What do you 2 plan on doing next ?" she asked them, while cutting some of her hair with a flaming finger. She cut the last bit then twirled, able to see alot better. "Please answer me." she said, suddenly gaining a tiny bit of ferocity. They were interrupted as 2 supers came holding a human prisoner. "Ma'am, he was caught crying near the ruins of the chlidren's ward. Your orders ?" he asked, standing heel to heel. Amalgam just said "Execute him." and they casually shot him in the chest. Simple as that.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Baracuss chuckled a little, "Your security is sloppy, Amalgam..." she turned to him, unsure of what he meant, but he soon answered her question with an action. Baracuss raised his hand above his head, then lowered all but his index finger, and pointed at a patch of trees. A tiny, marble-sized orb of black energy shot forward and entered the little oasis. Baracuss continued to point, until, without warning, he pulled his arm back and threw it up towards the sky, palm first. Amalgam heard no explosion, no scream, nor the sound of ruble hitting the ground, all she saw was the patch of trees become engulfed by an orb of pure darkness. Once the darkness disapeared, a huge crater had been impacted into the ground. Baracuss smiled at his own power and, with Moravian close behind, walked back towards the bunker. A minuet later, Amalgam's gaurds found a human arm at the edge of the crater...

"Impressive..." Amalgam complimented Baracuss' handywork, as she entered the bunker with the two Shades.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Rage was tired of toying with Amalgam, which she wasn't getting. He frowned, and opened the Dimension Gate. He walked through, and was in San Antonio, Texas. Some followers fought, some cowered. They were fighting civilians, armed with mostly kitchen utensils, but some had real weapons, some even E17 Heavy Assault Rifles. The followers were winning by a landslide, but not for long. Rage landed, and for a few seconds, the city was completely silent. Then... hundreds of humans, civilians, and followers, fired on Rage. He started to glow immensely, and then.... A shockwave, and a silver explosion, then silence. San Antonio was obliterated, and in the center, still standing, was Rage. And he was mad. He was going to put an end to the LoV, to Amalgam, to humanity... Or so he thought.

The Rage's feelings.|30px|center

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 9:AbsolutesEdit

Amalgam bid the Shades farewell then stepped outside, shooting into the air in search of any smoke. Looking on the horizon she could spot several fires. "Can humans be any stupider ?" she thought. She looked down and waved her soldiers in the camps direction, then looked around more. She was starting to think about Savior. "Where could he be..." she thought, trying to use her advanced pyschokinesis to pinpoint his location. But she was blocked at every turn.Suddenly she heard a hypersonic noise, not unlike the planes in the old world. Then she was tackled down into the forest by Seraph. Wonder flew over and held her down. Amalgam punched up, throwing the severely injured Wonder away. But Seraph had her in a choke that was tightening fast. Amalgam attempted to count.


4... Seraph tightened to the point she couldnt speak or breath. Amalgam gasped for air. She mouthed another number.

3... Amalgam began to choke. Seraph began to flex his arm to the breaking point. Then Seraph was thrown over 90 feet, being tossed across the forest like skipping stone. Amalgam coughed up blood, and continued. She wondered who would save her. She didnt have to guess. He came to her. But it wasnt the way she intended. Amalgam was weakened, and Savior was at full strength. And he had anger in his eyes.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Baracuss watched as Amalgam's army of mutants stormed towards the Human camp, his blood red eyes watching their tactics closly, just in case... Moravian pointed towards a section of forest as a mutant in a ridiculous looking, blue and yellow costume, was thrown from the trees and landed a few meters away. Baracuss laughed as he saw this,

"Having trouble?" He asked insultingly as the mutant got to his feet,

"You... you caused this!" The mutant said, stumbling towards the Shades, "If it weren't for you, Amalgam would still be fighting for human kind!" Baracuss threw his head back and laughed at this,

"You're wrong, you pathetic whelp! This is Amalgam's own choice... I caused nothing!" Seraph charged at the Shade king, his anger overflowing. But just as he was about to strike him, Moravian appeared before Seraph and kicked him away. Seraph landed hard on the gound 2 meters away, and held the side of his face,

"Away with you, worm! Lord Baracuss has no time for someone as pethetic as you are!" Moravian said, demandingly,

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Rage flew on, his beam incinerating anything in it's path. He saw another hero. He stopped. "WHO ARE YOU!?" He gruffly asked.

