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Samuel Teslar in True Colors

Samuel Teslar is a hero in Adamantium93's fanfics, The Coming Storm, Fracture of Time, and True Colors. He is curently a member of President Constantine's cabinet and he was vital to the war. However, he is considered mentally unstable by some.


The Coming StormEdit

His life prior to The Coming Storm was the life of a normal teenager. He went through school like most of his friends, and harbored feelings for one of his classmates, Maddie Young. However, one night he was attacked while at a school dance by Isaiah Tafari, who foresaw that Sam would be important in the future. After being saved by the intervention of Michael Young and his cousins, he returned into the school and began to manifest his abilities. He would preactice his power and he eventually helped the heroes in the final battle against Isaiah.

Fracture of TimeEdit

In Fracture of Time, he remained with the Youngs and developed a relationship with Maddie. In the future, he was the leader of the resistance against Alex's dictatorship. He led the assault on Alex's throne, but he was killed by Hailey Constantine when he lost focus in an energy deadlock. In the present, he prepared to join the heroes in the final battle against Glamis.

Post FractureEdit

Little is known about what happened after Fracture of Time, however, he became a part of the new Glamis and eventually a super hero. He was also instrumental in the War, where his power fully manifested.

True ColorsEdit

In True Colors, Sam is part of President Constantine's Cabinet. He leads the Department of Surveillance and is often found losing his temper. He works with Hailey Constantine to track down the rebels, and he eventually succeeds.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Electricity Storage and Discharge: Sam can store large ammounts of energy within him, and he can release this energy at any time as electricity. He stores so much energy that some constantly leaks out from his eyes. He can also drain electronics with his power.

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