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"If you think you can control me, you have another thing coming."
—Out loud in the frozen winds of Antarctica
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Neutral
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Status Seeking her true purpose
Current Location Antarctica

Renegade is an 18 year old female who's parents were killed in the midst of a battle between Heroes and Villains.


Pre-Parental DeathEdit

Born March 1'st 1991 in a Canadian hospital, Alexandria Ashanna had already shown signs of adaptation to cold environments. As she grew, she began experiencing vast lusts for gymnastics and unarmed combat. Her parents, knowing she had potential but not wanting her to experience violence first hand had her trained daily at local gyms. While at home, she usually remained outside constantly adding to her own custom built gym set and training vigorously.

During the times her parents left for various reasons, Alexandria had secretly trained herself in unarmed combat using her imagination as her trainer. Soon she had developed a combat technique all her own. Children who watched her train knew that she was not one to fight with. Some even seeked her out to keep from getting hurt in a fight they didn't start. Though many wanted to acknowledge her as a super hero, she did not have any special powers to speak of.

The IncidentEdit

On a stormy day where the snow was thick on the ground and the clouds overhead were sinking lower to the ground, a battle erupted over Alexandria's house between two heroes and an extremely powerful villain. Clashes after clashes sent waves of energy from the three in all directions. Alexandria was outside when this happened, and in desperation her parents leaped from the house to pull her in. But before they could reach her they were both hit with a large dark energy ball that was deflected by the superheroes.

They were killed instantly. As the battle continued overhead without pause Alexandria had run over to the bodies of her parents. She knelt beside them for over ten minutes, taking in the fact that she was now without family because of both superheroes and supervillains. As she took in more and more, she began to become enraged. She looked up at the warring three. Her eyes began to glow bright blue and soon a wave of snow and ice swept across the land, consuming the three in seventy feet of densely packed ice.

A power untoldEdit

None were around to witness the event which activated Alexandria's power of ice. The three supers were never seen again, but legend says they joined forces and went underground to rise up in the future to conquer the world. Alexandria, having found a power of her own but unwilling to join forces with neither good nor evil had begun calling herself Renegade. She decided to go where there was little human or mutant presence; Antarctica.


Renegades powers are only activated in situations of dire pain or rage and so are almost never seen.

  • Can control snow and ice.
  • Can control temperature within one mile of her.
  • Can lock out everything around her from her thoughts.
  • Can walk on water, her footsteps freezing the water in round segments.
  • Can heal herself using manipulated ice fragments.