The skull in a cloak looked at him. "Revenant." He said, and Rage asked, "Are you a hero?". Revenant answered, "No I'm a Revenant."

The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Amalgam smiled as her newest Mutant Alliance members arrived to watch her fight with Destro. Sergeant Rogue, Ex-Patriot, Indulence, Rancher,and Destro would be excellent soldiers, all having demonstrated their powers. But Destro was a bit too high on himself, Amalgam thought, and would need to be taught a lesson. Destro tore a hunk of rock from the ground, throwing it at Amalgam like a baseball. She stuck her hand out and stepped forward, each new memeber anticipating what she may do next. The rock broke as it hit Amalgam's fist, and Destro already looked scared. Amalgam leapt into the air, blasting a bolt of lightning down at Destro, remembering the woman she absorbed it from. Amalgam kicked a blast of pure energy at Destro, who was shot back and into a tree. Bright blood coursed out of his mouth, and onto his suit. "Reasons you lost. 1) You thought you could defeat a Class-VI mutant, something you should never try again, because I wont hesitate to kill you next time. 2) You believe in brute strength and very little strategy. Did you think you could punch me into submission ? And last but not least, 3) Even if god existed and could allow you to win, you would be attacked by every single mutant in the Mutant Alliance, if you even managed to escape this colony, you'd be hunted down everyday for the rest of your already genuinely pathetic existence." Amalgam kicked him in the face one last time, then left the new recruits for orientation by Desolation.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Baracuss nodded as Amalgam walked by. She returned the gesture. Moravian was meditating on a boulder nearby, clearing his thoughts. Baracuss had observed Desolation's teleportation technique, during the battle against the Heroes earlier. It was a flawed technique, due to the fact that the mutant needed to see where he was going. His own Shadow-movement technique was a more effective one, true, but it to had a weakness. Without shadows the move cannot be used. Baracuss was still used to being able to use it whenever he wished, but that was then, now he had to wait for nightfall or a thunder storm... he hated it.

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

Sorcoress. That was her name. No one had seen her, or known her. Ever. She was pure magic. She smiled. And then walked away. She hd something planned. Something quite... Strange. And it was coming, it was coming, and no one knew anything. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 10: The End of the Line...Edit

Amalgam sat down and smiled. Everything was going perfectly in step with the devious plan forming in her head. With the Makata gone it left a couple million mutants against the severely weakened and anarchic ruins of the United Nations. "No doubt they are cowering away in Cheyenne Montain right now." said a young woman who passed by, reading Amalgam's mind. She walked to fast for Amalgam to see her face, but something was strikingly familiar. By the time Amalgam got up she was gone though, leaving her to wonder what the familiarity was. She sat down, looking at her new recruits train. Already it seemed Rancher was getting into peoples heads, obnoxious jokes and general annoyance drifting in the air around him. Bu watching him from earlier, he knew how to fight, and wasnt one to mess with. Moving her eyes across the group she saw Indulence scrapin mud off her boot. She had raw talent but it needed to be molded into discipline and skill. Destro was still bleeding and just listened frustratingly while Rsncher joked aboiut his ass getting beaten, and last but not least Sergeant Rogue and Ex-Patriot were cleaning weapons near the gunracks. Amalgam already knew these would be her posse when the new Alliance rose, excluding Destro. They have the talent and skill to get certain things done to carry out Amalgam's plan. They were a pivotal key, if a single died it could fail like a twig snapping under weight. A weird darkness overcame the group, and they turned to see Lady Swarm land behind them with a swarm of huge locusts. Her powers could make them bigger, and gave her every ability of any insect. Of course she always singled out for the rest of the groups hatred, except Rancher's, since he likes everyone. "I did as you asked. May I rest now ?" she said silently, almost in a whisper. "Release them from your control and let the first phase of my plan begin. Then you may rest." She nodded, and set off to set them up for the plan. Amalgam smiled her devilish smile, loving how things were going. Now she just had to find a few more components to her scheme, and all would be well. Only one person culd foil this, and she had to make sure she could find him first.

