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Razer Raptor
Razer with an M9 and an M1911


Razer Raptor








Heaven Ops, International Peace and Protection Program



Razer comes from an unknown origin and is a Green Marine from the Heaven Ops section of the IPP. Razer is a handsome, 8 ft tall, muscular, male raptor. He has the strength of a dinosaur and the intelligence of a human, plus his natural dinosaur instincts. He has hopes of becoming a rapper and singer after his release from service.


Razer's background runs back to the end of World War 2. The early, top-secret America Heaven Ops infiltrated a Nazi lab and discovered a large egg. Due to lack of technology, no one could figure out what it was. However, in the modern day, scientists figured out (using new technology) that whatever was in the egg was still alive and dormant. Through an incubation process, the egg was "brought back to life" and it hatched into Razer, a raptor. No one was watching when he hatched, so he escaped through a window. A day after his escape, Green Marines were sent to find him. When they did, little Razer showed his super strength and attacked them, before being sedated and locked up. Upon finding that the raptor was sentient, he was trained to be a Marine. He and the rest of the nonhuman marines were considered a family. Their existence was kept a secret as a public appearance would cause a stirrup which would distract them from their duties.


Besides being a dinosaur in the present world, Razer has several powers. When he was a kid, he had super strength. He lost this as he grew older, but gained two new powers. One is his ability to change into a smaller type of raptor for speed and stealth. His second new power is being to change his muscle proportions, meaning he can expand his muscles for extra strength, which makes up for his lost super strength.


Besides his powers, Razer has many different equipment from the IPP. Razer has regular Green Marine body suit that is shaped to fit his body. Also, Razer is equipped with weapons, such as blades and guns. He keeps an AK-47 as his primary firearm, and a kitchen knife as his primary melee weapon. Razer is also an excellent marksman, and will sometimes use a scoped rifle.

During the Infection Outbreak in New York, Razer was unable to use his standard weapons due to lack of ammunition. He replaced his AK-47 with an new weapon, the All Purpose Rifle (APR) which can change from assault rifle to sniper rifle to shotgun to SMG to LMG.


Heaven Ops kept the existence of Razer and his "family" a secret from the public. Most of the Green Marines knew about them, but didn't say much. Still rumors spread about their existence. When the war against terrorists was over, Heaven Ops decided to let them go out into the world, though they had to stay out of public areas. During battles, any enemy who saw them had to be captured or killed to continue the secrecy project.

As of the zombie infection in the United States, Razer and the rest of his team got their first chance to venture out into a public American city in full view of civilians.


Over all, Razer is friendly and will protect his friends. He is very aggressive towards enemies. The two things he cares about the most are his teammates and how people feel about him. Razer is very relaxed most of the time. He enjoys hip-hop and video games. Razer has a tendency to use strong slang language, which he picked up from Ivyweed. In his spare time, he writes songs and practices singing and rapping in hopes of a musical career.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Razer looks like a prehistoric raptor, but he doesn't match any known species. It is suspected that he is a completely new species designed by the Nazi scientists based upon their concept of a raptor. Razer's scales are a dark gray/green with lighter stripes. Razer is slightly taller than a human and is very muscular and handsome. His expanded muscles make him larger. When turned into a smaller raptor, he looks very different. His entire body proportions change, usually giving him a longer neck and thinner body for stealth.



Razer with his AK-47.

During the terrorist war, Razer participated in many battles away from the public to keep him and his family a secret. He was placed as head of Stone Squad and Ray Company, and promoted to Lieutenant.

