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Created by:
Origin: Robot
Category: Melee
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown, presumably Roboskull
Known Aliases: Red Hat
Species: Robot
Age: Unknown; first appeared in the 1980s
Height: 2 meters
Weight: 400 kg
Eye Colour: Red
Hair Colour: None
Citizenship: None
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Unknown
Affiliation: Robot Bastards
Marital Status: Unknown, presumably single
Known Relatives: Unknown, presumably none
Known Powers
Super strength, armoured chassis, various melee weapons, inbuilt sensory systems
Training / Abilities
None other then aforementioned integral systems

Roboskull (Sometimes given as ”Robo-Skull”) is a member of the notorious robotic criminal group, the Robot Bastards. He has dedicated himself to destroying all organic life.


What is known is that Roboskull first appeared in the early 80s, operating initially in England. Created by the supervillain Baron Ruthless as a henchman, it was seemingly desotryed during an attack on Ruthless’ lair inside an abandoned Welsh Quarry. Oddly, it cropped up a year later even though Ruthless was in prison at the time.

From there, the robot has appeared numerous times and, while being destroyed on numerous occasions, has seemed to always have a backup or duplicate stored somewhere. Furthermore, its duplicates seem to be aware of the previous incarnation’s history, including its demise. It would seem that Roboskull has become fully independent of Ruthless, able to perpetuate its own existence.

After several years of working for several other villain groups as a hired muscle (or actuator), Roboskull apparently reached the conclusion that all human life needed to be purged from the planet. That this occurred after his brief stay as Robot Elvis of the Mad Elvises may not be a coincidence. However, it lacked the resources to do such on its own. To that effect, it assembled a team of like-minded fellow mechanoids, naming them the Robot Bastards.


Superhumanly strong, Roboskull’s chassis is able to absorb incredible amounts of punishment before being disabled. Even then, the robot has been known to keep fighting with limbs destroyed, with the total destruction of its head or torso being the only known way to stop the rampaging mechanoid. Even then, Roboskull seems to have some way of recovering form such destruction, with a new Roboskull appearing to replace any that are destroyed.

Roboskull is armed with an array of brutal melee weapons, usually assorted blades; furthermore, it seems to be rather distressingly proficient with them, able to match up with even the best of duellists. In addition, it carries a wide array of sensory systems in its head, giving it the ability to detect and track down its enemies.


Roboskull seems to be driven by some primal hatred of all humanity which manifests as a desire to exterminate all organic life. How this occurred is unclear, especially given that Roboskull was originally programmed as a simple bodyguard and thug. Fully intelligent and self-aware, Roboskull viciously voices its contempt for humans and other organic life forms, referring to them as “meatbags” and “fleshy ones”, while describing how far superior it is to them – and what it will do to prove this superiority.

Despite this, he does seem to have a degree of respect for its fellow Robot Bastards, treating them better then some human supervillains treat their henchmen. It is constantly on the lookout for other renegade robots, seeking to add more to the Bastards’ ranks.


Roboskull is a rather frightening-looking creation; tall and slender, it resembles nothing so much as a mechanical human skeleton. Its body is a mixture of mechanical grey and blood red, with a white skull logo painted on the chest.

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