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"Americans going down!"
—A Rot Degan driver

The Rot Degan, also known as the plasma tank, was a mobile artillery/Tank unit used by the Communist Nations during the Great Human War.


The was equiped with a large plasma cannon. The vehicle sacrificed both speed,armor and mobility for firepower.When charging for a plasma shot if it was hit near the turret then the entire tank would explode easily. When charging completed, a large purple plasma burst was emitted from the turret. The cannon was not turreted and the entire tank had to turn in order to line the gun up with its target. If the target was far away then legs at the bottom of the tank would raise it making the shot go longer.


A Rot Degan in the Middle East.


In large groups, these tanks could take down even the heaviest armor, such as the United Nation's Mantis Walker,as well as buildings, although they often had trouble with faster-moving targets,such as Jeeps and Roadrunner Walkers. If they had to take down faster-moving targets, the crew would move the tank and run the target over,though this would only work for infintry as a Roadrunner could actually leap over the artilery. They were known for an extrememly powerful single shot, being able to take down a Roadrunner in one blast, another advantage was that the blast damaged multiple targets making it deadly against infantry. For this reason it worked well as a support unit fulfilling the same roll as artillery.Another downside of using these powerful artilery units was the fact that the highly unstable plasma they used for weaponry would often explode before entering the cannon, destroying the tank. This however was not a problem for the communists as when this was about to happen they would send the unit into as much enemies as possible,acting much like WWII Kamakazis.


  • Rot Degan means Red Sword in German.
  • The Rot Degan is based off the Plasma Tank from Star Wars.

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