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"I've waited for this day my entire life...this day of reckoning."

Sabotage is a Neutral Super. Meaning he possess powers, but doesn't use them for good or evil, rather focusing on his own personal gains, than those of others.


Born in 1977, as Thomas Abraham Goode, he spent most of his childhood as any other would. However, he found himself with a keen attraction to tinkering. He grew a love for invention that was fostered by his uncle Louis. Uncle Lou taught the little boy everything he knew about mechanics. By he was 6, Thomas was able to make his own toys for entertainment.

In 1984, while visiting a nearby Science fair, his parents were mugged at gunpoint. Thomas' father tried to stop the robbery, but was shot in the chest. His mother, stricken with rage attempted to steal the criminal's weapon. However, she was shot in the head in the ensuing scuffle. Suddenly afraid of what he did, the thief ran, leaving the dead and dying Mr and Mrs Goode in the street. The image of watching his mother being shot to death, left a traumatic imprint on Thomas. After the death of his parent's, custody of Thomas was given to his Uncle. From this point on, Thomas became repressed, both socially and physically. Spending hours in his room, destroying and rebuilding random things he found around the house. Eventually, he began working in his Uncle's car workshop. He helped rebuild cars, and repair broken parts.

On Thomas' sixteenth birthday, his grandmother stopped by to give him a present, while he was working on a broken fuel pump. Distracted, he let gallons of fuel spill across the workshop floor. While his Uncle was taking his 3 o' clock smoking break, Thomas and a few of his friends were celebrating his birthday. Seconds later, an ember from the burning cigarette founds it's way to the puddle of gas. The tiny ember ignited the fuel and caused a 500 gallon propane tank to explode. The Explosion killed his uncle and severely injured his grandmother along with all of his friends.

After the accident, which left Thomas in perfect health, he was put in the care of his Aunt Jane. She was a cold woman, and an alcoholic. She treated Thomas like a dog, forcing him without food for days, inducing dehydration. One night, Thomas lost it. He started playing with the oven, eventually letting all of the propane to escape and flow into the air. He left the house and waited for his Aunt to come home from a night of heavy drinking and adultery. Jane stepped inside the apartment, oblivious to the flammable gas saturating the air. She started a flame on the stove to light a cigarette with and caused a massive explosion. The entire apartment complex caught flame and over 30 people were injured.

Thomas, with no more living relatives, was sent to an orphanage where he stayed for six months until being released at age 18.


While working on a former nuclear waste truck, Thomas stumbled across some heavily irradiated water, used to cool reactors. Ignoring it at the time, Thomas ordered the truck to be heaved by the mini crane so he could work on it's undercarriage. While attempting to replace the axle, Thomas accidentally bumped a release valve sending gallons of irradiated water into his mouth and into his stomach.

Over the course of two weeks, the radiation forced Thomas into a coma. During his sleep his muscle mass increased by 50 % and his body grew accustomed to this change, with increased brain power and speed. To him, the normal world seemed sluggish and slow, his mind and body worked at a much less arduous pace, making him faster and more efficient.

He soon found that he could build and invent at an astonishing pace. However, he kept this a secret from everyone. At first he was frightened by his new powers, but soon he learned to accept them, and even increase them through training.

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