Scarab is the Positive Dimension's version of Omar Dakhan. For the Negative Dimension's version, see Nightbeetle




Blake was born in Cairo to a poor family on the 20th of July 1983. From an early age he was forced to steal and beg to survive and recieved no formal education. Omar gained a reputation as a cat burgular and was kidnapped by a group of tomb raiders. They forced him to break into a pyramid and steal the treasures within. After evading many traps he began to grab as much as he could, intending to leave the raiders behind. However, as he was leaving, a fissure appeared in the wall and the god Anubis appeared to him. As punishment for desecrating his tomb, he ordered Omar to become a symbol of justice and granted him extra strength, the ability to detect death and the ability to stick to walls. He also privided Omar with a uniform and the title of "Kheprer", or Scarab.

Omar traveled the world, defeating many criminals and eventually arrived in Novo Londinnium. After battling with a street gang, Omar was approached by the Elongated Woman and was asked to join the Peacekeepers, but refused. However when they saved him from Myrmech-10, he relented and joined.

When he turned 28, Omar realised it was time him to begin a family, and requested that Copperhead marry him. They had two children, and named one Freya and the other Ivan, after the Eliminator who had died by this point.


Omar has a strong sense of honour and refuses to attack weakened opponents or children. He became the Scarab to try and make up for his past misdeeds as a thief. Omar is also brave and loyal, and will aid his friends in any way he can. He has a strong respect fro nature and especially insects. He likes how despite their small stature, they survive. Omar never carries weapons of any form and only fights with his hands.


Omar's powers were provided by the Egyptian God Anubis. He has the proportionate strength of a scarab beetle and can also stick to walls. H can also detct death, and can se in pitch black.


Gender: Male

Real Name: Omar Dakhan

Height: 6'1

Marital Status: Married

Age: 29

Birthday: 20th July 1983

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