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"Red Sentinel: Attrition" is a three-part story arc in the Red Sentinel series. It introduced the Therapist, though he appeared in passing in Red Sentinel: Genesis #1, and his henchwoman Marionette. It also features cameo appearances from Tyrant and Professor Scar.

The story arc is important for establishing the assassination of Mayor Redgrove by the Therapist, and the taking over of Megopolis by the Therapist, with the assistance of the thought-dead Professor Scar. Forced to his limits, Red Sentinel must seek every ally he can, and save the city, and its new mayor Stanley Kane.


Volume OneEdit

Mayor Robert Redgrove is addressing the public at Megopolis City Hall, commemorating the attacks by Sagoth during Red Sentinel: Earthbound #2. An unidentified sniper takes aim at the former Walton Tower. As the mayor moves to step down, he is struck by a bullet.

Red Sentinel arrives at the Saint Josephine Hospital, where Redgrove lies dying. Michelle Tanner is determined that it was Professor Scar, though Sentinel affirms that Scar "is dead". Deputy Mayor Stanley Kane arrives at the hospital, and presides over Redgrove's body when he dies, taking office as his successor. En route to City Hall, the convoy is attacked by Scar Drones. Sentinel rescues the new mayor in the rubble, and flees with Kane and Morningstar to his secret base.

Volume TwoEdit

While Mayor Kane lies in hiding, Red Sentinel and Morningstar try to uncover who killed Redgrove and attacked the convoy. Their efforts are cut short however by a rampage by Tyrant, resulting in the destruction of Walton Tower, and the elimination of Harold Vindic, the custodian of Walton Industries. Arriving at the scene, Red Sentinel is still determined Scar is not responsible, and that Tyrant was under the influence of someone else when he attacked. Red Sentinel tries to contact Black Dragon, but to no avail. He engages in a brief battle with Scar Drones, before a masked woman appears in the aftermath.

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