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Hero of the Legion of Vigilance
Created-by: SheWhoKnows
Division: Legion of Vigilance
Date Joined: May 12, 2009
Origin: Beijing, China
Medical Conditions: Childhood trauma.
Personal Data
Real Name: Lost in history.
Known Aliases: Lio Serin, Ken Stapleton
Species: 'Homo Superior (mutant)
Age: Unknown.
Height/Weight: 6 ft 10 in. 178 lbs.
Eye/Hair Color: Brown, Black.
Citizenship: Japan, China, USA, European Union, Mongolia
Current Residence: 'Vigilante'
Marital Status: Arasake Samoto (deceased).
Known Relatives: None known.
Known Powers
All forms of telekinesis, has powerful healing factor.
Training / Abilities
Can pick things up with his mind, and is beyond physically fit.
Bulletproof business suit, a Nambu pistol, sunglasses.
It is unknown when he was born, and fought in all wars Imperial Japan engaged in, forcefully.


Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Savior's early life, although he was estimated to be born around 1888. He most likely grew up like any other Japanese youth, and was forced into the military during the Russo-Japanese War. He excelled at fighting and tactics in all manners, and eventually, by World War 2, was a high ranking Japanese general. He privately spoke out against the atrocities Japan committed, but was forced to do as his leadership told him, and slaughter thousands of unarmed Chinese soldiers in the Nanking Massacre. After the war ended with an Allied victory, Savior was put on trial and was to be executed by firing squad. When the Allied soldiers fired, Savior crumpled and died, or so they thought. As they left and before the clean up crew arrived, Savior awoke, forgetting most of his life, save tidbits. He ran away out the front gates, being fired at the whole time. He managed to escape to the Chinese coast, and fled Asia on a sailing ship to the United States.


Taking up the identity of Ken Stapleton, Savior settled down and began working at a banking firm. He married a young Japanese woman named Arasake Samoto, and they moved then to Washington, DC. This was when things went wrong. While at work Ken was on break thinking hard about the small fragments of his early life he could remember. Then, a sonic mind-quake exploded from his forehead. The bank exploded, leaving Ken fine but everyone else dead. Thats when he saw his wife's body lying in the rubble. She had come to bring him lunch. When the cops arrived Ken was so angry at them yelling at him (a lot of cops were racist in the 60's) he punched at them, shooting psionic blasts that threw their cars through the air and into buildings and people. He ran off, being on the lam and unable to control his powers. He decided toe head to the Appalachian mountains, since he knew if he couldn't control his powers and find out about his past, he would destroy everything around him.

Meeting the Legion of VigilanceEdit

Living quietly and doing hard farm work help Ken grow in strength, and was soon doing things he had never done before, or so he thought. After awhile his memories came back to him, and he was now so enamored to control his powers he practically did it by sheer force of will. In the year 2009, he changed his name again to Lio Serin, and moved back to Washington, DC. He hadn't aged a bit, and filed for a mutant certification card, proving he had no control over the events of that fateful day 30 years ago. The Legion eventually came to him, after he began part time superhero work, and stopping vandalism and pyromaniacs from hurting buildings. His biggest achievement was facing Amalgam head to head.

Facing AmalgamEdit

During the Mutant Alliance raid on Washington DC, Savior valiantly fought against MA troops until Amalgam got annoyed enough to consider him a threat. Flying towards him by shooting molten rock form her fists, she hit him hard, throwing him 20 feet. However, Savior barely felt it, having become so use to pain and suffering over the years only the extreme could effect him. He tore off his burnt business vest and fired psionic blasts at Amalgam, and she narrowly avoided them all until she was hit in the face. Her neck snapped, and then clicked back into place. This ticked her off. She raised her arms up, and the ground shook. Then massive spouts of molten magma spewed out of the ground, and she disappeared.

Full Fledged LegionnaireEdit

After his encounter with Amalgam, Savior went back to the Vigilante and continues training and helping the LoV fight evil. After the Third World War, Amalgam was captured by the top heroes in the LoV, who issued her an ultimatum. Join the Legion, or let humanity do what they want to you. She chose the former. After a few weeks of integration into the Legion, she re-met Savior, and they began helping each other. She would look into his mind and help him uncover his past, and he would help her with self control and her psychosis. They had a steady relationship, and were hostile to anyone who would try to ruin it. Savior was fiercely defensive of her, and anyone who he heard mouth off about her former activities got a punch to the face or a kick to the groin. The relationship didn't last long, as when she regained her freedom, resumed her former activities. Savior fled the quickly growing Imperium of the Uprisen and returned to the Legion of Vigilance.

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