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Dakota Knight born to a a single mother, Allison a high-ranking officer in the Military. Dakota was born in Texas, but moved to New York when she was 10. Dakota big fan of comics and western movies was constantly bullied because she was the "new kid." Dakota's mother offered to teach Dakota self defense, and a little weapons training. However at age twelve Dakota's mom was killed. A master criminal and jewel thief, Sly, recruited Dakota to help him and his men. For Two years Dakota helped Sly rob bank after bank and helped him get his hands on a number of expensive diamonds and jewels.

When Dakota began to question Sly's allegiance, she found out not only did he not care on iota about her, but she suspects he also killed her mom. When Dakota accuse him of this Sly tells Dakota that he has proof she killed her own mother. Outraged from such a flat out lie, Dakota swore never to help him again, and that she'd take down his army piece by piece. Dakota, 14 at the time, managed to escape, but was always hunted. Finally after a brutal showdown in a highrise apartment in New York, and where Dakota found her costume she was shot in the shoulder and was thought to have fallen off the balcony onto the streets below and it was called into Sly that Dakota Knight was dead. Her given name, Dakota Knight may dead, but not "Renegade" Dakota known to criminals as "Renegade: The Outlaw" or ('Renegade' for short) for her being fierce and intimidating , and from her love of western movies and outlaws. Not to mention her signatures weapons were two Colt .45 (S.A.A.) Peacemakers that used to be her mothers.

Now, ten years later, Renegade has put a number of criminals behind bars and Sly weary that it is indeed Dakota behind that guise has gone into hiding. Renegade, her side kick Strawberry and tech guru, Digits must locate Sly and end him. It won't be a walk in the park... for Sly.!

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