The Saber
Created by:
Origin: Confidential
Category: Magic
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Josh Bailey
Known Aliases: Big J, Josh Palmer
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 6;8
Weight: 300lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Brown
Citizenship: U.S
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Oakland, CA
Affiliation: The Radicalz
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Superhuman: Strength, reflexes, agility, endurance and accelerated healing
Training / Abilities
Master martial artist and the knowledge of fallen warriors
The Kazem. A Mystical Amulet that takes the shape of the weapon best suited for its host. In this case The Saber's blade
Under The Saber's costume (Josh Bailey) is covered in tattoos. but these are not your average body art. Each tattoo is a spell. Such spells make him immune to possession, curses and telepathy.


 Josh grew up in in South Boston. His parents were killed at a gas station robbery when he was very young. As a result Josh grew up in foster care. Such a life made Josh angry at the world.He took to the streets, having several run ins with the law. Josh found himself to be the prime choice for gang muscle due to his menacing size and mean demeanor. Josh found himself in and out of trouble. Then at the age of 17 while out drinking with friends tradgedy happened. While with some friends drinking, they came upon an electronics store. Josh mentioned that the owner had caught him shoplifting and was the reson he was on probation and how he wished him dead. one thing lead to another and the boys were throwing bricks and anything they could find through the windows. but its not enough, Josh wants retribution, he sticks an oily rag in the bottle of rum, lights it and hurls it inside. Soon the propane tank explodes. Police show and the boys scatter. Josh being the slowest runner was the only one caught. Later it was revealed that the shop owner was upstairs in an apartment above the shop the entire time asleep. By some miracle the man had survived. But over 60% of his body was burned, not only that but the floor haved in below him and the roof then fell upon him, such a crash impacted the man;s spine...He will never walk again. Seeing the burnt man in the wheel chair in court scared Josh. Then after hearing all the man does for the local community made Josh feel sick inside. Josh was charged with Attempted murder, but confessed and was able to plead down to arsen, with a max of 15 years, possibility of parole every 5 years. Josh vowed never to hurt another good person as long as he lives. He will no longer be the disgrace of his community, but a man of respect, not fear.

 While in prison Josh gained his diploma and was a model prisoner. He also came to know the Bible. Josh did everything he could to stay out of trouble. He worked, cleaned, excersized and read. Such a turn around had earned him parole just after his 23rd birthday. Josh left the prison gate to find a SUV full of old friends waiting for him. They greated and hugged him. Immediatly offering him his old enforcer gig back. Josh thanked them, but said he was through and just wanted to make an honest living and never be behind bars again. After months of working for minimum wage as a janitor at a fast food restraunt Josh found himself miserable. He was overworked, underpaid and his rent was past due. To make things worse his old friends kept coming back with their job offer. Sadly josh could resist no longer. The gang had been hired out as thieves and body labor. They were being sent over by some higher ups in the organization to raid an archeological dig on some mountain in western China. All Josh had to do is be a look out and carry out merchandise. Some archeologist had found a tomb of some ancient emperor. The artifacts int he tomb were worth millions. The dig site was vacated and awaiting the press when Josh and his gang arrived. They bribed the guards and slipped in.the tomb. There was gold and jade galore. They began loading the truck. Unbeknown to them there was an old man watching them on an uper level. The old man came closer and closer, the old man sumbled and alerted the gang to his presence. To which the leader demanded that the crew dropped the boxes and get him. Josh did so, the old man ran down a hallway, around a corner. The crew pursued him, but turned into a dead end with nothing but a statue. In frustration Josh kicked the statue and knocking it over. A gang member saw underneatht her was a passage way. They followed into the hidden cabin. Underneath they found stone busts of several men in a long hallway ending with a podeum. Josh approached the podeum and sees the Kazem amulet. The gange members with him say that they see no such object, just an empty slab. josh persists, but they warn him to stop with the joking and find the old man. The come across the old man hiding in a corner. Josh grabs him and assures him no harm will come, they just need to straighten some things out. Josh carries the man back up to the tomb. There he is ordered to kill the man, Josh refuses. So the boss orders another gang member to do so. Josh releases the old man and tells him to run. Josh fights his fellow members, but two load bangs are heard, Josh feals cold and weak. He has been shot twice in the chest. The boss knows police will be here soon so they decide to use explosives to cause a cave in. They set dynamite up at the entrance and blow it. Josh lays there on the floor waiting to die and the ceiling begins to crumble. The old man returns he has the amulet, Josh smiles at the man fealing redeemed. Josh closes his eyes and lets death take him.

 Three days later Josh awakens bandaged up in a strange hut, very sore and with the amulet around his neck. The old man turns out to be the village shamen. He explains that the Amulet is the Kazem. A holder of the warrior spirit. The reason only Josh could see it was because the Kazem stays out of sight until it senses the spirit of a warrior worth of its power called a Seneschal, then it reveals itself. The shamen has been intrusted with keeping the Kazem safe for all this time. The Kazem holds the spirits and minds of all of its previous Seneschals. Upon command the Kazem will put its Seneschal in armor best suited for them along with their idel weapon. After a year of trainign and teaching Josh headed back to the states. Saving one man isnt enough, no more will there be fear in the hearts of the innocent. Josh decided to make a new life for himself as a construction worker in Oakland CA during the day. Then at night he uses his knowledge and abilities to prey on those who prey on the weak.


The Saber is very serious when the mask is on. Does not wish to converse with criminals. But loves to joke with fellow heroes. Saber does dispise the limelight and unlike some of his teammates he is content with just being left alone. During the day he works construction and comes home to a small apartment with a dog. Saber gives off that working man's touch. originally shy when he first began his crusade, mainly out of guilt. But he has come to his own and has come to enjoy being a super hero, but still feels it is wrong to profit from such.

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