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Sangheili (also known as Elites) are a reptilian (or theropodian) species of fierce, proud, strong, intelligent warriors and skilled combat tacticians.

History Edit

After the Human-Covenant War Edit

After the war was over, Elites and humans lived in peace for nearly a decade. During that time, Elites and humans gradually became more hostile towards each other. The Elites eventually came up with a group called the "Elite Rebels".

To counter the Rebels, the Elites established a program called the HONOR Program, in which they would create "superheroes" to frighten the Rebels. 1000 Elites were injected with drugs to specially enhance their abilities. Unfortunately, due to some fluke, only two Elites survived the augmentation: Koug 'Masteree and Elten 'Sithinee. They were sent out to battle the Rebels.

After months of fighting his own kind, 'Masteree finally betrayed his side, and joined the Rebels. He then locked away the Elite leader, and assumed the position as ruler. Then, he launched an attacked on humanity in an attempt to wipe them out...

Description Edit

Sangheili are at least 8' 6" tall, have four fingers which are much larger than human fingers, at least double the size, which make the Elites look ungainly when wielding small human weapons such as the pistol. Their jaws are four separate mandibles attached to their face. The Sangheili are attributed for strength and intelligence, and are praised for their bravery and respect.

Culture Edit

The Sangheili consider most other species to be inferior to them, both culturally and in fighting skill. Although Sangheili are naturally very intelligent, their culture's long dependence on a military-industrial scheme has led to an emphasis on might over science. In some regards, the advent of the Covenant made this position easier-allowing the Sangheili to concentrate even more mono-manically on military endeavors, while Prophets took care of science and technology. Despite this, their adeptness at using and creating technology is evident.

Raised from childhood to be warriors, other societal roles are treated as secondary endeavors or even hobbies. Even the most humble Sangheili citizen is skilled in most weapons and hand-to-hand combat. One interesting example of this martial focus is that only aristocrats are allowed to wield swords and that sword-wielders are then no longer eligible for marriage; however, they may breed with any female they choose, married or otherwise, to ensure successful transmission of "swordsman" genes.

Naming Edit

Elites have great value in their names, and are considered a privilege and an honor for only those proved worthy. The Elites generally consider Humans to be nameless, and resent that the Humans have assigned the label "Elite" to them (although they have been given many other names, for instance: squid head, split lip, split face, etc.). The word "Elite" is often transposed as an English translation of their own name in-game footage and other media.

The surname of each individual comes from their lineage. Rtas' Vadum, for example, would be from the Vadum lineage. The lineage's own states on Sanghelios, and each Sangheili from that area adopts the name of the lineage.

Elite names are constructed from a series of parts, each of them with a specific or special meaning. The first name is a given name that is attained at birth, which persists until adulthood. As they come of age, they earned the right to carry a badge name. This name is made up of three parts: an adjectival descriptor, such as "fast" or "deadly," a crèche or family name, and the "-ee" suffix, an honorific indicating that the Elite is a military participant. Since the Great Schism all Elites in the rebellious faction have removed their name of the '-ee' suffix. Most Elites will have names with this kind of construction.

There are a few exceptions of some Elites who haven't had the "-ee" suffix like Kusovai, Zhar and Veer. There are multiple possible explanations for this: the most popular theories are that these names are merely the first names, or nicknames of these individuals, or that no suffix is applied because the Sangheili language does not allow run-on vowel sounds.

Homeworld Edit

Sanghelios is the home world of the Sangheili race. Temperatures on Sanghelios vary between -5°C and 96°C, with a population of 8.135 billion living in such conditions. Gravity on Sanghelios is approximately 1.375g.

Notable Elites Edit

Protagonists Elten 'SithineeJimmy Strider
Antagonists Koug 'MastereeIofur Byrnison
Events HONOR Program
Factions Elites (LoyalistsRebels) • Ice BearsUnited Nations Space Command
Stories Ascension: PrologueAscension #1: UprisingAscension #2: RebellionAscension #3: Arising
Extras Origins of the Ice Bear

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