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The Robot Bastards are a villain group made up of a quintet of evil Robots who have dedicated themselves to the destruction of all organic life.


Made up entirely of Robots, the Robot Bastards have one goal; to eliminate all organic life on Earth, and possibly even the rest of the universe. However, they also engage in lesser crimes to support their goals, usually through the acquisition of technology or resources. Regardless, they have a tendency towards violence due to their hatred of humans.

While they are dedicated to their goal, they do not see themselves as being revolutionaries or inspiring any greater robot uprising. While they do encourage other sentient robots to join their cause, at the same time, they have no compassion towards non-sentient robots or other machines.

The full extent of the Robot Bastards’ resources is unclear; they seem to possess manufacturing facilities that allow them to replace combat losses and repair their bodies; if one of the Bastards is actually destroyed, usually a new copy of that member will surface in short order.


Membership of the Robot Bastards is open to any free-thinking robot that wishes to cleanse the earth of humanity. Beyond proving these points, there are no other requirements to join. Potential members need to be approved by Roboskull before they will be accepted, and must be willing to prove their commitment to the cause, as well as their sentience and inorganic nature.

Current MembersEdit

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