Sense Man is a 2016 superhero film that is apart of the Hero Cinematic Universe, being the first film in the series, and the first film to feature Sense-Man.



The film opens up on a small quiet playground, where young Steven Garden, Emma Hood and Larry Vince are seen playing together. Emma then suddenly asks who "that man in the suit" was. Steven turns to look and sees a man in sunglasses and a dark suit talking to his Uncle Owen and Aunt Lois. Owen suddenly bows his head, and Lois claps her hand to her mouth in shock. Steven looks at them, confused. Lois slowly turns around and calls Steven to them. He runs over and asks what's wrong. The man in the suit tells Steven that he worked with ONI, with his parents, and that his parents had just been found dead. Peter looks shocked for a minute, then begins to sob and hugs his aunt. The ONI agent once again offers his condolences.

Warren HighEdit

8 years later, Steven (Thomas-Brodie Sangster) is a senior at Warren High School, as are Emma (Emma Watson) and Larry (Alfred Enoch). Steven is sitting in his science class as their teacher, Mr. Raymond Warren (Jason Isaacs), is passing back their most recent test. As Steven receives his test back, he sees that, to his delight, but not entire surprise, he got an A+. Mr. Warren remarks to him that he got the best grade in the class, and that he would never cease to be impressed by Steven's smarts. Someone nearby overhears and says, "Whoop-de-doo, Wonder Nerd!" Both Steven and the teacher look over and see that it was Billy "Big" Johnson (Dylan O'Brien) who made the remark. Steven has an annoyed look on his face. Mr. Warren, however, looks at Billy with a stern look on his face, and tells him that, with the grade HE was making in the class, he would do better to ask Steven to tutor him rather than insult him. Steven laughs at the joke, as does Larry, who is also in the class, but Billy looks enraged. A few minutes later, the end-of-class bell rings, and Mr. Warren reminds them that the next day, they were going on their extra credit field trip to Umbrella Tower. All the students begin to file out, but Mr. Warren pulls Steven aside and suggests to him that he bring his camera to their field trip, as he knew Steven had a knack for photography. Steven nods and heads to his locker. Moments later, however, Billy catches up to him, seizes him by the back of his shirt and punches him in the face. He lifts him up by the front of his shirt and demands if he thinks its funny to make a fool out of him in from of everyone. Larry comes up and tries to stop Billy, but Billy shoves him out of the way. Billy repetedly punches Steven, demanding an answer. Suddenly, someone says, "Hey you!" Billy turns around and gets punched himself in the face. Caught off-guard, Billy lets go of Steven, and gets punched again. His attacker is revealed to be Donnie Umber (Jack Gleeson), who Steven knew by name and reputation, but not personally. Donnie demands that Billy "go pick on someone his own size." Billy, angered and astonished over what just happened, but not stupid enough to start another fight, runs off. Steven thanks Donnie, who replied that it was no trouble, and he helps Steven up and introduces himself to him. Donnie explains to Steven that bullies are only that way because they have problems in their own life, and just choose to take it out on everyone else. Steven asks how Donnie knows that, to which Donnie cryptically replies that he "just knows." Steven thanks Donnie again, Donnie tells him it was nice talking to him, and leaves.

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