The Secret Service is a division of the British Government in Unit-N4.


  • The head of the secret service: Agent Zero
  • Agent Zero's pet psychopath: The Cavalier.
  • The main force of the Secret Service: The Secret Servicemen
  • The Secret Serivce's medical staff: The Secret Service Doctors
  • Agent Zero's bodyguards: The Secret Servicemen Elite

Since the beginnings of organised governments, there has been an organisation running behind the scenes. Sometimes they are popular. Usually they are despised. They are the Secret Services. Every government has one. But no government relies as heavily on theirs as the British Government of 2040. The Secret Service acts as the police, able to go beyond the law, beyond the military. Anything they want is approved. The Secret Service is there to protect the interests of the British People. Or so they claim.

In truth, their is a much darker purpose behind the Secret Service and it's mysterious leader, Agent Zero. Quietly organizing everything for the Prime Minister, acting as his personal enforcers and arranging all confidential plans for the war effort, you would have to be insane to try and act against them. Their Agents are quiet, deadly enforcers with strength far beyond what they should have naturally. Patrolling the streets at night, ensuring all obey the law. They take operatives deemed "above standard" and convert them into the Secret Servicemen.

They dispose of traitors, criminals, anyone who goes against "the intersts of the British people". at the head of the list sits the one man to have ever left the Secret Sefice: Mr E. They have contacts everywhere and allied themselves with a mysterious vigilante named Nemesis, at the request of the Prime Minister. Only Agent Zero knows why. Only Mr E is determined to expose him.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Essentially, anything they need to get the job done.

Secret Serviceman:Edit

The Secret Servicemen are trained in Muay Thai boxing, as well as other forms of Martial Arts. They are trained to use the signature weapon of the Secret Service: The United Arms Plasma Six-Shooter. Each Secret Serviceman carries one, as well as a trucheon. They have cybernetic implants, providing them with night-vision, microfilaments in their fingser giving them the ability to stick to walls and carbon fibre skeletons. The Secret Servicemen also have to wear their special gas-masks, to enforce loyalty. The augmentations mean that their lungs can no longer tolerate oxygen. The gas masks are remotely controlled, so any dissent among the ranks can be stamped out immediately. The blue trench coat and black helmet mark them out.

Secret Serviceman Elite:Edit

They have all the same skills as the standard Secret Serviceman. However, the Secret Servicemen Elite are all armed with a Plasma Six-Shooter Advanced, instead the regular Six-Shooter. They also carry combat knoves with spiked hilts instead of truncheons, due to the Elite being an assassination force instead of police and basic soldiers. The white trench coat and helmet mark the out.

Secret Service Doctor:Edit

The Secret Service Doctors are not combat trained and rely on the rest of the Secret Service for protection. They perform the operations to create the Secret Servicmen. They also build the gas masks and repair injured Servicmen. The Doctors never speak.


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