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"The suit on the man does not make him the hero, the hero in the man makes him the hero."
—Seraph, telling a wise quote.

Seraph is a superhero affiliated with the Legion of Vigilance.

A Seraph



  • Seven Holy Stars: Brings upon seven large flares of light, so bright, they are the teparature of the sun.
  • Holy Fist: Focuses light onto shape of fist, and wields it as a powerful "glove".
  • Blades of the Seraphim: Brings upon light into the shape of disposable "blades", and wieldsthem as blades, or arrows.
  • Holy Supernova of the Seraphim: Brings upon a ball of light the size of a car, the temperature higher than a supernova, and wields it against the enemy.
  • Wings of the Seraphim: Creates "wings" out of light, enabling flight.
  • Holy Lunge: Uses any part of the body, creating a body of light around it, and using it as a weapon.