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A Red X
Created by:
Origin: Natural Rogue
Category: Rogue, Natural, Masked
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: ???
Known Aliases: Rex, X
Species: Human
Age: 15
Height: 5'4
Weight: Confidential
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Brown
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Paragon City, USA
Affiliation: Independent
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Peak Condition, Expert in every form of MMA, and the art of Blunt Weaponry, Shikenzey Form
Titanium Polearm, Titanium Nunchuks, Rexsteel Mask
Rex is based of of Red X and Robin from Teen Titans.

Rex is Slate's apprentice. Slate found Rex in an alley when he was four. Slate took Rex in, and trained him. Rex became more rebellious each year of training, and for years disobeyed many of Slate's orders.

Training Under SlateEdit

Slate was a determined mentor. In the beginning, Rex was a horrible fighter. Slate could knock him down just by a fling of his Polearm. Rex was determined, too, though. While Slate had many advantages,
A Training

Rex in his early years of training.

ex also had some. Speed, agility, high dexterity, high stamina, and a few more. Slate would always tell Rex, "You can beat me, you just need to know how.". This encouraged the rebellious Rex to try his hardest, and soon, he was getting better. Rex now earned a Titanium Polearm, and was a little less than a match for Slate. Rex would often fight Slate, just out of the blue, testing his skill with the Polearm. Rex was increasing in all of his skills. His speed was very impressive, his dexterity and stamina great, and overall, he was doing amazing. Then Slate wore an armor similar to that of Slate's but smaller, and wore a domino mask that he never took off. The Domino covered his eyes, hiding his identity. That was one thing Rex couldn't stand. The thought of his true identity. He didn't know it, and no one else knew, but without his mask, that wouldn't be the same. This could be compared to Rorschach, as they both would stay in their masks for almost eternity, and only take them off when it was absolutely necessary. No one could recognize Rex out of his mask, because no one knew him out of his alter ego, not even Slate knew.

As the years went on, Slate would train Rex physically and mentally, often taunting Rex with figments about his identity, and training him by seeing how he would react to a beating.

At the age of thirteen, Rex had mastery of his skills. They had one final battle.

When they arrived, it was night. Rex struck first. An uppercut from his Polearm. When Slate's helmet cracked, he attacked, a fierce series of punches. The fight went on like this until about midnight. With his Nunchuks, Rex cracked Slate's helmet again. Slate threw Rex on a wall, and beat him until he was numb, but Rex didn't give up.

Slate's helmet, cracked open.

He knew Slate's weakness. He grabbed his Nunchuks, flung them around a bit, and hit half of Slate's helmet off. Slate's eyes widened, and Slate grabbed his head. He ripped off his helmet, and went into the dark, saying, "Your training is complete, but with a suit like that, there is only a step till they uncover your identity. So the Rex made a suit while Slate mended to his helmet. The suit was Black, had a white Rexsteel Faceplate with a Red X on it, and Rexsteel Fiber Gloves, with red X's on the palms. Then there was a black body suit, a red X on the chest, a silver utility belt, and silver rimmed Black boots. Rex also has many Red, X shaped Shurikens. Then Rex went out and about on missions led by Slate, which lead him into his origins one day.

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