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Red Sentinel
Created By: DarthJacko09
Origin: United Soviet Socialist Republic
Personal Data
Real Name: Antonin Dyachenko
Known Aliases: Red Sentinel
The Sentinel
Species: Human
Age: approx. 97 years
Height: 175 cms
Weight: 180 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Ukrainian
Occupation: Vigilante
Place of Birth: Odessa, Ukraine
Base of Operations: Megopolis
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Superhuman strength, regeneration, heightened reflexes and damage threshold
Known Abilities
Expert in Martial Arts, Swordplay and Stealth
No additional information available.


Red Sentinel is the immortal vigilante operating in the city of Megopolis, he is over a century old and the product of Soviet experiments in the 1940s by Doctor Dmitri Valentin, that granted him immortality, invincibility, and an array of other abilities.


Antonin Dyachenko (Ukrainian: Антоніна Дьяченко) was born in Odessa, Ukraine, Ukrainian People's Republic in 1917 to Vasily and Maria Dyachenko. His father was a labourer who died in a mining accident in 1919, and his mother died soon after of tuberculosis.

Dyachenko was taken into the Saint Ambrose Orphanage in Odessa, where he was raised by the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1935, he was granted self-guardianship and was taken by Doctor Dmitri Valentin, who saw potential in the young man, as a volunteer of his "Sentinel Program", overseen by Joseph Stalin himself.

In 1939, after four years of rigorous training and experiments, Dyachenko became the first successful patient of the Program, with several others crippled in the process. He developed superhuman agility and endurance, invincibility, immortality and a higher metabolism and attention span. Dyachenko became Red Sentinel, a Soviet symbol of strength and resistance during the Second World War.

A Soviet SymbolEdit

After he became the supersoldier Red Sentinel, Dyachenko was dispatched onto the Eastern Front by the Soviet high command after the onset of World War II in 1939. He undertook a series of top secret missions, dealing with some of Nazi Germany's deadliest and most dangerous assassins and super-mutants. He became a symbol of Soviet might and strength, although he was not attributed to Dyachenko as a physical person, rather a symbol without identity.

In 1941, when the Nazis tried to invade the U.S.S.R, Dyachenko was dispatched to his former home of Odessa, where he was instrumental in the repelling of a joint Romanian-German attack force. He personally killed Romanian commander Alexandru Ioaniţiu. His next major mission came in 1943, when he was sent to the city of Kursk, near Moscow; to defend it from a Nazi siege. In the largest ever tank battle, Dyachenko faced the destructively powerful Nazi super-mutant codenamed Zerstörer; eventually defeating the monstrous being after majority of the city had been severely damaged in the crossfire.

Operation Red HerringEdit

As the war began to wind down, Dyachenko had begun to loose interest in being a Soviet war symbol and hoped to resign from his position and move away with a British secret agent, Miranda Clarke, who he had become very close with during one of his many missions.

His creator, Dmitri Valentin, and the Soviet high command, however, had other plans for Dyachenko, eager to use him to the same effect as they had done in World War II against the U.S.S.R's new major foe, the United States. Overhearing a meeting between Valentin and an unknown Nazi scientist, Dyachenko began to question his creator's own loyalties, and this spurred his decision to resign as Red Sentinel. He refused to carry out a mission dubbed Operation Red Herring, which involved an elaborate assassination of US President Harry S. Truman.


Main article: Red Sentinel: Genesis

Despite plans of resigning and fleeing with Miranda, Dyachenko attended the scheduled meeting with the Soviet high command and Valentin in Moscow, where he was briefed on Operation Red Herring, which would involve him assassinating US President Truman. Accepting the mission, he requested the afternoon to say goodbye to Miranda, and was granted it by Valentin, using the opportunity to slip out of Moscow and escape with his beloved.

His creator was more perceptive than Dyachenko had initially thought, and sensed his apprentice would try and escape Russia via the border with Poland. He tracked Dyachenko's precise location, capturing Antonin and Miranda and returning to Moscow via a highly advanced jet aeroplane, the Oblakonozhom; designed by Valentin himself. En route back to Moscow, Valentin personally executing Miranda, throwing her body out of the moving aeroplane much to the anguish of Dyachenko. He then proceeded to do the same to his pupil; who used his immense strength to break free and dived out of the plane, landing in the snowy forests below. Badly wounded despite his regenerative abilities, Dyachenko sought refuge in the forest, but his creator did not relent on his chase, tracking Antonin down a few hours later and shooting him in the skull, leaving him for dead.

Exile in MegopolisEdit

Main article: Red Sentinel: Red Rising

The gap between his supposed death at the hands of Valentin and his arrival in Megopolis is vague, as Dyachenko says himself "it is hard to remember". The volume Red Rising reveals more of how he came to be in Megopolis and become its vigilante protector.

After being left for dead by Valentin, a comatose Dyachenko was found by Russian peasants in the snow near the border with Poland and taken in, where he remained comatose for several months, losing a large amount of weight and growing an unkempt beard. He finally awoke from his coma, struggling to gather his thoughts and remember what had happened. When he remembered, he wept for Miranda, seeking isolation from the villagers until he was too exhausted to keep crying. He then began to rebuild his strength, before he left the village in 1955 after several years of recuperation.