We are the Ones !, We get knocked down !, We get back up and stand above the crowd ! We are One ...

Act 10: RagedEdit

Rage's conquest was over. He saw through a puddle. He lifted up the water using telepathy, and it grew. It grew into a wave large enough to pound away the Earth itself. He had lost Revenant back in Georgia. He was in Canada. And a few miles a way, was the one person he was going to destroy. He knew he would win, but there was one problem... He was wrong.

Meanwhile, in California, during a heavy rain, and in the darkness of the night, two glowing eyes stood. They had forgotten him. He was missing. Amalgam never knew he was there. He would never return to the LoV. He stood up, and slashed a Makata walking by. He held his Katana high, and walked away. He was following a strange mercury-like being. The Clown Prince of Crimefighting A Jinksboxnew

Act 10: PracticeEdit

Baracuss hadn't been so bored in his life. Just waiting here, doing nothing but study Amalgam and her mutant army, was worse then sitting on his throne, taking requests from local Nobles and Villigers. He frowned, crossed his arms, and looked around for Moravian. He was over on a rock meditating. Baracuss smiled,

"Lets see how well his sences have hightened since the last we spared!" He said to himself. He vannished from sight as he used his Shadow-Movement Technique.

Moravian ducked and rolled out of the way of Baracuss' Roundhouse Kick-Axe Kick Combo almost imidiantly as the Shade Ruler appeared beside him. He got up just in time to block a Cresent Kick aimed at his face. Moravian smilled at his ruler's impressed expresion,

"You've gotten faster, old friend, and your sences are like that of a feirce predator!" Baracuss complimented, stepping back from the Shade Commander, and getting into a fighting stance,

"And you, my King, have gotten much stronger. Your shadow skills greatly exceed my own," Moravian said, stepping back and rubbing the arm that he blocked with. He to entered a Fighting pose,

"This bordom can kill, Moravian, I needed something to do. So how about we end our childhood rivalry?" Baracuss asked, refering to all the competitions he and Moravian had endured,

"Your move, my lord... remember who won last time though..." Moravian ajusted his stance, and watched his ruler's every move. Baracuss dashed forward, leapt into the air, and threw a roundhouse kick towards Moravian's head. Moravian was ready, and caught Baracuss' leg in his hand. He attempted to slam the King to the ground, but Baracuss caught himself with his hands, and, with his free foot, kicked Moravian in the gut. The Shade Commander stepped back, shrugged off the pain as best he could, and was ready before Baracuss could get up. Baracuss rolled to his feet, turned, and threw a punch at his friend's face. Moravian caught the attack with one hand, and punched Baracuss in the jaw with his other. The sparring session whent on for a few hours, and was fought all over the Mutant's complex. The fight was never, at any point, one-sided, as each Shade's power gave them both an equal advantage,

"To bad one of our Priests is not pressent to write about this fine battle!" Moravian had said,

"We'll just have to write about it ourselves once we're home again!" Baracuss had replyed. Finnaly, as the two Shades fought toward's Amalgam and her posse's possition, they began to tire,

"Moravian, hold!" Baracuss ordered. The King backed away, as his friend stopped, and haunched over in pain. He panted as the pain he was trying so desperatly to hold back, returned. He looked at Moravian, and was met by a mirror image of his own reactions,

"Ba... Baracuss... I can't fight anymore... you've won," Moravian breathed heavily,

"I... I'm afraid not... my friend... I too can no longer spar..." Baracuss said, wiping his mouth clean of his oil-black blood,

"I believe... it's a draw... then..." Moravian said, managing a weak smile,

"Indeed... Moravian... it is... but once we return to the Shadow Verse... I want a rematch," Baracuss said with a grin. Moravian returned the gesture, and nodded his approval,

"You're on, my lord..."

Baracuss - Gemini Productions:
TALK - Saturday, August 19 2017 (Eastern Standard Time)

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