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The Roadrunner walke was 3.2 meters tall and 2.9 meters long, with a cresant-like seat for a single Soldier. Its open cockpit made the driver especially vulnerable to sniper fire and falling off, but low costs,fast speed and good visibility of the battlefield made up for this dissability. While other walkers like the Mantis Walker eliminated the flaw of the exposed driver position,but was far slower, and this made the Roadrunner still succesful.The roadrunner walker was equipped with a nose-mounted grenade launcher which made the walker a formidable anti-infantry and anti-light vehicle unit. Also it was fitted with a motion detection scanner and sensor equipment capable of providing Commanding Officerss with updated situation reports from the battlefield.

663px-ARF walkers

A trio of Roadrunners with Mantis Walkers.


Due to its light armor, Roadrunner walkers were especially vulnerable to heavy weapons,such as grenades,rockets,mines, and lasers. This led many commanders to use them as singe scouting units or large groups of them to overwealm the enemy. Commonly, these walkers operated as pathfinder units for terrain that orbital satelites could not see.Roadrunner walkers were used in several countires during the North American Wars and the Great Human War, during the battles such as the Battle of Mexico,The Battle of Canada,The Battle of the United States of America, and the Invasion of Athens. They also saw action in the defence of Germany and the campains in the Middle East.

During the Great Human War, modified Roadrunner would also be utilized by the Police and Militia of United Nation countries. Many of these walkers were painted with paint jobs for identification of police or non-police when the vehicle was released into the public. A weapon holder often replaced the grenade launcher, providing additional aid for the police in dangerous situations, but making the vehicle less deadlier in the process.


  • Despite being a walker a Roadrunner could go up to 200 miles perhour.
  • The Roadrunner is based off the Star Wars AT-RT.

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