He travelled to his hometown of Odessa to find it changed significantly since his childhood, under the iron fist of the Soviet Union. He visited the orphanage where he was raised, and the graves of his parents. After leaving Odessa, Dyachenko sought about forging a new suit and weapons, both of which had been lost after his betrayal by Valentin. While in Japan, he trained with masters of the katana to regain his lost sword skills, and learned a variety of martial arts over the next decade.

In 1961 he moved to America to get as far away from the U.S.S.R as possible, just as the Cold War was escalating to its most dangerous. Witnessing news reports and intense paranoia due to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Dyachenko wonders if he would have been a part of such Soviet activities if he hadn't fled Valentin, and struggles to adjust to the changing times. He is last seen boarding a flight, in everyday clothes, his future uncertain.

Becoming a ProtectorEdit

Main article: Red Sentinel: Vigilance

It is assumed that the flight Dyachenko boards at the end of Red Rising is headed to Megopolis, as he is next seen dealing with low-life criminals in the city. He realises that the city is rife with criminals and villains, and decides to remain in the city after saving a group of police officers from falling into a mob--organized trap.

Battle with a Mad ScientistEdit

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Otherworldly ThreatEdit

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Conflicting InterestsEdit

Main article: Red Sentinel: Rashomon

Chaos ReignsEdit

Main article: Red Sentinel: Attrition

Valentin ReturnsEdit

Main article: Red Sentinel: Dead Man Walking


Romantic RelationshipsEdit

Miranda ClarkeEdit

Dyachenko developed a strong bond with British secret agent Miranda Clarke toward the end of the Second World War, becoming disinterested with his duties as Red Sentinel and planning on escaping the USSR to reunite with Miranda. His plans were tragically undone by the man who had given him his powers, Doctor Valentin; who murdered Miranda in 1949 and left Dyachenko for dead.

Crimson CrowEdit

It took more than several decades for Dyachenko to heal from the heartbreak of loosing Miranda; but shortly after he arrived in Megopolis he encountered Crimson Crow (Natalie Karanova) and rescued her from a group of thugs.

While treating her injuries at his underground base, Dyachenko formed a bond with her much like the one he had with Miranda Clakre several decades earlier, although they did have conflicting views on vigilantism and killing criminals. Their relationship became more tumultuous upon their second encounter, when Dyachenko stopped Natalie from killing a petty criminal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Immortality: As a result of the Sentinel Program, Dyachenko is basically immortal, remaining around the physical age of his late twenties to early thirties despite being over a century old. His body does not age in any visible way, although this is unknown whether it is a deliberate result of the serum.
  • Invincibility: Another major benefit of the Sentinel serum is physical invincibility to most forms of harm, although Dyachenko did suffer a coma for several months, after being shot by Dmitri Valentin.
  • Healing Factor: As part of his invincibility, Dyachenko is able to heal wounds and physical damage, though he still feels pain and the severity of the injury affects the amount of time it takes to recover. The gunshot he received to the head by Valentin was later shown to likely be fatal, but due to his healing factor he was only rendered comatose, although the regeneration process took sometime.
  • Increased Metabolism and Learning Rate: Dyachenko is able to gain and lose weight at an increased rate due to an altered metabolism. He is shown to regain peak physical form after his coma in a few months, but also loses a significant amount of weight while comatose. He is also gifted with an increased learning rate, allowing him to read at a rapid pace and learn skills a lot more effectively and quickly.


  • Master Swordsman: While he used mostly brute strength and firearms during his time as a Soviet agent, Dyachenko utilised his increased learning rate to master Kenjutsu, the Japanese art of sword-fighting, while in Japan. He is also proficient in a variety of other bladed weapons, although the katana is his most common blade.
  • Master of Hand to Hand Combat: Dyachenko is a master of over twenty martial arts, including boxing, Wing Chun, Capoeira, kickboxing, Taekwondo, Savate, karate, Muay Thai, Sanshou, Jujutsu, Aikido, Hapkido, Judo, and Sambo, among others. He also practices yoga to maintain his strength and agility, including Bikram Yoga.



  • Katana: While he has used a variety of melee weapons, Dyachenko's katana, forged by master swordsmiths in Japan. The blade is one of his primary weapons, and although he has a rule of not mortally wounding criminals, he has used it against more dangerous threats to Megopolis, such as Scar Drones and Sagoth.
  • Tambo: Another weapon he acquired during his time in Japan was a pair of tambo, short staffs to he often uses to non-lethal affect against much less dangerous criminals.
  • Suit: Dyachenko tried to replicate the suit he wore during the Second World War after recovering from his coma, although his current outfit differs somewhat aesthetically:
    • Helmet: In an effort to conceal his identity, he wears a grey helmet that shows just his eyes, and protects him from his opponents' attempts to strike him in the head.
    • Torso: The bulk of the suit is the torso, a metal-based cuirass that is designed for mobility and to protect him from sharp weapons and gunfire.
    • Gloves: The gloves he wears are designed to both be used in hand to hand combat as well as protect his hands and provide grip for his katana and tambo.

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