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A ForBlammo
"I? I have ended worlds. I have annihilated entire species. I. WILL. DESTROY. YOU!!"

Ragnarok is an extraplanetary super villain.


Ragnarok has a demonic figure. He stands at 8 feet tall, and is very strong. His face is masked in shadow, and his eyes glow like hot coals. He has runes from his own civilization across his suit. He wears heat resistant clothing, who's composition is currently unknown.

Some have said he came from the future Earth, others say he is from the Martian civilization seeing as it was the first he destroyed.


Ragnarok came to Earth in 1908, flying at several thousand miles per hour, and landed with a massive explosion. The people of that area thought it to be a meteor impact or some kind of natural phenomenon. In 2010 it was discovered that the Tunguska Event was actually attributed to Ragnarok's violent arrival on earth. Scientists found the body buried deep in the earth, and returned to the nearest Russian research laboratory in north Siberia. Ragnarok woke from his slumber in 2015 approximately 70 years after his arrival. Contact with station was lost in days. 20 days later a shooting star was said to have been departing earth, in the region of Siberia.


Ragnarok is usually sited riding his Nightmare. He hasn't done anything harmful (yet) and isn't considered dangerous.

Notable "Achievements"Edit

  • Ended Martian Civilization
  • Ended 10th planet of the solar system (destroyed it)
  • Destroyed Beta Centauri solar system
  • Destroyed Main Atlantian civilization (plutonians)
  • Many more


  • Hellfire- Breathes flames at a little above 3422 degrees C. This is hot enough to melt Tungsten. Basically a flamethrower.
  • Summon Nightmare- Summons a horse with a flaming mane and tail to carry him to his destination
  • World-end- Creates a small star at the tip of his fingers to toss into the center of a planet, causing a massive explosion. In essence, a fusion bomb.
  • Possession- Uses demonic energy to control someone for a short period of time