End of the WarEdit

When the terrorist headquarters were discovered to be on a fortified merchant ship out in the ocean, Heaven Ops deployed several groups of marines to storm the ship, find intel, and destroy the ship. The Sea Raiders assisted in transporting the marines to the ship. Their presence was unknown, as the terrorists were busy defending against missile boat distractions. Razer boarded the ship with his squad. He sent Grace to the deck, and Dagger to another section below deck. Razer's mission was to make it to the bridge, and capture the terrorist leader. Along the way, he sent Hup up a small vent to release sleeping gas into the bridge. When he reached the bridge, he was notified by Dagger that the terrorists were attempting to launch a missile and that the controls were probably in the bridge. When they broke into the bridge, the terrorists had all been affected by the gas, except for one who took the launch controls and ran. Razer and his squad pursued him, but was attacked and stabbed by another terrorist with a kitchen knife (which he later kept as a "souvenir"). Shark, the team medic, killed the attacker and patched him up as Grace caught the terrorist. However, the missile had been launched. Dagger met up with them and told them to leave the ship, as charges had been planted and were ready to blow. However, as they prepared to board the rescue helicopter, an explosion cut them off, and they were forced to abandon ship. They were rescued by a sea plane.

Infection OutbreakEdit

When Razer recovered from his knife wound, he decided to keep the knife that was used against him, as he liked the feel of it. He was visited by General Hare, who explained the outbreak of a virus all over the country. Razer's squad was sent to NYC to stop the infection from spreading. However, they were detoured by the US Army to their camp, where they met with Hare again, who told them that there had been a change in plans. After Hare explained the new intel on the infected and the current situation, Stone Squad was ordered to interview the soldiers that had just come out of the city. Razer met US Army soldiers Ramirez, Jack, and Fritz. They shared detailed stories about the first infection to the evacuation.

New York CityEdit

Stone Squad was deployed in the city the next day. They encountered several infected civilians at the evac center where they arrived, but managed to sneak out the back, where only one other infected was encountered. Upon crossing the street, Razer spotted a sheet of paper taped to the wall across the street. He and Bear went to investigate and found that there were people trapped in the building. The squad (minus Flamer, who stayed outside) went in and met with a man and his friends, only to be duped and captured at gunpoint. Razer managed to shrink down and escape his bindings and attack the solitary guard in the room. Then he freed his men along with two police officers that had also been captured, and took the guard's weapons and attacked the others, signaling Flamer to open fire from the streets. The men quickly surrendered and were arrested by the police and taken to the evac station.

Survivor CheckpointsEdit

After raiding an abandoned grocery store, the squad attempted to take a large vehicle to search for survivors. They decided to take an abandoned bus, but were ambushed by a mutant species of infected called Sneaks. The bus was destroyed as the squad attempted to drive away the Sneaks. Later, they decided to take a large pickup truck. Razer heard gunfire from nearby and decided to investigate. The squad discovered survivors trapped in an office building marked as "Survivor Checkpoint." After killing the infected, they were greeted by Land Raider Shade. Shade had joined up with locals and created the Survivor Checkpoint system, a paramilitary protection group that helps civilians escape the city. Razer and his team called for a weapons drop for the Checkpoints and delivered them by truck.

Rescue of Cougar SquadEdit

Venturing further into the city, Stone Squad stumbled upon Cougar Squad's crashed helicopter. They made their way to the roof and found Cougar Squad under fire from unknown assailants. Razer gave the order to shower the enemies' location with massive amounts of firepower, eventually bringing down the building. The team was extracted by a Pavelow.

Rescue of the SummersEdit

As they left the city, the Pavelow picked up a beacon notifying the soldiers that there were civilians that needed extracting. Razer, Shark, Foxwood, and Dagger volunteered to find them as the helicopter left to refuel. The beacon took them to a hotel under construction. Razer established radio contact with the civilians, who were barricaded on the top floor. He discovered John Summers, and his sister, May Summers, hiding in the abandoned building. Though initially frightened by him, May developed a fascination with Razer, being a living dinosaur. Razer and the Summers escaped the building with the others while being chased by infected. He was forced to carry May as she fell behind.


After meeting up with the rest of his team, Razer was prepared to leave the city. However, another survivor had been found by Shade, who was wounded by said survivor. The man was taken into custody by Razer's team.


Heaven Ops had made its base in the luxury town of Graveston in the suburbs of New York. Razer and his squad enjoyed the services of fancy restaurants and hotels. During the night, Stone Squad member Dagger deserted, causing Razer and his team to search for him. They discovered that he had joined Shade's group and were planning to desert that night. Razer and a force of Green Marines stormed Shade's meeting, but the Land Raider and his men escaped.

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