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It is a city found in the United States considered to be one of the largest cities in the world.

Description Edit

Somewhere in the near future, this city will appear.

It is massive, covering most of a few states. Some of the districts are as big as cities.

The city was created after the third World War, to create a super city to protect the people from harm.

It is a crime-ridden carcass, but it is the most populated city in the world. It has many villains lurking in it's scrapers, along with a few heroes.

The heroes of the giant metropolis are often dark and brooding, like The Werewolf and Robot. Some are less violent, like Nuke-Man and RaDiO.

Districts Edit

Sanctuary Center: This place is the center of all of Sanctuary, where the people live in hundred feet skyscrapers instead of houses, this is where the rich and the famous live.

Voodoo Junction: One of the many ghetto districts in Sanctuary. It is home to many users of the dark arts, like voodoo or necromancy.

Techno-Square: This place is a main hubble for technological advances. It has many cybornetics and many other feats that make living in this place feel like the future.

Darkness Falls: Another ghetto named after the waterfalls near the district. It is built on a lake, with the buildings on poles that hold them up from the deep water.

Hate Town: A dark part of the city full of crime and villainry. Strangely, it is almost always raining.

Goodtree Park: Unable to tear down all of the forests, they made it into a large park. It is still as crime filled as the rest of the city.

Sanctuary Sewers: It is the sewers of Sanctuary that stretch for miles and miles. Many homeless people live there, and they are in constant danger from the Giant Rats mutated by the section of Sanctuary called Industrial Parks.

Industrial Parks: It is a whole section of the city that is full of nuclear factories. Many genetic anomalies were born here, as many nuclear factories work with unknown chemicals.

The Suburbs: A large part of the city where many houses lay, it is considered the least crime-filled area in Sanctuary.

Heroes Edit

To count, there are eleven heroes in Sanctuary, some nice, some mean, some who do not kill, some who don't hesitate to kill.

  • Robot: A vigilante robot who is not afraid to act it's own version of justice.
  • Werewolf: A mystical hero that transforms into a werewolf by night.
  • Nuke-Man: A teenaged superhero who is counted as one of the most powerful heroes.
  • RaDiO: A female teen heroine who uses her powers of controlling radio signals.
  • The Beast: A demon from hell that wanted to fight against his evil brothers and be a vigilante.
  • Succubus: A vigilante witch that has the power of seduction, magic, and a strict no-killing rule.
  • Major Heroic: A retired superhero forced to return to superhero business.
  • Nightwatch: Once the sidekick of Major Heroic, who is now the police commissioner, who is also an unpowered vigilante by the name, Nightwatch.

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