Here it is! An all-new, original RP featuring The Great Superhuman War.

Users Edit

  • XtranormalGeek - Creator of this RP. Playing as Shade, martial arts master and shadow ninja.
  • SR Boxer, playing as Druid: Young plant manipulator/shifter. Sorry for being gone! Kinda forgot 'bout superfanon wiki.
  • MrFluffman- playing as Darkness Man, immortal soceror with lost memory, real name John Dee.
  • KoolKoopaGirl, playing as Rose Petal, a 10-year old girl living in Los Angeles who can pause time with a voice command and heal a broken bone within seconds. Real name? Andrea Summers.

Any who wish to join, just enter your username!

Rules and NotesEdit

  1. Each day represents a day in the RP.
  2. Every action you make has consequences that can change how the RP will end. (See "choices" section below)
  3. No one is allowed to play as transcendant characters.
  4. Each user will receive one turn a day.
  5. If you are the last to post an entry in the RP, please add "End of Day" then the day number at the end of your post.
  6. Every day will have individual scenarios set up by the RP's mod.
  7. DO NOT edit anyone's posts unless it is to correct a grammar mistake.
  8. It is possible for characters to get killed. If a post contains an event that causes mortal or fatal wound(s) to a certain character, that character is dead. The only way a character can survive if he/she has healing abilities or has a fellow teammate with them that can medically assist them.


The year is 2017. Many governments around the world are considering merging Earth's best military forces together and wiping out the entire superhuman race. Hearing of this news, superheroes and supervillains everywhere must set aside their differences to either join the government and fight for permanent amnesty, or side with the underground "rogue" side to stop the government's sadistic plan. In this RP, there is no true "evil" side, and any user that joins is allowed to bring as many heroes or villains of their's into this RP, just so long as the hero or villain isn't super-ultra-mega powerful that they can destroy everything in a swift hand gesture. Now that the story has been told and the sides have been set, let the RP begin!

NOTE: We must have at least FIVE users signed up before the RP can begin!

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